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you guys are awesome at hating things and I like that

"Don't worry when your game is not recognized, but strive for it to be worthy of recognition." ~Lincoln

Come for the glory, stay until you realize you will never achieve it.

Originality will not be tolerated.

We're pretty sure we are your only option at this point.

You'd think we'd be good at this by now.

People put a lot of effort in their games, and they expect them to be played correctly and reviewed correctly.

how is this game 400mb? did you accidentally include an episode of Friends in the exe package?

Apply directly to imagination

"This above all; to thine own game be true." ~Shakespeare


Lies somewhere south of indie and west of modding.

You guys are doing it right.


that's what happens when you play a game with anger in your heart

All about RPGs, yours included.

Y'know what? You guys are alright sometimes.

You are the RPG maker. It was you all along! You just needed to believe in yourself.

Over 2 Million Downloads Served and Counting

A befuddling place

Community Driven

Make games, feel awesome

As long as you play my game, I'll let you win

Where is the Rpgmaker?

Games are what matter, and nothing else.

It's Your World. Go And Build It!

Download, Play, Ragequit.

First you get the makerscore, then you get the power, then you get the women

"Make the game you want to see in this world" ~Gandhi

All game devs are equal, but some game devs are more equal than others.

When did game making turn into the fucking Human Instrumentality Project?

The R is for RPG!


You probably don't need to have a life crisis about an internet forum

Your 2 days of dedication are an inspiration to us all.

Games can be made by anyone

RMN: not enough of this nonsense

makerscore is life

GAM MAK: Instead of a life.

A fine game making establishment since 1772.

I would have more makerscore If I did things.

Game Making: it's better than the alternatives, like depression or whatever.

Level up your life

What's copyright?

play my gam pls ;w;

Build your (final) fantasy

The only place where it is socially acceptable to discuss menu systems for JRPGs

dammit I just got pwned by a butterfly and now I'm 20mins in the past

Weasels denied my game! Rzzzzz!

I was not expecting this site to be full of jerks

Real Men Network

A Cool Place to Level Up!

Are you a bot?

This was my first rpgmaker game... best game on here!

Too underground for hipsters

The more you make, the more you score!

The M is for AMAZING!

Where motivation goes to die.

Remember to add overlays.

I'm very proud of you, as your game is okay

This site is not a game dump. Sorry.


Use every RPG Maker you can. Try them for at least 4 minutes and 33 seconds each.

Videogame business is a hideous bitch goddess

Making games is hard.

The whole point of becoming a game developer was so I could get stalked.

Life is turn based. Your turn.


Be sure to add 3 years to any Target Completion Date you see.

gamers are the worst

Where noobs turn into novices


Wait, you can make a career out of this?

I consider it a success if I install the game.

Stay for a while, come back in six months.

But yeah RMN doesn't give a fuck and drama is from what I've seen like super rare here.

All of the notices you have are for other people's games

How do people feel about war and evil empires in RPGS are they okey or have they been used to much?

I suck at this. I suck at life.

What the appeal of 2003 over newer rpgmakers?

What're you all still doing here

Now (Almost) 99.9% Bot Free!

I may end up making ridiculous of myself, but what the hell!

Master of the Wind is about Walmart

what appeal of the 2XP

Makerscore is life. Makerscore is love. Makerscore is locker space.

when will this be finished?


Back in the days, reading the manual was like foreplay. It got you in the mood for the real thing.

I think there should be a rule that you should release a completed game before you ask to hire a team.

DAMN, you people think and fight/argue WAY too much when you could be working on your games for me to play.


I have so many STORIES . I would like to be a part OF OR give my IDEAS on RPG making or upgrading.

Yeah I totally did post in this thread 2.5 years ago

it takes a tough man to make a tender review

My tastes > your tastes

an American website operated by a Canadian written in English with a global memberbase largely revolving around Japanese software

I was searching for an english message board for RPG Maker and I guess this is one of the best.

GTFO of my page you internet terrorist.

Cyborgs code name is Sorry. He is always sorry. He brutally murders his friends and than says sorry and mostly he doesnt even do that.

The emotion most usually provoked by game characters is irritation.

Seriously have you guys actually read the shit you've posted?

Goal of the game is capturing bosses, capturing key points and being retarded.

Wait, we aren't part of the indie game community?

Makerscore: Cheaper than drugs!

seriously i think i've seen bosnian war veterans with less cynicism than some of you guys have over videogames

"It is better not to upload and be thought a lousy dev, than to submit your game and remove all doubt." ~Mark Twain

Experimentation is the best way to make discoveries. Experiment with everything.

ankylo is doing all of the hard work! I am just here to take credit.


RMN seems to foster cliques who get butthurt

The needs of the lazy outweighs the wants of the few.

After 12 years of development my game pretty much still consists of nothing but planning.

I don't think that starting to make a game is anyone's problem around here.

There does not need to be a reason beyond maguffins. "Thing there, go get," has been a tried and true videro game plot for decades.

"Originality is nothing but judicious imitation. The most original gamedevs borrowed one from another." ~Voltaire


Take a hike, learn the hard way, then you can come back and play...my game.

i used to think a fedora was a type of scarf


Just because you threw something together in hurry and made it look enigmatic doesn't mean we're all obligated to faun over it

Blame WIP

Most blockbuster movies are right-wing warmongering propaganda, what are you smoking?

i rate this game a 10/10 will never come back again

I'm not giving you a game apparently? 3xcuse me, do you know how difficult that is?

