"My father told me this would happen."
Oh this reminds me, I never thanked you for that analysis on the last page. Thank you!
I've taken all the excellent points you made to heart and will try to make it good...once I get there.

This thread is awesome.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
LightningLord: The rotation between forms is obviously the most interesting part of the boss, but there's basically no way the fight will last long enough for the player to see the boss change forms more than four times, and the vast majority of players will only see two or three form-changes.

Are ice and water the same element? Are lightning and wind the same element? If not then not much will actually happen when the boss uses those elements! The player might be wearing resistance armor, but that's certainly not a guarantee. Players typically don't know what elements to bring into the boss fight unless they've fought it already once and died, and so they will come in the first time with element-neutral equipment that will be good no matter what. So it is almost certainly best for you to make the boss use elements that match the inherent weaknesses/strengths of the player characters. It doesn't have to only use those elements but it should probably use more than one of them.

Assuming you don't want the fight to take thirty minutes, here's a solution: Make two targets in this boss fight. Have the boss create a mirror image of herself, and both copies will have different elements. You can have the first copy cycle between fire/lightning/water while the second copy cycles between ice/wind/earth. This will let the boss use twice as many different elements in the same amount of time, without actually making her shift any more often. Not just speeding up the barrier-changes is important because the player needs the boss to stay in the same form for several rounds at a time to figure out what's happening and buff themselves appropriately.

Have the boss start as a single enemy like it does now, but on round 2, instead of just changing elements, have her create split into a pair of mirror images, each with a different element. Every five rounds, have both copies change elements. And either make them share an HP pool (this can be done with battle events but might be too complex to be worth doing), or just have the fight end when both copies are dead.

If the two copies share an HP pool, give it about one and a half times as much HP as your current version has, since it'll be twice as easy for the player to hit her elemental weakness as it was when there was only one target. If the player has to kill both of them, then give them each about 3/4 as much HP as your current version has.

Because there are two enemy targets, each one should be doing about half as much damage as it does right now. This applies to all of its skills including Element Explosion - it will become survivable but will still be very dangerous. The player can't be expected to resist both elements at once, and both clones could potentially use it on the same round or one after the other, so it's important that Element Explosion doesn't chop off more than about half the party's HP. Realistically, someone will still usually die if this is not resisted.

You probably also want to either tint the boss's color based on what element it is, or display a message like "Flame Wave - Barrier Shift" when the boss uses its element-changing skill. The AOE attack clearly conveys which element the boss changed to, but doesn't clearly convey that the boss changed elements at all in the first place. Lots of other enemies use elemental attacks without changing their own element, after all (presumably), so the player likely won't even consider that anything might have happened, until they attack with an element that worked before and suddenly it doesn't work any more. By the time they figure it out, the boss will be dead.
I think the more visible barrier change would be a good idea - all the player sees in-game is the state infliction/removal prompt related to the element. Other things I thought about/want to say:
-Ice/Water and Wind/Lightning are different elements, but I haven't yet introduced the characters who hold the other elements (which will include light&dark as well)
-I kind of want to use this system for the next game, but I'd like to add Light/Dark to the cycles as well (as there'll be 8 players, each one holding a different element. However, only 4 battle at a time, which can be swapped in and out during the player's turn)
-Would it work if I did keep Element Explosion's damage, but make it so that the boss needs to use both her turns to use it? (Or, alternately, one powers the other to be able to use the skill)
-Element Explosion still makes it possible for Julie to miss out on changing elements - What to do about that?
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
One-shotting the entire party with Element Explosion if you're not protected is really just a bad idea, because the first time it happens it is guaranteed to be a game over. There's no way to tell it's coming! Even once the player knows it happens, it could happen on any round. Even if you change the timing to make it happen exactly every five rounds, by the time the player realizes that it's not random, the battle will be over.

