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Hi everyone! I'm Nivlacart from Singapore!
I started using RPG Maker VX since 5 years ago, I think.

I love designing games!

I hadn't done anything grand yet, until the recent Indie Game Contest 2014 came around, so I gathered some friends and together we made the game Antagonist, which also led to me signing up for an account here on Archeia's behest XD

I'm studying Game Art and Design in school now, and Game Design and Character Art are my specialities. I really should've joined here a lot sooner though, it seems like such a great tight-knit community!

Eventually, I intend to try to contribute to the community with my art. I hope I can be of service!

Nice to meet you all!
Hi, and welcome to RMN!

I enjoyed playing your game, by the way.
Hey there and welcome!
Your specialty definitely shows through - I'm sure you'll be a great addition.

Enjoy your stay
Haha, thanks!

By the way, is there any way to change my username?
I forgot to put a capital letter in it DDDDD:
Welcome. PM kentona for any username-related matters.
All the cool kids start their usernames with lowercase letters. I had to change yours. Welcome to RMN!
W-Wait... Game Art and Design? In School?!?!
Aaah! *books flight for Singapore*

Anyways, Welcome!
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