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The sample music for RPG Maker XP is really damn good. Its extremely unlikely, but I was just wondering if anyone here happened to know who the composer was?
Wow, this is like trying to find the creators of clipart.

Well, I went on the Japanese website:


So it looks like it's a "digital remaster" of the PS2 RPG Maker music?? (using google translate) >_<

And if the PS2 rpg maker is the same as RPG Tsukkuru 2 (edit: link gets broken because weird letters so check out the top link of the English RPG Maker 2's page) then you'll want to check out Shigeharu Isoda and Mitsuhiro Arisaka.
The "digital remaster" is a bonus specific to the "Value!+" re-release of XP. Apparently its from RPG Maker III, originally composed by Kazumi Mitome.

As for Shigeharu Isoda and Mitsuhiro Arisaka, Mitsuhiro was the composer for the first two SFC RPG Makers, and apparently also an SFC Visual Novel maker as well. Shigeharu was the sound engineer. The music for those is great stuff as well, but its definitely not the composer for XP. Totally different style.

Some sources credit the U.K band INTELLIGENTSIA or Mirai Intelligentsia as the XP composer, but I'm pretty sure this is wrong. Intelligentsia did do music for the PS2 Fighter Maker 2, and did some bonus arrange music for the "Value!" re-release of RPG Maker 2K, but this person seems to be strictly an electronica composer. Listening to the SoundCloud page I have a hard time believing this is XP's composer.

Oh well. My Google journey is pretty much a big fat bust, but it has turned me on to the music of the other RPG Makers, a lot of which is good stuff. Hayato Matsuo's work for RPG Tsukuru 5 or RPG Maker II on the PS2 is fairly similar to XP's style and is definitely worth a listen.
Aww dang, I'm sorry that they weren't the right people. The music you did find is beautiful, though.
So, I think I may have finally found it out. Doing some Japanese searches in Google, I found some places crediting the music to Studio Cliche Ltd. / 有限会社スタジオクリシェ. Searching for THAT brought me to a webpage discussing the similarities of the RPG Maker DS soundtrack to XP's (and yeah, look it up - they're practically the same comps in some places). RM DS's music is done by a company called Soundtech, and according to this guy's findings, two of the guys there are former members of Studio Cliche. The two guys in question are Shigenori Masuko and Yusuke Beppu, it seems.

Unfortunately, the whole reason I wanted to find this out was in hopes to find more music in the style of XP's, but these guys seem pretty damn obscure, and it doesn't help that Google Translate will spit out different romanizations of their names every time. What little I've listened to so far that's credited to them, beyond the RM DS music, isn't much like the XP music at all. :(
I'll keep digging, but so far, yeah, not what I'd hoped.

e: Slightly more informative links on the two guys
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