What you want to do is hit the party for enough damage that Element Explosion plus the damage done on the same round by the other clone is almost enough to kill most of the party members. The party will almost never be at full HP, and someone will typically be weak to the spell, so the chance of someone dying if they're not protected is going to be very high. But it won't be an instant game over. But it probably will be a game over if the player lets it happen twice.

Do you *want* Element Explosion to cause her to skip her form change, or is that a bug you haven't figured out how to fix? If it's on purpose, then I think it would be best to make it delay her form change for just one round, rather than have her wait another five rounds. Also you probably want both mirror images to change forms at the same time if possible. If it's a bug then it's easy to solve - just have her change forms on turns [5x+1] and have her use Element Explosion on turns [5x+4].
Well, the main problem with me not being able to maintain the schedule was that I eased my game completion by not making use of any custom scripts. I guess I'd want on the cases that Julie misses on barrier changes is that she follows up Element Explosion with a variant barrier change that doesn't do anything else.

While that's all good for the boss fight (Even if the main point was to get feedback, I'm fine leaving the game as it is), I actually want the element change to work differently for the next part which would involve Power Drain giving her the element of the one she targeted. (I forgot to mention that my equipment in-game made it too easy to spam limit breaks, but that could be dealt with just by making the TP regen less powerful)

I guess I come back if I need anything once I worked out more on the game, including my other 4 actors and the possible revamping of the original ones.
Hello mmmm I want to ask an opinion on how correctly should work this boss well let's see okay first thing right...

First the game that I'm developing has the stats limited so characters and enemies can get up to 40 points in each stat characters Hp can get up to 999 and MP up to 500, enemies and bosses is different.

Also all the playable character are limited to 3 Attacking Skill and 3 Passives (as slots... by that I mean that they are equipped instead of having normal equip), up to this point they have the chance of getting the 4 elemental skill two with side-effect, two physical skill one of them which can inflict Poison, the first normal healing skill, a skill that removes poison.

As for passives there're two passives that reduce elemental damage, one that allow normal attacks to inflict something akin to Paralyze(called Bind in the game)one that rises Hp by 10% and another that raises MP +10%

There are 3 characters up to this point, the Main (can be Magical, Physical, Neutral or Defensive) a Magic character and a Physical Character

Boss: Mad Andrew Hp: I don't know how much but maybe less than 700 the characters should be around level 13 - 15 when fighting him... so they should have around 150-200

Mp: he doesn't run out...

Original Idea:
He was going to have two turns (he is the first enemy to have them) one of them should use a Break skill which reduce element resistance of one ally of one element, and then he would use one AOE - element skill... that was the idea but I see it too simple... however he is the first boss so...

Maybe a back story of the boss could also help, he is a student that joined a cult thanks to his father, he seems to have killed his father and kills the girl that he was obsessed with... yeah he is pretty much insane...

Sooo opinion and Help please...

Also please ignore the post i made on the other threat(the one in game and desing is my fault for not reading all the previews posts I skipped the last three so I didn't read it; I'm an idiot.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Hmm, ok. Some questions.

What are the side-effects on the elemental skills?

How hard are the four elemental skills to get? Is it safe to assume most players will have most of them?

Does the player have enough MP, and enough items that restore MP, to keep using attacking skills for the whole battle, if it lasts about 15 rounds? If not, about how long will it take before the player runs totally out of MP and has to switch to normal attacks?
What are the side-effects on the elemental skills?

Okay, the Elec skill causes Shock, which allows fro a greater chance of critical hits, works like stun, and the Ice skill wich causes Freeze which works like Stun but also reduces all Physical defence to 0, also all Fire skills remove the Frezze side effect

How hard are the four elemental skills to get? Is it safe to assume most players will have most of them?

Most players will definetly get all the four with copies to spare, but the ones Sure are the Elec one and Fire one(as they are given in a event) if they are too unlucky whit the RNG

Does the player have enough MP, and enough items that restore MP, to keep using attacking skills for the whole battle, if it lasts about 15 rounds? If not, about how long will it take before the player runs totally out of MP and has to switch to normal attacks?

