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here are some sprites I made:


to download complete charset, visit my site:
these are for RMXP and in order to use them you need to download the complete charset from my site:
Hey Abey! :P

I see you pulled a quick one. ::)
;D Oh at last someone who make's CharSet's Ive been trying to do that myself...mind me asking how long they took to design them? it's so annoying making the left and right facing side's... the front and back's easy te hard parts getting them to move without looking crippled....

this is the link to my one's I also have a small demo to show you how they look...


Im uploading the demo now, it's only 7mb... so tell us if you think it's looking alright...

Very anime-ish. I like them.

Thank you tsukuru!

Hey Abey!

I see you pulled a quick one.

What do you mean? I made it last month!

mind me asking how long they took to design them?

Took me about a day for each character.
I see you use the Kiazer template. :)

They aren't bad but I must admit I have seen better. If you would like some more help I'm sure I could mail you a link to Hamsterman's spriting tutorial. ;)
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Hey, it's Brolly!
Yeah man, that hamstermans tutorial was awesome! I just saved the picture and drew over it, so that is how i basicly made this awesome sprite that you will see in my LoZ game, but he is not a LoZ guy. I might make a LoZ guy. But that tutorial helped me a buttload.
who is this hamsterman? Where's his tutorial?
Well, on my Army Guys! Forum in the Artistic Liscense, you can find the link there, or just search it on google!
Or you could click the link in my sig and look for the thread called Hamsterman's spriting tutorial v2. ;D
Thanks!I'm doing pretty good for the sprites, for my first try. I'd post a picture of it, but it says that the picture invalid, or something. ::)
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