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Do you remember me?! I sure hope not, because I've never been here before. But the moment you haven't been waiting for is at hand, because I finally managed to finish that awful registration and have joined your illustrious ranks. I was actually looking for a decent underwater basket weaving website, but since none exist, this seemed like the next best thing.

You may address me however you see fit, though please note that I don't respond to Franz. "Sir" is acceptable. "Miss" also works, because I apparently look like a girl. I am not, though. A girl, that is.

I'm not exactly new to making RPGs. Many moons ago, I made a few crappy games using RPG Maker XP, but got distracted by a bran muffin (or something) and fell out of the loop for ages. For some reason, I decided to get back into it over the summer, discovered that RPG Maker VX Ace exists, and have been spending way too much time crafting my newest "masterpiece" ever since. I'll be sure to share the details of my efforts soon. Or not.

Anyway, I love RPGs. I just finished Bravely Default. I'm currently working my way through Tales of Xillia 2. I'm quasi-eagerly anticipating Dragon Age: Inquisition (and hoping it doesn't stink). I'm wearing a Kingdom Hearts shirt... But I'll generally play just about any game that I think looks cool. Other interests include sleep, photography, me, science fiction, sleep, and making lists. And sleep. I do not enjoy long walks on the beach; I did that over the summer and I'm still pouring sand out of my shoes. Candlelit dinners are okay, though.

I also have a very sarcastic and weird sense of humor that nobody seems to like and I apologize in advance.
That thing you want but never who I am
Is a simple captcha really that onerous? Anywho, welcome to RMN!
Alph it is! Welcome to RMN. We accept cash deposits.

Alph is fine. I've been called worse. XD And do you accept Canadian? I don't even know what I'm paying for, but if I can get rid of this loose Canadian change I've been stuck with, I'll happily give you my money.

Is a simple captcha really that onerous?
I didn't even have to do a captcha, actually. I was only asked if I was a spam bot, and then told to answer NO.
Ah, see, that was a clever test to see if you could read and follow direction! You'd be surprised how many of our members seem incapable of doing so when it comes to the site rules. This way we know that you are functioning enough to abide by them~

(Also, it keeps the spambots out...ish)
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