The Magic character (Brent) at level 15 get's to use magic attack 11 times before running out of Mp, the Physical character (Lia) gets to use the magic skills 6 times, also the physcial skills consume an Hp percentage... 3% the normal one(which I forget to add is unavoidable) and 7% the one with the chance of Poison

By this point of the game they get access to exactly up to 5 mp recovery objects (all the same) wich actually rstores up to level 20 almost half of the Mp.

They will relly in Healing items for most of this dungeon as the Healing skill cost the same as the first tier elemental-magic.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I'm really sorry I didn't do this a couple weeks ago when you asked. I lost track of it due to other events, and then kind of forgot about it. I should've done it a long time ago and you had to mail me to remind me and I apologize.


Your plan of having the boss inflict elemental vulnerabilities is a good basis, but without anything else, the end result is mostly the same as just using a single-target attack followed by an AOE attack. I'm going to try to make a more complex boss for you based on the elemental weakness idea.

I also think it would be useful to have it shift its own weakness as well as giving the player different weaknesses. Having all of the elemental attacks at this point, and equipping them, sounds like it's a pretty good test of the player's skill. Pretty easy for players to accomplish, but that's appropriate for the first boss. And if they missed picking one up, then a boss that clearly expects the player to have all these elements will also serve a secondary purpose of clueing them in to the fact that they missed it. So I think making the boss shift its own weakness will work really well.

Mad Andrew
- Has enough HP to survive about 30 hits of elemental magic, if the player were to never hit his elemental weakness. Hitting his elemental weakness will result in the battle going faster, of course. Realistically, I expect he'll probably die in about 12-15 rounds.
- Gets two turns per round. Attacks in a specific pattern.
- On his first turn each round he uses an AOE magic attack. On the first two rounds he uses a fire spell, then on the next two rounds he uses an ice spell, and so forth. He always uses the same element twice in a row before switching to the next one.
- His AOE magic attacks should probably deal about 12-15% of each party member's HP, if he doesn't hit any elemental weaknesses. However, I'm not sure how strong your healing is. If the player's healing items/spells heal less than half of their max HP at this point in the game, then you will probably need to reduce the boss's damage. The player shouldn't have to heal every single round, but they'll probably need to have one of their three characters heal on most rounds.
- On his second turn each round he uses either Curse of Weakness on a hero or Haywire Curse of Weakness on himself. For an early-game boss, it's important that this is his second action, not his first one, so that the player can predict which heroes will be weak to his attacks.
- Curse of Weakness makes one hero weak to a random element. In the database, there should really be multiple skills with this name, one per element. Each one will inflict a different elemental debuff. You should also give each one a different colored animation. If the animation is red for the fire debuff and blue for the ice debuff, the player will be able to figure out the effects very easily.
- Haywire Curse of Weakness should look and work just like Curse of Weakness except it targets the user instead of an enemy. It should be used a third as often - you can do this by giving Curse of Weakness a priority 2 higher than Haywire Curse of Weakness in the boss's skill list.
- The elemental weakness debuffs (from both versions of the curse) should last 4 rounds and make the affected character take double damage from that element. (Even if most weaknesses in the game are 150% damage, this one should be double damage or it won't feel big enough, due to the AOE nature of the attacks.)
- Give each of the elemental weakness debuffs a different name and icon, if possible, so that the player can see which ones are active on which characters.
- When the boss hits 33% HP, he will spend a single round doing something different. He'll skip his first turn that round, and use his second one to cast Venom Hex, which inflicts poison on the entire player party at a 100% hitrate. He only does this once and then goes back to his normal pattern of skills. This is late enough in the battle that removing poison from all three heroes is not really necessary for the player to do.

I think this'll create a nice flow that keeps the player paying attention to who is weak to what, but the boss's relatively steady low AOE damage won't usually have a chance to kill characters unless the player messes up pretty badly several times in a row and gets behind on healing.

