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First of all, thanks for the reply.

but I do think the Crane Fist was in there. Somewhere ...

Ack, it looks like I *am* going to have to check every single event after all. Seriously, I don't see any other options left. I've even tried doing a text search of the map/database files. The words "Crane Fist" only appear when Anderson actually uses it. That means that if the Crane Fist is somewhere in the game, the player is never told when he or she gets it (and it can't be gotten from a skill scroll, either).

As it stands, though, she's murder on bosses; with the right alchemy spell, she can solo the final boss in two rounds.

Hehe. You're thinking of Pacolet 3, aren't you? I'll post a list of the "Rare Essence" items soon, by the way. But anyway, yes, I think the combat in TTHW would need to have a few things redone. The combat is still pretty enjoyable (in fact, TTHW has got better combat than many RM games), but there are too many useless spells (Kanna's special spells *especially* come to mind - they should have been more "impressive" than the regular spells, and they ended up being fairly useless) and some spells are ridiculously overpowered (like Suicide Blast).

There WAS a gimmick to the Cumberland Mountains. I'll PM it to you.

I can't wait. :)

It must be quite difficult to find - I spent many hours on the Cumberland mountains, and after seeing how it worked in RM2k, I still couldn't figure out how the player was supposed to solve the puzzle on his/her own.

TTHW (and QC) are both sidestories of a main story I'm supposedly working on.

I thought as much after reading the TTHW credits ;) . By the way, is "The Sojourners" the title of the main story or the title of the whole series?

Last but not least, happy designing! I'm anxiously waiting for QC, and I can't be the only one.
but there are too many useless spells (Kanna's special spells *especially* come to mind - they should have been more "impressive" than the regular spells, and they ended up being fairly useless) and some spells are ridiculously overpowered (like Suicide Blast).

Hopefully, my next RPG (when I'm done with QC) will be much better balanced. I've learned quite a bit since then.

By the way, is "The Sojourners" the title of the main story or the title of the whole series?

The name of the main story, though since it IS the main story I consider all of this under the "The Sojourners" umbrella.

And hopefully the PM feature actually worked this time ...
That thing you want but never who I am
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Hopefully, my next RPG (when I'm done with QC) will be much better balanced. I've learned quite a bit since then.
I should hope so! It's been 6 years!

I vote Three the Hard Way as the next name for the help and request forum!
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And hopefully the PM feature actually worked this time ...

It didn't, but you can send me an e-mail at

Rune Tablet Fragment #1 : This one is quite difficult to get. At one point in the first chapter (I forgot when exactly, but it'll be in the walkthrough, so don't worry), you'll be able to enter Vance's mother's house. Speak with her and she'll tell you about "that place to the south", which is actually Selma Castle. You can now enter Selma Castle. One of the chests in the ruins has the "Alex Vest". Head to Branchville and give the vest to Alex, who will give you his fragment.

Rune Tablet Fragment #2 : This one is in Burlington, on the roof of a house.

Rune Tablet Fragment #3 : In the Richland caves.

Rune Tablet Fragment #4 : Inside Selma Castle.

Rune Tablet Fragment #5 : There a secret supply cache somewhere *under* the bridge in Campobello. You'll get a Rune Tablet Fragment the first time you look at it, and the second time you'll get some reagents.

Rune Tablet Fragment #6 : There is an secret underground bar that can be accessed from a secret passage under the bridge in Campobello, but only at night. Past the underground bar is a place with a few addicts... as well as a chest with a Rune Tablet Fragment.

Rune Tablet Fragment #7 : An addict in Upper Arcadia will sell you his fragment. You need the Grimorum Avia to reach the aforementioned addict.

Rune Tablet Fragment #8 : In Fairfax Forest.

Rune Tablet Fragment #9 : In Ehrhardt. Make sure you have some Malt Liquor (you can buy some in Ravenel), then speak with the jail guard *before* you visit the fortune teller and you'll be able to trade the Malt Liquor for the Rune Tablet Fragment.

Rune Tablet Fragment #10 : In West Hildebrand.

Rune Tablet Fragment #11 : After defeating Clio the Maledictor in the Ravenel Tower, leave Ravenel. There will be a cutscene, and you will find yourself on an island. Somewhere on this island is a Rune Tablet Fragment.

Rune Tablet Fragment #12 : In the bar in the Estill Port, you'll find a man who will sell you his fragment for 35 GP.

Rune Tablet Fragment #13 : At the end of the Kure River (keep sailing east, ignoring the entrance to Kure proper for now).

Rune Tablet Fragment #14 : In Penal Colony (west of Campobello, can be accessed from the world map).

Rune Tablet Fragment #15 : In a secret area east of the bridge to Burlington. It can be accessed from the world map.

