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Hi all, for a project I wanted to lock a skill until the player equips a certain type of "armor" (made in tandem with fomar's custom equip slots.) That's not the hard part, I already have a simple parallel process event that handles that function well enough:

@>Conditional Branch : [-] is [Fireball] Equipped
@> Change Skills: [-], + [Fireball]
: Else
@>Change Skills: [-], - [Fireball]
: Branch End

Nothing out of the ordinary, pretty simple to understand and it works. Though the only problem is that it only makes the "equipment" check after the player closes the menu entirely. Meaning the player will have to: Equip "Fireball" > Close the menu entirely > Open it again, go to skills to see "Fireball". Otherwise they won't see it initially. Again, it's not really something that's game-breaking, just something that I think would get confusing / taxing for the player to deal with.

Assistance would be appreciated! I would prefer if you can keep things within this method of simple eventing, but if the are other available options via script usage / editing I'm open to them! Thank you for your time!

You'll have to do some tomfoolery with the Game_Interpreter so one executes the common event in question in the menu (which afaik will require scripting) but in this case why not just use a trait so the equipment grants a new skill? It's all built in, add a trait, under Skills tab select Additional Skill->Fireball. (unless of course you need it to be more complex than that)
Actually , the simple answer works perfectly! I guess I tend to overthink these types of problems, I guess I assumed I needed to do all that eventing stuff because of a similar thing I had to do with a toggle-dash effect, I spend too much time trying to manipulate actors / items on the map screen that I easily forget just how much you can do in the database.

Anyway, that just wraps it up I suppose, thanks for the help! It's good to know it was just a matter of overlooking something instead of trying to do something too complex. Cheers!
Glad to be of help, I love simple answers! :)
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