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I don't know how this will hit off here but I figured I'd start it anyway lol THE COLORING BOOK!

Here you can do two things:
1. Post lineart, whether digital, traditional, pixel, whatever, any uncolored line art.

2. Color said line arts.

Naturally, if you're happy with your coloring job and want to share it elsewhere, credit the artist who drew it. This kind of thing can be fun for practice and warmups and just plain killing time.

I'll post up a few to try'n get the ball rolling.

Pixel line arts (Many being old arts I did ages ago, I want to make some new ones lol)

And another I just did up
Those are nice but you should make sure every outline is closed if you know what I mean (Edit: see the raised hand on that new girl for instance). It would also help to use a different color for the background because I'm having a hard time figuring out what is part of the second girl's right arm/clothes/hair and what is not.
In any case I might try to color one or two of those sometime.
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I can't participate until next week, but this thread is a fantastic idea!
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