If the player's stock of HP healing items is limited and you don't think they can be reasonably expected to have 10 heals ready for this boss, then I'd say to reduce the boss's damage, not its HP. If you reduce its HP too much, it won't get through the elemental rotation enough times for the player to understand the pattern.
First let me see if I did this right

Maragi Turn N° 1+16*X 5
Curse of Weakness (fire) Turn N° 2+16*X 7
Haywire Curse of Weakness (fire) Turn N° 2+16*X 5
Maragi Turn N° 3+16*X 5
Curse of Weakness (fire) Turn N° 4+16*X 7
Haywire Curse of Weakness (fire) Turn N° 4+16*X 5
Mabufu Turn N° 5+16*X 5
Curse of Weakness (ice) Turn N° 6+16*X 7
Haywire Curse of Weakness (ice) Turn N° 6+16*X 5

and so on....

How do I make him correctly have two turns, if I give him the Additional Action +100% then he repits the same action of the round, meaning he uses two time AOE Spell in one round and then two COW/HCOW the next round

Other thing that I seem to be doing wrong is that he skips the first turn with this pattern... why is that happening and how do i correct it...?, after the first run is skipped the patter is followed without problems...

sorry if this are too noob questions but, i cannot seem to find the problem...

BTW i'm using YANFLY core and battle system, if for some reason this has something t do with it, whihc I don't think it does but I'm not an expert.

Again thanks for your time.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
There's no skill happening on the first turn because it's actually considered turn 0, not turn 1. So your skill that happens on turn 16X + 1 is happening on the next turn. If you made a skill that happened on turn 16X, it would happen on the first round.

There are a few different ways to give the boss two turns, but thinking about it, in this case I'd probably recommend using a common event to call the skills. (This means that what I said earlier about Haywire Curse of Weakness having a lower priority isn't going to be done that way any more.)

Since now I know you're using SMT spell names, I can be more specific about how to set it up. Try this:

Maragi : Turn 8X
Maragi : Turn 8X + 1
Mabufu : Turn 8X + 2
Mabufu : Turn 8X + 3
Mazio : Turn 8X + 4
Mazio : Turn 8X + 5
Magaru : Turn 8X + 6
Magaru : Turn 8X + 7
Venom Hex : HP between 0 ~ 33% and Rating 10

Make copies in the database of Maragi, Mabufu, Mazio and Magaru. These copies will be the boss's skills. Keep them identical to the normal versions of those skills, except they should also call a common event. All four of them can call the same common event.

In the common event, set a variable equal to a random number between 1 and 16. Then use sixteen conditional branches to check what the variable is, and force the boss to do different actions accordingly by using the Force Action event command, which is near the bottom right of the last page of event commands.
If the variable is 1, 2, or 3, force enemy 1 to use the fire-elemental Curse of Weakness on a random target.
If the variable is 4, 5, or 6, force enemy 1 to use the ice-elemental Curse of Weakness on a random target.
If the variable is 7, 8, or 9, force enemy 1 to use the elec-elemental Curse of Weakness on a random target.
If the variable is 10, 11, or 12, force enemy 1 to use the wind-elemental Curse of Weakness on a random target.
If the variable is 13, force enemy 1 to use the fire-elemental Haywire Curse of Weakness on a random target. (the boss should be the only possible target)
If the variable is 14, force enemy 1 to use the ice-elemental Haywire Curse of Weakness on a random target.
If the variable is 15, force enemy 1 to use the elec-elemental Haywire Curse of Weakness on a random target.
If the variable is 16, force enemy 1 to use the wind-elemental Haywire Curse of Weakness on a random target.

Now since the boss's attack skills all call this common event, any time he casts an attack skill he'll follow it up with one of these curse spells, chosen randomly.

All that's left at this point is making sure Venom Hex only gets cast once. It's possible to use switches and events to limit this skill to once per battle, but that's unnecessarily complicated. Make the boss's copies of the four attack skills cost 0 MP, make all the curse skills cost 0 MP, and make Venom Hex cost 1 MP. Then give the boss 1 max MP. Done. That's the easy way to limit skills.
I did it... and oh my boy it went sooooo greeat....

