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The results for the IGMC are finally in, one and all! Here's the official winners~

Grand Prize Winner

Remnants of Isolation by Red_Nova, Unity and sooz

Congratulations to Remnants of Isolation for winning $10,000 and more as the Grand Prize winner!

RPG Category Winners

1st Place: Antagonist by Nivlac

2nd Place: Last Word by Merlandese

3rd Place: Cope Island by Zds

Celebrity Judge's Choice: Last Word

Humble Bundle Choice: Exeunt Omnes by Adam Hasvers

Non-RPG Category Winners

1st Place: Daemon Detective: Gaiden by Yal

2nd Place: Oh! Ko! by mostly useless

3rd Place: Little Briar Rose by Flame

Celebrity Judge’s Choice: Goats on a Bridge by Cabygon

Humble Bundle Choice: The Vendor by Galenmereth

Most Shared Game: Purrkour by Emergency Squid Studios!

Most Buzzing/People's Choice: Ars Harmonia by youarebritish

A hearty congratulation to all the winners and everyone who took part in the contest! Good job, all of you!

For more information about the prizes and winners, check the official topic.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Now we just have to make sure all those games are on RMN too :)

Congratulations to ALL. It was a monumental achievement, a task of truly herculean proportions, and that was just the judging :).

To the victors well done and enjoy the glory, to the participants, well done and congratulations for doing something so amazing, and for the players...well we'll be busy for months playing and enjoying them all.

Basically it's a win/win.

Wow, congrats to RoI! I guess the guys who were obessesively discussing it over at RMW fell foul of the dreaded 'Universal Law of Desire'; i.o.w, if you want something too much, you'll never get it.

And I'm not surprised that Ars Harmonia got the Buzzing Award. XD
We stayed away from any discussion of games until after playing them so as to avoid bias, so we had minimal idea of what to expect from them going in. Thus, we didn't know what public choices were for the most part - I mean, you can't 100% block yourself off when you frequent the forums but it helped that most talk was kept on game pages and certain topics that were easy enough to avoid.

And Cope Island, while it does look bland, is quite good. I'm surprised but :happy: that it got third because, frankly, it was fun. I really recommend people try it out - it just goes to show that a game can win even if it doesn't have incredible graphics. (Which, frankly, as designers we should all know by now anyway.)
Congratulations to everyone!! Hope you guys will treat yourselves with some good stuff as a reward for a job well done \o/
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
That's a whole lotta clams
I'm still so glad to see that Last Word had such a good showing! IT WAS SUCH A GREAT LIL' GAME <3 <3 <3

I gotta play the rest of these, now! I started Remnants last night, and it is super fun thus far.

Ugh ugh ugh y'all are inspiring the gam mak feels in me and making me all nostalgic and stuff augh augh ;w;
Your mom is a hero

I am curious... where is OneShot?
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!

I need some free time so I can try out all these winners...

I am curious... where is OneShot?

It was disqualified for using 2k3. It definitely would've been up there otherwise
Sadly, I've only played one of the games that won anything. I may get around to playing the others at some point, but I have a massive backlog of older RPG Maker games to work through as well.
I suppose it does hurt to not see my game up there but... ah well, I'm still proud of it. Will continue to work on it...

10/10, would make again.

I'm VERY happy Last Word and even The Vendor were mentioned, but I'm surprised Unraveled didn't get anywhere. Those were my favorites.
Congratulations to everyone who won, and cheers to everyone who joined in :D I had a lot of fun jamming out a game for the event and now there's a bunch of new fun stuff to check out!!
It was a real shock when we found out we won anything at all, we were kind of resolved that it's been 2 months, probably not gonna win anything. We kept making jokes about Antagonist being the only thing in our portfolio and how probably we'd boast about it at any job opening XDD

It's still kind of unbelievable to see our game up there at 1st place. I've been RPG Making for awhile, but for the others, it was their first time making a complete game, and I'm glad it was this great an experience for them, cos' I'd really want to continue working with them for a long time.

Thanks for giving them this experience, guys, and thanks for all the support we got on the RMN page as well.
(kept checking the page every few hours and got pumped at every 10 more views or downloads or comment we got lol)
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
People wouldn't listen to me when I said people's choice meant virtually nothing and they were wasting their time worrying about it, the judges picked games entirely different from people's choice, though the people's choice wasn't entirely misguided, played a bit of Ars Harmonia and from where I played to it was solid, wordy, but solid! It delved into some DARK concepts. I mean, a doctor who gets turned on by viscerated bodies is a... well it's a touchy subject to broach! I really want to get further. I owe it to Kate (she's one of the developers working on it, who also did VA for a trailer I made recently.)

I didn't play many of the others. Was half expecting Tear Drop Distance to be on here, but i think whether it be his smart mouth or the reputation he has, or just because his game was lacking in some areas mean ultimately there was better.

I'm gonna make a mental note to play the three winners, mostly because it'd be an excellent learning experience.
7 winners~ The Grand Prize winner, top 3 RPG and top 3 Non-RPG. That's not counting Humble Bundle choice or Celebrity Judge's choice. (Or the other two...)
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
7 winners~ The Grand Prize winner, top 3 RPG and top 3 Non-RPG. That's not counting Humble Bundle choice or Celebrity Judge's choice. (Or the other two...)
Yeah, I got all 6 top 3 of the judge picks, I didn't see the link up the top because I'm a doofus! Grabbing it now.
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