Rune Tablet Fragment #16 : In a secret area in Beaufort Duchy, near the bridge to Beaufort (the one guarded by Gastonia). It can be accessed from the world map.

At one point in the game, Benson and Mauldin will steal your stuff, including your Rune Tablet Fragments. The only way to get them back is to defeat them in Duke Greene's villa (so you have to choose the Arcadian path on your way to Dillon. More about that later on).

Here's something that works for the puzzle in Estill Fortress :


Note that you can bypass this puzzle entirely if Roper is with you.
Some hints on where to find the "Rare Essence" items (Rare Essence is required for every "third level" spell Kanna can make, namely Pomaria 3, Faison 3, Smoaks 3, Lasker 3, and Pacolet 3. Pacolet 3 is one of the deadliest spells in the game, and Pomaria 3 isn't bad either since it lowers your enemies' defense) :

Rare Essence #1 : There is an old apothecary who lives northeast of Duke Greene's villa (the apothecary's house can be accessed from the world map). There is a secret passage near the apothecary's house... It will lead you to a chest with a Rare Essence in it.

Rare Essence #2 : In the house in the very southeastern corner of the Mayodan harborplace.

Rare Essence #3 : In a cave past Estill forest (once again, the cave entrance can be accessed from the world map).

Rare Essence #4 : In the Kiawah Island cave.

Rare Essence #5 : The very first time you visit Edisto, there's someone in town who wants 5GP. Give him what he wants. When the Kaibutsu Lord quest starts, go back to Edisto and talk to this man again. He'll give you a lot of neat stuff, including a Rare Essence.

Rare Essence #6 : After Fayette is rescued from Benson and Mauldin, Kanna tells you to find some money to pay the healer. At this point, you can go all the way back to Florence and ask her for a job. She'll ask you to find a stolen trophy. Go to Bowman and speak with Dalzell. If you talk to everyone in town, you'll eventually find someone who will tell you that the Lotus Ninja is now "living is a small house to the west". Leave Bowman. The house you're looking for is indeed west of Bowman (look for the patch of bright green grass). Once you've found it, enter. Speak with the Lotus Ninja, then check the sink in the northeastern corner of the house. The Lotus Ninja will attack you. Defeat him, and you'll get a Rare Essence (be warned, he can be surprisingly difficult, especially if you don't have many healing items).

Rare Essence #7 : Gotten after defeating the Ice Stujin in the Berkeley Cave (unless you have the Grimorum Avia and choose to bypass this dungeon, you *have* to defeat the Ice Stujin to complete the game, so you'll know when you've found it).

As you can see, Rare Essences are very, well... rare. Don't waste third-level spells on random encounters.

The reagents list is almost complete, but the monster list is not, so there's not much point in posting the reagents list right now since most reagents are gotten from monsters. Telling you that monster X drops item Y isn't very helpful if I don't tell you where to find the aforementioned monster.
That's really cool, dude! Looking forward to more ;)
Thanks. :)

The reagents/monsters list might not be 100% complete (I might be missing a few monster locations), but it's always neat to prove I'm doing something, right? Anyway...

Feathers can be gotten from

Squabs : Lumbee Forest.
The Craven : A boss you'll fight if you choose the Colerain path when going to Dillon.
Blitzwings : Kita Shrine Trial, Colerain Mountains, Severn Forest, Ehrhardt Forest.
Avions : You'll fight these in the Berkeley lighthouse.
Satyrs : Manteo's Wheel.

Japaleno Peppers can be gotten from

Conies : Ehrhardt Forest.
Forgotten : Kure.

A good way to get Ash is to check the Branchville Crater with Kanna in your party. I think you can get up to 30 Ash that way. The Fireballs that can be found in Kanna's shrine will sometimes drop Ash when you defeat them.

Warm Stones can be gotten from

Stone Likenesses : Kanna's shrine.
Stone Gheaux Limms : Selma Castle (there are only two Stone Gheaux Limms, and I don't think they respawn).
Reticuli : Cumberland Mountains.
Eerie Onnas : Kure.
Bandars : Kiawah Island.

Quartz can be gotten from

Trichinas : Newton Grove.
Gates : You'll fight some in Kure.
Galapagos : Ehrhardt Forest.

Shells can be gotten from

Escargotchas : On the outdoor map, in the Fairmont - Escargotcha Shrine area.
Beites : Ravenel Tower.
Timrehs : Berkeley Cave.

Badin can be gotten from various places in the game, but really, the easiest way to get Badin is to buy some in Orangeburg.

Alligator Teeth can be gotten from

Dundees : Marion's Island and Lumbee Forest.
Sawtooth monsters : Arcadia Cave, Colerain Mountains, Upper Arcadia.
Spurriers : Kiawah Island.

