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Hello guys, My name is Dave and i run a Soundtrack Shop called DaveyBriteRpg.

So far the shop is only listed on one website similar to this one, and it has been a very successful one!

I would very much like to offer my services here in the Jobs Board!

I built my port folio by composing music requested by the forum members for free.
(There is over 50 tracks available for free download, which you can find once my topic has been submitted.)

Once I'd finished my collection, i decided to officialy turn DaveyBriteRpg into a small business, and people have stuck around and even paid for my services!

I really hope this is something you will consider to look at in the future

Look forward to serving your needs soon!
Welcome to the point of no-return!

I gonna call D if you don't mind,
post lots and contribute!
D is fine haha!

I will contribute as much as my skills will let me,
I am going to post my topic in the Jobs Board section now :)
And Good luck on your business!
That thing you want but never who I am
I hope you are successful here. Most members here are poor and/or young, so don't have high expectations. We are mostly hobbyists.

Welcome to RMN! Enjoy your stay!
i am practically the same !
Full time job, and like you said music is my hobby!

Well, it's a little more than my hobby, i suppose it is my life. I would like to make a career out of it but it's so difficult!

I already have a topic posted in the jobs page if you are interested in having a listen to some of my work :)
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