Like seriously, I test it with a simply defeault team all at the average level and it was beitufull, he does act around 10-12 times before dying, of course he actually managed to kill two of the team of three jijiji.

Thank you very much for it. I will ask you help in he future, maybe after I upload the first bta/alpha of the game jijiji.

Again thank you very much.
There's a dilemma I have with my current game - it's heavily based on boss fights (90+% of the gameplay will consist of that, the rest is prepping the party to fight them in a small room). This may sound like something I want to ask you for, but it would feel like you did the whole game >_>

Here's what I got narrowed down so far:
-There's eight players in the party. This makes me worried about hit-all skills as they'll be very potent.
-Those characters can be mix and matched from ten classes (multiple characters with the same class is entirely possible)
-All skills will have cooldown - this is important to keep in mind as the Silence state prevents these cooldowns from counting down.
-There's no group healing skills, with only two classes being able to revive - one can only revive one at a time with a high cooldown, the other fully restores the party, then dies. The latter skill can only be used once per battle.
-All classes have a skill that leaves them invincible for one turn. Tankier classes have a lower cooldown on it. The skill does not remove ailments that are already present.
-Every class can equip one weapon, one armor and three items - those items often have zero-mp skills that can be used a limited times per battle.
-Elements in the game are Physical, Fire, Ice, Nature, Holy and Dark. There's also plenty opportunity to imbue character with a non-Physical element and some skills need a character to be imbued to function. Also, being imbued makes most physical skills do that element as damage.
-I don't have a script for it, but I wanted to only provide a limited number of weapons and armor for sale, which is a random selection of the existant ones. This refreshes after each boss fight.
-The items are less numerous, but the player has access to all of them during each fight.
-Bosses start with 0 of 1000 MP - they regenerate a part of it each turn and certain skills (mainly, the Ice Mage's) can do damage to MP. Once the MP is full, the boss will use his ultimate skill. It should be possible to see the exact moment a boss reaches full MP.
-The active skills of a class are fixed and available from the start. Players can only use skill points to improve their stats passively (until I find a passive skill script that does more interesting things).
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
If you're worried about enemy AOE skills being too good, then you need a way to make them only hit part of the player party. Some options:
- Have enemy attacks that hit several random heroes. This is a default option in RMVXA, but don't use the default method, since it can target the same character multiple times. You'll need to recode it a little. This method will give the player no control over who gets hit.
- Give the player front and back rows, and have enemy attacks that hit one entire row. This'll give the player a small amount of control over who gets hurt.
- Give each class an element or two that it's immune or almost-immune to, and/or give each armor an element or two that it grants immunity or near-immunity to, and/or have some other method of granting different elemental immunities to different party members. But make sure the player can't get the same elemental immunity on more than about half their party; at least not without major sacrifices. All your bosses' AOE skills (except perhaps ultimate attacks) would then be elemental, which will ensure that some characters take damage while others don't. This'll give the player a lot of control over who gets hurt by AOE attacks; maybe too much control.

I like the boss MP system a lot, but I feel like the way the invincibility skills work will negate the purpose of most ultimate skills used by bosses (at least the offensive ones). The cooldown on the invincibility skill will only come into play if there are many reasons to use it often. However, in the absense of tanking mechanics, it tends to be nearly impossible to know when a certain character is about to take damage. You only seem to have one common situation, the boss full-MP attack, and even that might not be an AOE attack every time. Since the invincibility skill doesn't recover at all, it only gives that character a time-out until the next round, it's only useful when the player knows they're about to take major damage, or when the character is on the verge of death and no one is available to heal them. And if the skill is rarely useful, then it'll be extremely rare that the player doesn't have it available when the boss is about to use its ultimate attack.

