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I got the idea of instead of characters just leveling up, their weapons and armor can as well. They level up with a Sudeki-like system. Every level, they get a point (2 at every 5 levels) to upgrade either HP, SP, Strength, Defense, Focus Spells (special abilities that can either do more damage or cast certain buffs), or Focus Power (allowing your Focus Spells to do more damage).

What I want to do is make it to where you gather materials to craft cores or find cores that can give your weapons or armor certain abilities or stat upgrades (like Double Attack, Triple Attack, Poison, Weaken, auto-buff, etc.).

As you continue through the game, you will be able to upgrade the weapons and armors with items you find throughout the game that can increase the amount of core slots available.

You also will find items throughout the game that will permanently increase your stats.

I also want it where max level is 50.

Each character will have only one piece of armor and one weapon. If you need anymore info, just message me. Hopefully someone can help make a script for this. Please contact me and let me know if you'll take this task on.
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