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I was importing custom tilesets and suddenly the character was unable to move unless I press the Ctrl key... and even then it's as if the character's hovering over everything. Passability is fine in the editor (that means BOTH passage + passage 4 dir.) , and this problem is only now coming up days since my last edit to anything involving scripts or events. At this point in the project there are zero autorun events.

Full script list (listed in order of use):

DoctorTodd - Autosave
Yanfly Core
Fomar's Equip Script
Yami Module
Yami Overlay Mapping
Text Cache (Mithran)
Move Route Extras (Galv)
Animated Battlers (Galv)
Yanfly Battle Command
Yanfly Command Equip
Yanfly Event Chase
Galv Busts
Galv Visual Novel Choices
Galv Visibility
Melkino Window Opacity
XAIL - Core
XAIL - Class Items
Hime - Random Event Positions
DP3 - No Battle Timer (snippet)
Shaz - Extended Timers
Venka Crafting Script Set

I will be testing compatibility stuff myself as I wait, however, realize that all of these scripts were working perfectly fine together in this order for weeks until now. The list is mainly offered to those who may have extended knowledge on some of these scripts.

From what I can recall, the exact moment this problem occurred is when I imported a custom tileset to the "B" tab. Undoing any changes I did with that tab has not removed the problem.

The symptoms of this issue are some of the most bizarre I've ever seen. As I've mentioned all ability to walk is disabled unless I press Ctrl, you can even run when pressing Ctrl + Shift, I have absolutely no idea what in the program controls / effects this.

Please, whatever input you think you can offer will be appreciated. If it comes to it, I may just have to do a complete revamp but I'd really like to know what is going on.

The upper-left tile in B's passability must be a star. Anything else breaks functionality. Make sure it is a star and transparent and why anything else is an option is beyond me.

GreatRedSpirit, you've done it again... saving my life again with simple answers to my overdramatic problems uggghghgh....

really man, I owe you my life at this point haha, I'm sealing it in blood as we speak haha...

but yeah... these sort of minute problems are gonna be the death of me...
I need to pace the house a bit... I seriously was about to have like 5 less windows from the sheer amount of frustration ughghgh....

But yeah man, you're in my "skai owe's a favor" list or something, I know I haven't revealed much of my work as of yet (you can see more of it at my twitter) but if you're at all interested in the stuff I do just feel free to ask for something and I'll see what I can do. I may sound like I'm exaggerating the situation but I genuinely feel like you just help prevent a pre-pre-premature heart attack haha.
If you could go back in time to about mid-February where I had the exact same issue and tell me the solution it'd save me two hours and stress I'd greatly appreciate it

Seriously though, glad to help :) Your art looks sharp too, I might PM you this weekend with something you can help me with if two new front battlers isn't too much work.
Yeah by all means, lemme know! It'd be nice to return the favor! :D
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