You can try to add a lot of those situations where defending is useful, but it would probably be better to make the invincibility skills useful in more situations. Consider making them only reduce damage by half or two-thirds, but also heal the user. This would let the character recover instead of just stall - assuming they don't get targetted by a powerful attack. This will give the skills a very high chance of not being a total waste of a turn. The extra usefulness will tempt the player into using these defend+recover skills any time they need healing, which will mean that when the boss hits 1000 MP, the player won't just be guaranteed to always have invincibility available. Alternately, instead of healing, you could have the defensive skills recover MP, heal ailments, add a buff, or provide some other benefit that lasts beyond the current turn - as long as it's something that's useful quite often in every boss fight.
That's a good way of reworking the shield skills - I'll keep the status immunity for the turn, though.

I'll have to balance it with the regular defend command (which is a costless, cooldownless skill), or simply get rid of it entirely. I wanted to have a costless skill to recover a little MP so you won't ever get stuck with no moves other than the basic attack. The shield skill was a holdover from the Impossible Bosses game that requires more skill in timing the invulnerability shield, which left the target immune to healing but still able to attack.

Also, the elemental imbuing halves the damage taken by that element. The fire mage has a buff that raises fire resistance and provides immunity to poison (It IS a firewall, it needs to prevent viruses). I think it works out if I make every armor have some semi-unique effect and always grant resistance to one element (or give better elemental resistance with a negative side effect).

Gonna look into a script so bosses favor targets that are imbued with an element they're weak to. I also wanted to use a double row script, but I didn't like how little dynamic the one script I found had (it had no support for reach weapons and also doesn't let you manipulate the positioning of your party or your enemies).

Lastly, one thing I wanna code is that, if the boss uses multiple skills per turn, that it can only use certain skills during a certain action (like being unable to use high damage skills in the second action or unable to debuff in the first). Additionally, I want Stun/Disabling skills to only remove a part of the multi-turns rather than leaving the boss entirely unable to act.
Hey there, I want your opinion in an extra boss battle for very late in the game, you could say is one of the superbosses I'm planing, but i belive I have some problems balancing it, i mean i want an epic and difficult fight like tha one against Satan in DDS2, but well you insight and input will help.

The battle is agains a group of three bosses, the Tridevi, Aka Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Parvati

I planned to do something like this first of anything each one of them have two turns, in the next order

Parvati: Makakaja(raise magic damage dealt) - Maragidyne (heavy fire damage)
Lakshmi: Samakaja(raise magic defense) - Maziodyne (heavy elec damage)
Sarasvati: Sukukaja (raise Agility that affect accurandy and evasion) - Mamudoon (Low chance of hitting Death attack, if hits the enemy is left with 1 hp point and also has a 40% chance of inflicting Death)

This is their first round, then...

Parvati: Makakaja - Mabufudyne
Lashmi: Samakaja - Mazandyne (unless a character is inflicted with Frezze in wich case she'll use Power Hit, heavy Physical damage, to the enemy with Frezze)
Sarasvati: Sukukaja - Mahamaon (Low chance of hitting expel attack, if hits the enemy hp is cut by 4/5, also 40% chance of inflicting instant death)

Then is when it's supposed to get interesting

Parvati: She will check if the party has 2 or more -kaja skills on, if they do then she'll use Dekaja(removes all -kaja of the opposing team), then Concentrate (doubles magic attack power for next magic action), if they don't have the kajas then she'll check if there's any -unda(stating decreasing skills) on the goddeses, if ther is then she'll use Dekunda(Removes all -unda form their team) and then concentate again, if none of the above are fulfilled then she'll use Concentrate and then. Durga (Severs Ice damage to all enemeis, 100% chance of frezze)

Lakshmi: She will first check if Durga was used if it was then she will use Concentrate and then Kichijoten(Severe Force damage all the enemies, user recovers HP based on damage dealt), if Durga was not used she'll check if the teams the goddeses has any -unda skills, if they do she'll use Dekunda and then Makrakarn(reflects all magic attack , except Almyghty until next turn), if none of that was used she'll use Makrakarn and then Mediaraha(Fully heals HP all allies)

