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My game file corrupted and 5+ hours of my work lost! Nothing will open and I'm forced to redo everything! This is so predictable, I get the perfect game engine finally running after tweaking with Mr.Mo's ABS then something like this happens. I also had pages of well written diologe in that game. :-[
What engine and how did it corrupt (like, what error message is it giving you)?
If he's using Mr.Mo's ABS, it's RMXP.

Are you sure the game itself is corrupted and its not just a scripting error? :x
Ow. I feel for you, man.

Also, it might be a scripting thing if it's RMXP. Don't lose hope so quickly!
It was Mr.Mo's that was the problem (golden star to Despain) and i got the game back and got the script working. It just seems all the event work i did is gone. The maps and the scripts though are fine... :-\

EDIT: Anyway this gives me a chance to redo the intro as alot of events and scripts messed up my event moving and so far it seems fine.
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>:( Gawd damn it.
I really, really, really hate losing things.
First I lost 30+ hours of gameplay when the original game "Take Down" was corrupted.
Then I lost "Take Down Legacy Episode 2" when my laptop crashed. *being rebuilt from scratch.

I feel your pain, dude. Losing sucks anus. I'm learning slowly to back up my files after I finish for editing for the night.
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