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Hi! I am karin's soulkeeper. I am new here, so If I posted this in the wrong place, this is already a topic, or it's just downright stupid, then forgive me.

Anyways, I want to create (and am creating at the moment...) a horror/drama themed rpg. I've already done what I could with my limited (*cough* $0 *cough*) budget. I did some basic RTP cuts and pastes, a little rotating there, a recolor here, maybe an overhaul with that one, and it still comes out as, well... too upbeat and cartoony. That couldn't possibly work in this genre, right?

So if anyone out there could suggest some (miraculous) way to transform this medieval fantasy into a midsummer nightmare, then please, tell me.

When it comes to horror games it's less about the graphics (though they can certainly help) and more about the atmosphere. Sound is key (and you're correct that the default music is not great for horror games ;p ). Colour tints (you can do this in-engine) can help a lot with getting rid of the cheery colours in your tiles, too.

I'd recommend checking out The Longing Ribbon as an example, too - even though it's a 2k/3 game it uses the bright RTP graphics as a base and edits them to fit the atmosphere desired.

I'm betting you're using Ace (at least I'm assuming that) and there are some neat edits out there that can help your game be even more spooky~ (If you look in the resource section here - Development menu at top of page - you'll find some that could help and over on RMW ( there's a lot more in their resource section).

Check out some of the horror games made on the engine you're using, though (Games heading at the top, you can do a search through all games on the site via engine, genre, completion, download availability and so forth) to see what they did too.
Thanks, Liberty.

Yes, I am using Ace. At first, I was reluctant to edit the RTP (I thought it was illegal XD), so I just messed around with the pitch slider and, as you said, tints. Now, I loaded up my 'photoshop' ( (-.-;)) to make some basic edits, and went to newgrounds for the audio tracks.

I'm not really sure why exactly did I want to make a horror game, but.. yeah... I'm also kinda worried that my game would turn out to be an 'interactive movie' instead, because I'm not exactly a very good programmer or an excellent game maker (yet). With a little more practice, I guess I could pull this game together.

Thanks again, and I'll try to check them all out :)
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