Sarasvati: she'll will only check if Kichijoten was used, it it was then she'll used concentrate and then Shaktim(Severe Almighty damage to all foes, it also drains all of their MP),if not then she simply will use Tetrakarn(reflects all physical attacks until next turn) and then Dream fest(Drains MP of one enemy)

Now in the their fourth turn Parvati will check if Shaktim was used if it was then she'll end the battle using Tridevi which deals 9999 damage to all enemies(considering that the Max posisble HP is 999 at much 1200 it's practically an instant kill) this can eb avoided by making them have three -undas on one stat whihc will make parvati use Dekunda and the shield All(nullifies all incoming damage)

Lakshmi and Srasvati act the same as their third turn... but hey won't use neither Kichijoten nor Shaktim.

So opinion and help in this, i don't know if it is okay of maybe I exagerate
I know I'm not LockeZ, but I'm concerned about enemies using hit-all instakills - the chance for Mamudoon/Mahamaon to wipe the party is 2,56% (assuming 4 characters). Only do this if you can be sure that the player will anticipate it and has a countermeasure.
I connot say tha they can anticipate it, after all is an extra boss battle, however by the time they are in this part of the game they should have an idea of what exactly use in some circumstance, I mean, they aren't the only ones who will use Mahamaon/Mamudoon and by that point the players should know to have at least 1 character with Null Death(Nulls the Death but not the damage dealt by the attacks)or even with Repel Expel/Death whihc will work all the same or even better than Null Death.

And any insight is appreciated, thank you, apart from that everything seems okay, or do you have more opinions?
I'm not sure if I should be the one to help with designing a boss in a thread someone else made because he likes designing bosses...
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I think anyone who plays an SMT fangame to the end and goes into an optional endgame dungeon to fight an optional superboss should damn well expect the enemy to use instant death, and be equipped with items/skills that make their party immune to it or allow them to deal with it. That said, it would probably be nice if the player had a way to make at least one character just passively immune to instant death, like a death-immunity accessory that you only find one of. SMT is all about going up against a wide variety of very deadly threats and making a party that's capable of withstanding any threat. Piecing the puzzle pieces together to make that party is a major part of the gameplay, which means you need to have a lot of puzzle pieces available to work with.

However I do think that in this case the instant death should be telegraphed somehow. Both because it makes the fight more interesting, and because it prevents it from happening before the player gets a turn. I'd say to change the instant death skills to something like "If the target is above 50% HP, use an attack that leaves them with 1 HP, otherwise, use an attack that deals 50% of their max HP." This will kill anyone who's below 50% HP. This means the player will have to resist the damaging spells of the other two bosses to survive.

I also think that, in general, they really shouldn't use a different AI every single round. They should follow some kind of pattern. After these four turns, are you planning to have them start over from their first turn? Even if they just cycled between these four turns it would already be a very complex boss. That's fine, since this is an endgame superboss, but honestly that puts it outside of my ability to analyze with any kind of accuracy. I don't have a good read on what the player's options are. I can think of five different ways the player could potentially deal with every action you have listed for the enemies, but I don't know what skills you have, what the player's stats and resistances will be, how reliable those skills will be, etc. You're giving the player almost no room for error, and I would probably need to play the entire game to understand how well you're pulling it off. My suggestion would be to create some kind of very predictable pattern with these four turns. The player can't possibly win unless they know what's going to happen next, so you need to make sure they can figure that out. Instead of using a pattern, another option would be to have them switch between modes as their HP decreases, complete with some dialogue or animation each time they change strategies.

I would definitely say to get rid of the full heal ability, just make it a powerful heal instead. Make it heal like 3 or 4 turns worth of damage. If it happens on turn 30, you don't want it to force the player to reset the game. I mean, functionally, the way you have it now, it's an instant game over - it forces the player to restart the fight from scratch but with some of their HP and MP already used up, so they have no reason to do anything except reset the game at that point to get their MP back.