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Just wanted to ask, is there a feature like this in the site?
Where you get notices for when the user you 'subscribed' to posts a blog, writes an article, updates a game, and the like?
I don't think there is a way to do that. And truly, you should keep check of topics you take interest in. Not solely because your peers have written there.
Remember that there are buzzing sites. Checking mate's activities would result into buzzing not the ones into which people take actual interest, but those which were visited by well-known people.

Besides, that would make for an ridiculous amount of unneccessary notices. You can check people's last activites on their profile. If you can't even remember their name, then you shouldn't be stalking them ;)

It is possible, though, to check for any recent activities if you use the community-tab instead of simple forum. You'll get the forum and activites next to it (but you probably knew that already, didn't you?)
Yes I do.

I asked this because I was interested in the idea, and maybe it's there and I'm just missing it.
I've heard other people interested in this idea and I like it as well! I don't remember if a final decision on whether or not this was a good idea was made.
It's a bit too stalkery. You can always check their profile for their recent posts and submissions, anyway. Just click on their names and choose their name and viola. Hell, you can even look at what they've put in their lockers (not private tagged stuff though) so such a thing isn't really needed. And is kinda really stalkery.

Oh, you can subscribe to actual threads, by the by. Just in case you weren't aware of that feature. But subscribing to an actual user might be a bit too much - I mean, you'd get updates when they edit their posts, when they do something on their hidden games... when they pee. >.>
@Liberty But I must know when they pee! Actually, it does sound kinda stalkery... I was thinking more so along the lines of seeing what people do in a Youtube kind of way?

Like when they make a new game page, article etc you'll be informed. You have a point with just looking in their submissions but if you don't look regularly you'll miss stuff.
@Liberty Your instructions weren't clear enough. What do I do with the viola?
Well, obviously you Viol! What else would you do with one?

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Could you...*snicker*...know who your subscribers are? pfff hahahahaha

How stalker-y it is depends on what activities you'd be notified of. Receiving a notice for every little thing a user does on the site would be absolutely absurd, but bigger things like game pages, articles submitted, or even forum threads started wouldn't be out of the question. DeviantArt handles this by having a list of check boxes showing what you can follow someone for, so you can filter which activities you're interested in. Basic, personal stuff is not among those options. It's not such a deplorable concept.
Halibabica, I actually asked that question some time ago.

And I agree with your statement. Though Privacy seems to be an issue to some people. I personally won't mind if people find out who I am, where I live, and the like. But that is not what the 'subscribe' will do. It will only fetch info about the user's latest major activity.
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Halibabica, I actually asked that question some time ago.

...I know. I was the guy raising all the stink in that topic about how everyone is hyper paranoid about basically nothing. ;3
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