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Hello there, everyone!
I've been lurking on rmn quite a bit, as I've been enjoying rpg maker games, but I never felt the urge to sign up. I thought I should change that, it's a nice place to be around.
I mainly play on consoles, jrpgs/rpgs-esque preferably with my favorite series being SMT (Digital Devil Saga has been my most loved game overall, I'd say)
So on the PC I prefer to play Indie or multiplayer titles. Especially weird stuff.
I also take to reviewing .. I really like to give feedback and possible ideas for improvement. There is much potential in people.. and thus in their games just the same.

Oh yeah, I'm from Germany, so please have some mercy on me should I screw up. If you ever need something direly translated from German, just give me a hollar.

I'm a friendly fella, ready for all kinds of mischief. *have some cookies*
I might not be that active in the forum part, but glad to be aboard!



edit: whoops, found the cookies. I AM A FRAUD!

Here you go. That's double the goods! A word is not enough for some incapable of imagination
Welcome to RMN dude!

I mainly play on consoles, jrpgs/rpgs-esque preferably with my favorite series being SMT (Digital Devil Saga has been my most loved game overall, I'd say)

I also like SMT games!

Oh yeah, I'm from Germany

I'm from Argentina, so,
we are going to kick your asses in the Fifa World Cup! XD

Anyway, post lots and contribute!
*Picks up a cookie*
*highfive* for SMT. Already played the IV?
Already played the IV?

No... :(
Ah no worries. It falls short from the previous installments. It's still far better than your average game, but it's not as unique as the others.
Guardian of the Description Thread
There's plenty of game that need a-reviewing, (especially with that one event concluding), and I'm sure you'd me more than welcome to have at them. Of course, I'm sure you already knew all that.

Welcome to RMN!
Haha, yeah, it's hard not to notice. I'm on the case, my friend ;) But thanks for the notice.
Hi @Kylaila!
Welcome to RMN! :D

You mentioned that you'd review games. Do you, by chance, review games by newbies?
I know the quality is far from perfect, but I'd love to hear someone criticise my work. It's still in prod right now, but should be done within this month. It's kinda hard to get into the right track without some good feedback, so I hope you'd consider. If not, then I'd understand. I'll try not to cry. (^~^')

Thanks, and have a nice day/night! ;D
(timezones are still alien to me, so...)
Hello there :)
I already glanced over it. Sure, I'll give this a go once I finish the other game I took a break on. I won't be able to be of much help as to how to do stuff, as I haven't developed anything by myself, but I'll see what I can do.
Thanks a lot! :D

The game's not yet finished, though. Hoo boy, gotta work faster.
I promise I won't disappoint you! (I'll try, at least).
Your mom is a hero
Welcome to RMN! Enjoy your stay. the cookies were tasty, thanks.
Anybody who brings cookies to the party is cool by me~

I also see you have fairly similar tastes to me - I think you've made a friend today!
Thanks, mates

Good to know there are so many people with good taste ;)
I'll see you around, then!
I prefer oatmeal raisin cookies over chocolate chip. But I'm not one to complain about free food so thanks but seriously next time bring oatmeal raisin. lol
Oatmeal raisin cookies it is

Thank you! They were delicious.
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