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Have any of you played Touhou? The games are most popular for their music but many
people think that the art is really bad. I like it and think that it has its own unique charm to it but their is no denying that it can be... at times. The question is can you stand to look at horrible art if other area's of the game work
really well such a the story?
I would play such a game.
Actually, I will. I'm a sucker for good plots :D
Though yes, graphics do play a role. But it is just a minor factor, along with music and etc...
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I've played plenty of text-based games.

Yet on the other hand, there are games like Etrian Odyssey, where I think the visuals are actually vastly worse than text-based games. I quit that game because of how boring the exploration was, and visuals were most of that. Seeing the same stupid maze corridors for a hundred hours and the same five enemy graphic for two hundred battles in a row pissed me off more than any technically poor graphics ever could.

So, it depends what you mean by "bad" art. I will put up with low fidelity art, where it doesn't look much like what it's supposed to look, for a lot longer than I'll put up with low creativity art, where the game isn't attempting to show me anything interesting.
I played Tsukihime and finished it without issues despite the art. I played Touhou and the portraits don't bother me really. What matters to me is atmosphere and aesthetic :D
I have no problem with games with low tech graphics, like earlier Ultima games, but I can't stand it if the visuals are actually bad. Basically, I tolerate bad graphics, but not bad visuals.
Absolutely! I'll play most any game with one subpar aspect if the rest are a lil above average. It doesn't mean it'll be my favorite game of all time but yeah.

Sunset Over Imdahl had kinda poop gameplay but its graphics and story~<3

Clouded Heart had decent graphics (with subpar portraits) and decent gameplay but that story was lovely.

The Drop had fantastic graphics and gameplay but nearly nonexistent story.

There are a lot of great games with some poopy aspects! It doesn't mean they're not good, though you can't say they're less good. If you can't make something good at least reach for decent.
Completely depends on the art style.

Just as LockeZ, I do play purely text-based RPGs. I also like proper 8-bit graphics. Even just monochrome can look acceptable for me.

But there are certain art styles that make me avoid a game for sure.

I'm a big Touhou fan and think the graphics are quite good except for the character art, but that's pretty much skippable.
I'm sure you all know Exit Fate. Well, this might just be me, but good lord to I hate the message busts. They just seem creepy to me, but good lord is the story absolutely amazing.

So if you ask me, then sure! As long as the other aspects are worth it.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
As much as I want to deny it: Of course graphics do play some role. It's more difficult to feel immersed if the art really puts you off. I would surely give the game a try, but it better start fascinating me early. So if the story really is so good that it catches my interest right from the beginning, my answer would definitely be yes.
Every aspect of a game is equally as important as the rest, regardless of what assets the game needed to focus on. If a game had "horrific art" (aka the worst it could be) then I wouldn't feel inclined to play it, because the developer obviously didn't care enough to make it look presentable- and if they didn't care about that, then how do I know they cared about all the other parts of the game?

graphics do play a role. But it is just a minor factor, along with music and etc...

This is false. Graphics and Music are intensely important parts of game design. They're far from a minor issue.
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
That depends how you'll define "bad graphics". Many people loathe Minecraft for its graphics, yet they are still playing it despite it as gameplay is fun. I'm on a fence here, played some games with graphics clearly made in Paint, yet graphics managed to be consistent and game itself was fun.

I think more important that if graphics are "good" or "bad" is that they are consistent. For example, you are playing game made with 2k3's RTP. Then in one room some tiles are clearly taken from VX Ace's RTP. That isn't good.
Graphics are among the first things you see. I probably wouldn't play a game with really bad graphics simply because I would not give it any time to know if the story is good or not. If I get recommended it by other people, sure. But how likely is that with RPG Maker games?
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
I'm with Pizza on this. I feel like a game's art is just as significant to the overall experience as it's story, music, and gameplay. It's not like school where you can get a C on one course and an A on the other and still balance out to be good. Each aspect of a game is like a support pillar of a tower. If one pillar is crumbling, then entire structure is at risk of falling down.

