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How do people feel about war and evil empires in RPGS are they okey or have they been used to much?.
depends on what you do with it. the "evil empire" is a fairly shallow fantasy antagonist; no nation is 100% unequivocally evil. not only that, many evil empires in RPGs carry out dastardly deeds for no reason other than "cuz we're evil".

if you're going to go with the old trope of empire-as-antagonist, i'd recommend trying to play things with a bit of ambiguity. maybe show that the rebels aren't exactly good guys, or discord at work within the imperial government (something a bit more in-depth than General Leo VS Kefka is recommended, though...)

or you could do utopian empire VS evil rebels? when's the last time that was seen? i suppose it could be rather status-quo promoting, though.
I was thinking of makeing a rpg of Rome vs the Celts with the Celtic rebels as mostley Good Guys but they were going to invade other nations to steal things like gems but fight for their home land so they are good and bad.
I can defiantly see where you’re coming from
Rule of thumb; When it comes to works dealing with any real life conflict it's best not to portray either side as inherently good or evil.

As for fictional conflict though. Eh.. Almost every work of fantasy fiction has some sort of war gong on at some point. it's a good, easy means of drama and conflict.
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