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I'm having zero luck elsewhere, so I'm going to crosspost this here. I need an eventing tool made. Specifically one to display multiple instances of HP MP, and TP bars at whatever coordinates I specify via script calls. And then the ability to erase them at will. They don't need to be animated, just to be shown with their percentage.

I am willing to pay for this if necessary. Anyone interested and capable, shoot me a PM with a price quote.

Oh and this is for RPG Maker VX Ace

Full post below.

I'm working on eventing some menus at the moment. It's going well, but there is one detail that is utterly out of my hands; the HP and MP bars. This is what I need this script for.

...And for other applications unrelated to menus.

Now, what I want to do is to be able to display multiple HP, MP, and TP(though I don't need it for this, just for completeness) bars on screen, determine their X/Y values, and then be able to erase them. Ideally I imagine this could all be done with script calls.

In theory I imagine it would come out to be something like

Call_HP, 1, 98, 42

Call_MP, 1, 98, 82

Call_TP, 1, 98, 122

The above are theoretical script calls that could be inserted into a common or field event to display the bar.

Call_HP/MP determines with resource is displayed in that instance, the number after it would determine which Actor in the database to draw from(Actor 1 in this example), and then the two values(98, 42) after it are X and Y coordinates.

Erase_HP, 1

Erase_MP, 1

Erase_TP, 1

Erase_HP, All

Erase_MP, All

Erase_TP, All

And then script calls like this would erase the specified instance of an HP or MP bar that's currently being displayed on screen. Or all of them at once.

I'd like for images to be used for this, which I've supplied below. The images are HP, MP, and Back.

And they do not need to be animated at all. Just displaying them at current percentage, and in however many instances needed would be enough.

I may want to use this for other projects, so the ability to adjust resource size dimensions and use other images would be nice.

AKA, don't hard code the resource dimensions. It should be configurable.
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Displaying percentages? It might be easier to display the actual HP amount. Though I'm not sure how you would do the bars. I know there's tons of scripts out there for this.

Otherwise it might be just a matter of making variables for each stat and displaying the numbers on the screen.
I can display numbers via variables just fine. I know how to do that with practiced ease. I don't need a script for that. What I want to do is call an HP/MP bar to display how much the character has left in relation to their max. This is basically an intended script shortcut to save tons of time on eventing. I can handle the numbers, but I don't want to jump through hoops for the bars. Hence this job.

These bars are just like the ones you would show in battle or...in a scripted menu. It's a visual representation of how much HP/MP/TP they have left. The only difference is that you can call up this visual representation through events to be shown however you want.

Do let me know if I'm talking crazy here. But I don't think it's /that/ mindblowing of a concept. Similar scripts do exist. I've seen one for displaying variable numbers, but there are none that exist for displaying bars in this manner as I can tell.
This is easy, I'll whip something together this week. Do you want a color for gauge depletion like the gauge border or just transparent?
Just transparent is fine, thank you. Let me know how much this costs.
author=Skie Fortress
Just transparent is fine, thank you. Let me know how much this costs.

Just a kudos in the credits is all I need.




I've seen all of these already. They only support actor 1/the leading actor. Not multiple instances called at will and defined by the user on the fly. Therefore, they don't work as eventing tools. And that last one isn't what I had in mind either.

But thank you for searching, I appreciate the thought. :)

author=Skie Fortress
Just transparent is fine, thank you. Let me know how much this costs.
Just a kudos in the credits is all I need.

Oh, well thank you very much then!
Here's my quick scratch job: Demo Project

The top NPCs make calls that match the spec you requested. The bottom ones make calls directly to the gauges manager. It's a rough draft, I'm going to review it on... probably Thursday and clean it up and probably change how the gauge is done because I'm not a fan of how I did it today. I'll probably change it so it extends a sprite class so its full functionality is available and change how it draws the gauge a bit. I won't change your spec or anything, just the innards of the gauge.

e: Or at least expose the gauge and back end sprite so you can do script calls on those sprites.

e2: Also if there's any crash bugs I need to know the steps taken to cause the crash along with the error message. Event->Script calls destroy the stack trace which makes it way harder to know where the error is.
I tested the demo and looked at the events. Everything looks good so far! I'm going to try applying these to my interfaces. I'll let you know how that goes.
Looked the script over, fixed a few issues, expanded the call repertoire a bit. Next version is here. I didn't change the gauge class much besides a bug fix and exposing the sprites to do sprite-things to them. See the guy in the green cape in the demo for one such example. I added some 'do all' gauge creation if it's helpful at all. The exact offsets for drawing all the gauges is set in the 'Gauge Calls' script at lines 30 and 31. There's also some erase all and I realized I never put up Update_All outside of the $gauge_manager. Check the demo events as I used some of the new methods.

Have you had any issues with the older version yet?
Work has been bearing down on me, so I haven't gotten to applying it to the actual menus just yet. I did quickly play around with it and tried to display gauges in different coordinates and such, and it works fine so far. So I have no issues to report there. I should be able to properly focus on this after the weekend passes and my days off arrive.

Thanks so far, I appreciate it.
No problem, let me know if you have issues when you get the time. If I think of anything to expand on I'll post here.
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