That being said, most of us are amateurs here. I don't look at any game expecting professional level quality art. If a game does, then great. But I don't damn a game if the art is merely average. However, everyone has their limit. And if I saw something like this, I'm drawing the line: http://cdn.acidcow.com/pics/20100827/terrible_celebrity_fan_art_15.jpg

It also depends on how art-focused the game is. If you're going to be shoving a bunch of portraits in my face and using a lot of full screen images, then I expect them to have a certain type of quality. If art is vital to the atmosphere, and the art is bad, then the entire game suffers because of it.

It also depends on the type of game. If you're making a silly game with crudely drawn characters, then it's much more forgivable. If you're making a deep and emotional game with aforementioned crudely drawn characters, then the story become rather difficult to take seriously.

Personally, I like art STYLES more than technical skill. No, I don't mean "Let's add some 'artistic' design choices to cover up my lack of skill!" If it's clear you're giving your all into designing your characters, but you just simply don't have good spacial recognition, then I make an exception. I like a party of color diverse characters who really have a lot of soul put into them.

For the record, if anyone saw Luxaren Allure before the new facesets, I consider that pretty good.
I would not. If the graphics were truly HORRIFIC. That is I might get seizures or just feel the need to throw up after two minutes of gameplay. No there's no way I'd play no matter how brilliant the plot or gameplay or whatever was. Like if I had no idea what was going on. Things were a blurry mess and maybe there was some blob of multicoloured shit that was a main character but I wasn't sure because the screen kept flickering into darkness and when it turned back on again every blurry thing I was playing as changed colour and location.

No actually that I might play. But if it was meant to be enjoyed more than ten seconds of novelty then no.
graphics do play a role. But it is just a minor factor, along with music and etc...
This is false. Graphics and Music are intensely important parts of game design. They're far from a minor issue.
Music is completely supplementary. You can easily play and enjoy games while they are muted.

For the last 5 years or so I've played most of games muted. Sound bothers other people, so off the sound goes. Sound is often muted (like 95% of the time) on my phone, too.
Graphics and music/sound can either add to the experience, impair it or be neutral.
It depends what you do with them as a designer.
For instance, minimalistic graphics can be made to enhance the gameplay when they fit the theme. And awesome-looking graphics can be made to impair the player's focus when there are too many special effects shown at the same time.

If the graphics are so bad that they distract me from the plot, then I'll probably stop playing your game after a while. But if they are just really simple, not particularly ugly, they shouldn't impair the enjoyment.
Touhou doesn't have "horrible" graphics. I'd call them "charmingly amateurish". If you want horrible graphics, you dip into the Xbox Live Indie Games section:

dem colorz...

I find that "boring" graphics and overall presentation are a bigger obstacle for me to get in to a game than "ugly". I don't mind the lulzy graphics of a game like Blue Wish Resurrection because it the enemies and bullets are animated, the attack patterns look cool, and the player's bullet speed is nice and fast, etc. I see a lot of indie/doujin STGs that, even though they have some nice static images for players and enemies, also have cheap animation and slow, tiny, unanimated bullets and my interest is killed immediately. Seems shallow, I know, but there's too many games out there to give them all a fair chance.

As for story, though, I agree with Red_Nova: I find that I can't take a story seriously if its terribly presented. If your story is heavy like The Walking Dead or Attack on Titan, but your artwork is like Crayon Shin Chan... sorry, I just can't bring myself to care, no matter how well written it is.
I agree that Touhou's graphics aren't bad, but a lot of people say they are.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Asking a bunch of people who make and play RPG Maker games if it bothers them when a game has poorly drawn, low technical quality, outdated graphics is


I think anyone could have predicted the results of this topic

it's like taking a survey on whether people dislike mexican food... and only asking customers in a mexican restaraunt
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