You need to level up more before you can finish an impressive game. Grind experience points by making tiny shitty games

you people are a collwectiv e embarrasment to game design

It's just so hard to believe that we're not revelling in your greatness.

Shutting down the forum was WIP's solution to every problem.

"Kids these days don't want to play video games anyway. It's uncool. That's something dad does."

"There's a gamer born every minute." ~P. T. Barnum

If your happiness depends on an RPG Maker engine working the way you want it to, then I advise you to seriously seek professional help.

Wow, you guys are dumber than I thought.

Most of you hee-haws here know how to go into the games and fiddly-diddly change this or that and continue

I Thought I was doing good I Thought my worlds were spelled right I guess not. good by forever.

most berserker have 1 felee which one is not zero and higher than zero.

Makerscore is a good measure of your worth as a human being

have you ever accidentally made a final fantasy game

RMN doesn't like me enough to give me a ship. :(

Your RPG must include a fishing minigame. No exceptions.

when there's a chance to tell someone they're wrong, boy do we pile on

if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn

I believe I am the main character and rest of you are an illusion / NPCs.

Two Games, One Database.

Your world map-making prowess is not to be taken lightly. O

Stop making excuses and start making your game.

Welcome to our little slice of the net! Yes, we have over 20,000 games. Some of them are even playable.

What happened to RMN's sexy demographic?

"There is no option to add signature"

take every idea from every RPG that has ever existed and cram it into one game


All games are same, people are stealing each others code. Most of programmers are suck and they suck realy hard

Anyone, anyone could make a game like this in literally a day


You know you've made it when a game making website quotes your ramblings. And I'm not saying that because my ramblings have been quoted more than once.

I'm also a bit saddened that the quotes don't go darker and start just sending very precise messages to some users, like:

"Get out..."
"We can see you..."
"In the agreement when you joined you gave use the right to turn on your webcam and watch you."
"Legally we can force you to join a carnival from hell designed to get 100 souls for a sociopathic pancake."
"You've signed your soul away in most software install agreements"
"We laugh at you when you're not on and then delete all the threads when you come back."
"We can read your mind."
"If you've read this sentenced RMN can now legally harvest your organs."
"We'll be wanting that kidney now."
"Wondering where your favorite game makers of old are? Well they didn't think we meant it when we said we wanted that kidney"
"We could own all the games posted on this site, but we choose not to."
"We really can see you (username for effect)."
Guardian of the Description Thread
Isn't there one that goes something to the effect of...

How is this game 400MB? Did you mistakenly include an episode of Friends in the package?

...ugh. I can't recall.

*Edit: Got it. It's...

how is this game 400mb? did you accidentally include an episode of Friends in the exe package

...hey, I wasn't too far off!
Here's one that I just came up with:

"Now (Almost) 99.9% Bot Free!"


"This was my first rpgmaker game... best game on here!"

Yeah, we gotta start coming up with some new stuff.

Epitomises the site. Short, simple and sweet. XD But mellytan's quote from The Logomancer cracks me up as well.
"Make the game you want to see in this world" ~Gandhi

I'm glad a couple of my horrible intentional misquotes made it up there. I have left my big dumb mark on this website.
how is this game 400mb? did you accidentally include an episode of Friends in the exe package

And coincidentally, this quote is somehow fresh in my mind. Ah, Mellytan was the one who said it!

There are 61 taglines (so far). Try to collect them all!
"The only place where it is socially acceptable to discuss menu systems for JRPGs"


"A fine game making establishment since 1772"
"Where motivation goes to die."
"My father told me this would happen."
"I'm gonna make him a loop he can't escape."

"Life's but an JRPG...Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." -Shakespeare

"Back in my day, we mapped with graph paper!"

"Why won't this old dude move out of my way?!?"

"Frankly my dear, I don't give 5 stars."

"I kept far from me the remembrance of what I had thrown away when I was quite ignorant of its worth.” -Dickens
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I'm pleased that two of those taglines are by me, and a third is a quote by someone who was insulting me. You would think the third one would make me angry, but instead it just makes me proud. (Two of those are even from the same thread!)

"The only place where it is socially acceptable to discuss menu systems for JRPGs"

More like "The only place where it is socially acceptable to argue vehemently about menu systems for JRPGs"
"Back in my day, we mapped with graph paper!"

Gold. That should totally be an 'official one'. XD
Sunflower Games
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There are 61 taglines (so far). Try to collect them all!

I'm further away than I thought. I seriously thought I had almost all of them.

@Isrieri Wait, those ain't actual taglines, are they?

I actually said you could create new ones. And I'm not sure which ones are real and which ones are ones I don't have. Can people make it clearer.

Ones you dont have: Vs. New Ones:

otherwise I might mistake some as ones you made up.


I think kentona has been adding a lot of new taglines very recently. Just starting checking.

Here's a tagline I like:
You'd think we'd be good at this by now.
Everything dies, except the Three-Tile Rule.
New tagline idea:
We are secretly selling your game on Steam under different names and collecting the proceeds.