Mystic Resins can be gotten from

Venus Human Traps : Marion's Island. You can also summon these with the Grimorum Gladia.
The Preying Mantis : The boss guarding the Kibou in Lumbee Forest.
Sporulus monsters : Kita Shrine Trial.
Paralgae : Upper Arcadia.
Hibiscus monsters : Fairfax Forest.
Vilevines : Marion's Island. You can also summon these with the Grimorum Gladia.

Acorns and Apples can be gotten from Greenwoods on Kiawah Island.

Eyes of Newt can be gotten from Gingriches, which can be found in the Fairmont Tower and the Ravenel Tower.

You can buy Coconuts from the guy who sells Coconuts on Kiawah Island.

Wax can be gotten from

Megapedes : Pittsboro Desert, Pittsboro Pass, Kershaw Heights.
Wyvernflies : Severn Forest, Ehrhardt Forest.
Maulphins : Ravenel Tower.
Water Beetles : Halifax Lighthouse.
Kure Knights : Kure.
Lamias : Berkeley Cave.

Hardened Slime can be gotten from

Slimes : Somerset Forest.
Brown Slimes : Elloree Caves, Halifax Lighthouse.
Fungoidus monsters : Burlington Caves, Richland Caves, Fairmont Tower.
The Mutant Slime : The final boss of Florence's Richland quest.
Desert Sludges : Pittsboro Desert.
Oil Sludges : Kershaw Lighthouse.
Embryonics : Arcadia Cave.
Jelloids : Colerain Mountains (the caves part), Ehrhardt Forest Cave, Ehrhardt Cave.
Water Gels : Ravenel Tower.

Dendrites can be gotten from

Synapses : Thought realm.
Ganglions : Manteo's Wheel.

Ginger Roots can be gotten from

Addicts : Campobello (secret underground area), Upper Arcadia.
Berserkers : Cumberland Mountains.
Stinkweeds : Kiawah Island.

Lard can be gotten from

Ratcoons : Kershaw Heights (path to Kershaw Lighthouse).
Vores : Kita Shrine Trial, Arcadia Cave, Severn Forest, Fairfax Forest, Tatum's Cave (path to Tharsele).
Felions : Colerain Mountains.
Kemps : Kiawah Island.
Irkutsks : Berkeley Cave.

Orange Clay can be gotten from

Mud Traficants : Cumberland Mountains.
Trilobites : Cumberland Mountains.
Primordiums : Kiawah Island.

Venom Sacs can be gotten from

The Rattler : The very first boss in the game.
Scuttlebugs : Branchville Well, Burlington Swamp.
Honeybees : Burlington Swamp, Pittsboro Desert.
Copperheads : Pittsboro Pass.
Sandcrabs : Pittsboro Desert.
Scorpions : Pittsboro Desert.
Hornets : Estill Forest, provided the traps are activated.

Bones can be gotten from a few locations. Remember how there's a hidden supply cache under the Campobello bridge? You can loot it twice, and the second time you'll get some bones. There are also some bones in the Fairmont supply cache (although you'll need the Grimorum Calculus to remove the spikes), more bones on Kiawah Island (these are well-hidden, you'll need to search the island carefully to find them), and yet more bones in the Berkeley Lighthouse treasure room (Holly always picks them up, so you don't need to worry about finding them).

Meteorite Pieces can be gotten from the Archfiends in Kure.

Pig's feet can be gotten from

Rockhogs : Pittsboro Desert.
Kristols : Fairfax Forest, Ehrhardt Forest Cave.

Nectar can be gotten from the Bumblebees on Kiawah Island.

Ambrosia can be gotten from

Paramoebas : Secret passage under Hildebrand Shrine.
The Vermex : The boss in the Ehrhardt Forest Cave.
Ice Wyrms : Berkeley Cave.

Orange Moss can be gotten from

Mushies : Burlington Swamp, Burlington Caves.
Amanitas : Tatum's Cave (path to Tharsele), Cumberland Mountains, Ehrhardt Cave.

Toadstool hints : If I remember correctly, there are only four places where you can find Toadstools : In a somewhat concealed chest in Kershaw Heights, in Bragg, in West Hildebrand, and on Kiawah Island.
Hey ShadowBlade

I was just wondering if you could post these solutions yourself at the forum I mentioned earlier? You could also join the discussion about this incredible game as it's quite popular there (has over 600+ posts!). I've just posted the Rune tablet list here but thought it would be better if you could post the rest. Cheers and keep up the good work! :)

All done! Thanks for the kind words. :)
Oh, thank you! It'll definitely help many ;D
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