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I got stumped, after 5 hours of poking around for a solution, and decided to ask for help. As stated, I'd like to know if there is a way to prevent a player from moving in a certain direction? I.e. after a switch is thrown, the player can no longer move to the left.

My solution was a Par. Proc. Event where if the certain directional button is pressed, the player will move one step backwards after attempting to move. But it doesn't really look nice, since the player still moves a step forward before being forced backwards.

I am making a maze of some sort, and I want to disable the direction button completely, for the duration of the puzzle.

I would prefer an eventing solution over scripts, please. But if it's impossible, then script editing will be fine.

Hmm... Try storing the player's X and Y coordinates in two variables. Then, subtract 1 from the variable which is storing the X coordinate. (That's to the left of the player.) Now, teleport an invisible event to the location stored in the X and Y variables. The event is set to be on the same level as the player. Now, the player cannot move to the left for as long as that event is there.

Keep the event directly to the left of the player by moving it every time the player moves, or just constantly update its location using a parallel process.

When the puzzle is over, send the event away.
Yeah, that might work just fine. I have to try this out soon...
Thanks, Zach!
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