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After submitting 3 tutorials to the mainsite (which told me that bbcode was allowed for articles...), I noticed that the Image tags and the Code tags do not work properly.

-Image tags just disappear. It shows the image source link as if I never placed the tag.

-Code tags change the font, which is acceptable, but continues to format the text within the code box using bbcode. As an extensive user of code boxes and brackets, I found this really frustrating.

Thanks for reading. I hope these two features get spruced up down the line.
This happens with reviews too.

/in before a mention of RMN3
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
I'll give a bit more detail into this.

The site used a third-party bbcode module. It pretty much sucks really badly. The img tag doesn't work properly among other things.

I've written it from scratch for RMN3, and I'll see if I can just move it onto the current site in the meantime.
Yea, after trying to post my first script, the code got all screwed up like it turned the $ (without apostrophes) into $ I was trying to put in screenshots also, but as you said it didn't work and the tags just disappeared. I really hope this gets fixed soon.

Yeah, it will be great if pictures/spoilers were allowed in the main site... I posted a tutorial there, and it requires pictures for others to understand better... it only shows the not-enabled link of where the pictures are located, having users to copy + paste them in a new window in order to see them. Well I'm waiting for RMN3, since many things will be a lot more improved... not that I complain about RMN though. :P
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