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After my game's introduction, the gameplay becomes very open-ended, moreso than most jRPGs. You have the option to continue the main storyline, of course, but you also have the opportunity to explore the world.

I'd like to create more side quests for the player, but I'm having trouble thinking of good ones. I thought it would be a cool idea to have some of you guys suggest side quests that I might be able to insert into my game. Credit will be given, of course.

My game is nearing completion, so I suggest you check out it's page if you haven't. Here are some examples of side quests that are in the game:

1. There are a few dragons upon mountaintops that you can kill. In exchange, there is a certain blacksmith who will craft dragon weapons/armor for you, which is the most powerful in the game.

2. Rescuing a little boy in a cave.

3. Traveling to an ancient shrine to receive the ability to use holy magic, which is extremely powerful in this game.
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Well lets see there are some classics you can always include.

Collections, you're sent on a quest to complete the collection of a particular NPC, be that plant, animal, insect, stamp, coin, you name it, they just need that last one or two to complete their collection and will pay you handsomely. Though of course in the case of something living be that plant or animal it will be hidden somewhere remote and inaccessible. In the case of an item, it's already in someone else's collection and you'll have to steal it.

Bounty Quests, like the dragons you've got but have an adventurers/hunter guild which sends people out to track down and kill dangerous monsters/animals.

Find a little girl's pet that has gone missing, you could always make it something more than the standard dog/cat/hamster/frog. Slug? Gryphon? Homunculus? The options are endless.

Preventing a virgin sacrifice, they're always rollicking fun, and of course there is more than one way to achieve that goal, dependant on the maturity level of you game that is.

Infiltrate a gang of thieves/assassins to prevent them from carrying out their latest job.

Seemingly simple bodyguard duty for a really nice old gentleman, who turns out to be the last scion of an ancient house whose blood is needed for a ritual, or he's actually a body jumper and the one he is in is wearing out and he's recruiting adventurers to find his next host or it could be a really simple get him from point a to b with no issues at all.

Starcrossed: Be the liaison between two separated lovers, be that a Romeo/Juliet families hate each other, or May-December, age is a barrier, or cross species like Beren and Lúthien.
Thanks for the ideas dude. For some reason, I was just drawing a blank when it came to side quests I could include. I'm trying to limit the collection quests. I just feel that most people would find them more tedious than fun.
You can also have some based on your characters or the NPCs/towns they've seen in the past. Quests that deal with character backgrounds can really help flesh them out a bit more - say, visiting the hometown of one and having to deal with a string of quests that clears an ancestor's name of some crime or finding out another's sister is getting married and having to help with the preparations.

Of course, it's all about the details. A fetch quest will feel like a fetch quest unless you make it more dynamic. So, say your character has been tasked to gather a bouquet for the wedding, which means just finding flowers, right? But what if one of those flowers can only be gained from a miniboss living in a mountain nearby? And there's a shortage of the baby's breath so you have to find a substitute (and get graded on how good a bouquet you put together).

I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
What are the main themes of your game? Hard to come up with anything specific without some examples of what you have so far.

A quest where you get a temporary party member forced into the team would be a nice change of pace in combat, making the player play a little differently than normal. To keep the player from using this character in areas where they're not supposed to, the sidequest could be a gauntlet of fights one right after another, with a boss battle at the end.
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Oh, what about that baby's breath is actually created by a giant monster baby in the same mountains and the only way to get it to grow is to have the baby breathe on it. So you have to make it laugh. Sorry I always thought that was a silly common name for Gypsophila, I'd kind of like a fantasy reason for it XD.
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You could always throw in some random garbage if you're not too concerned with it tying into the main plot, like spirits that can't find their way to the afterlife so you have to consort with one of their own who hides under the facade of a living human that's made a life out of collecting treasure and who knows of a way to free them from their mortal shackles. He gives you an artifact that separates mind from matter and tells you to power it up in some holy fountain in a dungeon someplace. You then return to the ghosts and give them said artifact and the quest is completed.

Coincidentally, I made use of this exact same quest 7 years ago when Tales from Zilmurik was still Dawning of a Dragon's Valor.
Well, reminds me of the Extra Credit takes on quests in MMO. Sure, it's a different genre, but quests are abundant there.

There are some good ideas in this thread already, but just wanted to dump that here.
I wouldn't make it as elaborate, but it's always nice to use your environments as well. Stumble upon something "out of place" and potentially dangerous in a forest, and find a way to fix it, for example.
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