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Unfortunately, I have decided to completely quit with this RPG maker shit.

I just lost a project, as my antivirus randomly quarantined and deleted it, calling it spyware. That project had so many hours of work on it, and is the third project I have lost. I am sick of trying so hard, just to lose everything I have worked on. Because of such, I am leaving RPG maker, along with everything to do with it (which includes this site).

I will miss this site a lot, but I don't much see the point in staying on a site dedicated to something I hate, so, alas, I am leaving.

However, some of you benefit from this. Feldshlact, you will now get to be the #5 poster on the site :).

Also, I guess if anyone hates me here, then they can say good riddance\, and be happy I am leaving.

So, I will have to find a new forum I suppose. God damn, why is it that no other communities are nearly as awesome sauce as this one?


I always wanted to do that little end thing like sion does :)
That seriously sucks dick. Did you have it backed up anywhere? Uploaded online? A flash drive? A CD? You must have it backed up somewhere.

Worst case scenario and you can't find your project, just stick around anyway. We have an awesome community, even if you're not into gamemaking at the moment.
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This sounds like a kneejerk reaction to some game making frustration.

I have been involved in this God forsaken community for a decade now and I've never put out a demo. We have enough interesting characters to keep this fresh without having to open up RPG Maker every night. Besides, you can always play other people's games.*

Either way, good luck in your future endeavours.

* As if anybody actually does that!
bah, don't leave if you're still going to wander the internet. just stick around and shoot the piss with us :P
There are other reasons anyways. I am spending far to much time on these forums, they are sucking up my life, lol

I made a farewell signature and everything.

Seriously, I will miss you guys. Hopefully there are some CS or CA forums nearly this nice. I wish you all good luck with future projects :), especially Abley with Wilfred the Squire, and Harmonic with Legacies of Dondorian.

Other than that, hurry up with RMN3 WIP, lol, I'm sure everyone awaits it. Keep up with the good site guys, without a doubt, it is the best RPG maker community.

Thanks for the experience
Gamers don't die, they respawn.
I really think you are overracting, but whatever. It's your decision. Later man, and thanks for the RMN radio. XD
Just stay, stay for the people and not for RPG Maker, not everyone is making a game here, it doesn't mean they're less welcome. If you really like this community it seems stupid to leave. Bu you have your reasons. There's nothing stopping you from coming on once in a while.

I think most people here will miss you. I will. See ya man! Good luck!
The cow bell drummer is leaving. Honestly man, I hope you don't leave. Perhaps you can use the Timeline feature and go back in time on your comp to before your Anti-Virus deleted your work. I'm not sure how reliable that feature is but its worked for me in the past.
You lost your third project to this and you still haven't gotten the hang of backups? C'mon man. :/

It's really worth making a backup of your project every time you work on it, or at least every week.

Also, you should stay because it's not like some of us haven't lost a project before and it's kind of a silly reason to leave. (myself included)
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.

I am currently dropping tears all over my keyboard as I type this post. :'(

However as sad is it is to see you leave, I most respect your decision.
I do hope one day you'll come back to RMN to continue RPG Making or just stopping by to say hi. Thanks for the signatures also. Don't forget us and have one helluva time with your future journeys.

Your Pal
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
You can always play other games and become the new GameCriticBoy (does anyone remember him?)

Also, time to do backups! Hours of work isn't that much - I've spent literal weeks (as in clumps of 168 hours) on HR.
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You can still chum around without ever making a thing. Look at Holbert, for example.
If you're spending too much time on the forums, take a break. You don't need to leave permanently. It's like you're leaving some good friends and the reason behind it being "I hang out with you guys too much". Just take a break.

You should stick around. And you don't need to make anything, we don't care. It's kind of a silly reason to leave, anyway.
And yeah, backups are your friend.
About 20 years ago, I lost the source code of a professional application (about a year and half full time work) to a hard drive crash.
I did have a backup. Or so I thought... until I tried to restore it on a new drive, to find out that the backup itself was corrupted. and effectively useless (too much code irretrievable).

At which point I gave up this product altogether, so I REALLY can feel what you feel.
But that's not the end, turn the page and do something new.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
20 years ago I was in kindergarten.
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You can always play other games and become the new GameCriticBoy (does anyone remember him?)

Oh god, don't remind me.

Seeya Myers... learn the art of flash drives and stuff. :(
NO! Don't give up! This sounds a lot like what happened to me, I've lost tons of projects due to viruses, not backing up files, brother and dad surfing porno sites. And yes...sometimes I just wanted to quit and say screw this!

But I'm still here, and now halfway done a full version project!

Give yourself a few days break, buy a flash drive, then get back to making games once again! ^^
He'll be back.

They always come back.
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He'll be back.

They always come back.

Oh fuck you that was going to be my line. I'll do it my version anyway:

You'll come back, YOU'LL COME BACK.
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