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Alright so I began working on a project I delayed for some time due to limited knowledge of RPG Maker, but I have begun my work again though I have found some generators for Mack sized sprites I cannot get any good Bust portraits for them. Forgive me if that isn't what they are called, but there are pictures of what I mean by this and onward to my request I have a character in need of one of these Bust portraits and this is for a horror game so if able to please make a more frowned kind of look since she isn't going to have a happy face during the store and if possible maybe some emotion busts to go with if it isn't too much to ask. See I am no good at drawing or art in general especially anime so if anyone could do this for me you would be amazing and you will receive credit in the game of course for contributing some artwork being the bust portrait. And ahead of time thank you for helping me out :D

An Example of what I meant by Bust Portrait if that isn't the correct name for these:

My Character Sprite(also the blue was confused for hair since I used hair when generating this, but I edited it so its supposed to be a blue beanie):
Sinkay101, what dimensions do you want for your bust?
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