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...but I do art too.
holy shit
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Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like them. :) Here's another one:

Don't know what else to say, your concept art is incredible! The mood is really unique, especially when you contrast this one with your latest one.
Thanks! :)

There are six of them now:

And here's something unrelated:

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Will we be seeing this in your games soon??
Possibly. I still need to finish the character model (hair is annoying and I got sidetracked), but I'm hoping to start prototyping environments soon. I should probably, uh, do gameplay too at some point. But that's the easy part! Graphics are a lot harder.
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LEt me know if you need art and...HOLY crap can gameplay be easy?? My friend was shouting about tiniest thing like control scheme and and button response rate :p
did someone say angels
LEt me know if you need art and...HOLY crap can gameplay be easy?? My friend was shouting about tiniest thing like control scheme and and button response rate :p

That's the easy part. Making a game that's fun is the easiest part of game development. There are more fun games out there than anyone could play in a hundred lifetimes. Making a game that entices people to play it, well, that's much harder.
Well, I said easy, but it's relative. 3D art is way harder than programming, but I guess I'm a professional software engineer, so maybe my opinion is skewed. 3D art is really hard, though. I decided I want FF13-quality graphics, and it turns out this is very nontrivial. I think designing excellent mechanics can be hard, and tbh the actual gameplay design is probably the part I'm least interested in, but I'm planning to team up with a designer.
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Overall they all fall under User experience, i suppose?

What do you mean? Most things about a game ultimately fall under user experience, I guess.
Oh hey, it's been a while since I posted. Turns out painted 3D models are an order of magnitude easier than photorealistic, like on the order of 2-3 days to make a model instead of a month. Here's some stuff I've been making lately.

Unlit with textures:

In-engine, with outline and cel shader:

I don't think we have any of lady #2... Well, whatever.

And here are some environments (3D -> 2D with some post-processing touchup):

I should do a reflection pass on this one, really...

They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Lookin sweet!
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I'm really digging that style. Especially that bedroom. Nice angles; it reminds me of FF parallax backgrounds. I'd live in there!

(Looks a hell of a lot better than my current living conditions.)
Wow, I love this! Especially the scenery rendering and art dirwction, it's so nice <3
Thanks! Here's another model:

Here's a bonus little doodle I did:
Today I drew this:

Edit: I realized that this was actually useless for the purpose I wanted it for (learning Live2D for animated character portraits), so I drew it head-on instead:

I like this one better anyway even if I spent less time on it. I'll be hiring a real artist to do the final art, but I figured I'd be more motivated to learn Live2D with a real character.
Okay, so I'm entering this Unity contest. This weekend I made a background, although there are still some things I need to fix, notably replacing the stuff outside the window with better stuff and making it look like there's glass on the window.

The 3D/2D environments and character models are so impressive. Cool stuff.
Thanks! :)

Here's another background.

Edit: Changed the floor color.