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I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Neglecting rational sleep patterns, meal times and health and safety measure because fuck life I have games to make for the amusement of myself and weird awesome people on the internet.
Sorry, but I laughed out loud at this part.

Ahaha, if my year is anything to go off of, I could turn it around in 5 years and turn it into a full blown comedy act. I guess it is true that reality is indeed stranger then fiction some times.

@BizarreMonkey: That's the spirit~! :)
I'm still schooling so my life's not as interesting (I mean that in the kindest of ways) yet.

Just finished my holidays, hung out a lot with friends.
Trying to get myself to get to doing a full game of Antagonist but I haven't opened it since.
Recently seemed to have caught the attention of three of my close female friends for whatever reason.
Not sure what to do about it.
Got drunk with my friends quite a few times.
Argued with my mom in front of them.
Spilled family secrets and bawled and yelled and punched all over the place.
I am so ashamed about it and I still don't know how to face them in two days.

Don't do alcohol kids, it's not worth it.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
I'm dead inside. I need to fix that by arting, finishing school work and finding a goal!
That's it.
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