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So, I am noticing a trend here. Yesterday, when I started my computer and opened Firefox, my computer bluescreened with a "Bad_ID_Header" or some such, something to do with ram or a driver, and then when I restarted it it refused to boot up until I did System Repair + System Restore. I noticed something about an unknown bugcheck, which was the only root cause there.

After that, it was perfectly fine and did the system updates again. Today I started up the computer, and turned on Firefox and went to the bathroom. Came back, screen was pitch black like it crashed or something. Again, refused to boot up at all so I did System Repair + System Restore. Today it said "A patch may be causing your computer to not start" when I checked the diagnostics. Again, after that computer is working fine and it's doing the updates again. So this is telling me that there is something in the update, I don't know WHAT, that is causing my computer to not work properly. Is there any way to find out what it is at all, and any way to prevent this issue from happening? I really would like to not have to deal with this every day that I turn on the computer...

From what I see:

"Windows Servicing identified that package KB2972098 (Security Update) is not applicable for this system"

I see this quite a lot for the past two days. I also see this, which is new to me...

"Microsoft Antimalware has encountered an error trying to load signatures and will attempt reverting back to a known-good set of signatures.
Signatures Attempted: Current
Error Code: 0x80070002
Error description: The system cannot find the file specified.
Signature version:;
Engine version:"


"The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000019 (0x00000020, 0xd24cc310, 0xd24cc3d8, 0x8a190207). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP."

These two were on the first day this happened (it doesn't say this today) so...there was also something about the system hanging up on starting up so...

That was all in System Log for Event Viewer. Didn't see anything else wrong elsewhere...
KB2972098 is a Windows update package. See if its on the list of updates your computer is trying to download from Windows Update. If it is then don't include it with your update. You should be able to right click it and hide it too so it doesn't appear anymore. See if that helps any, assuming its coming up on the update list at all.

You can also uninstall that update via the Programs and Features control in the control panel. You can view selected updates and see if it appears under it and see if uninstalling it helps with your issue.

Also what Windows do you have?
Vista is what I have.

Yeah, I unchecked it so it shouldn't be part of the updates now. But it's weird that that's causing issues now of all times...this is the first time I've seen an update cause problems at all. @_@;
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Whereas my computer is back up and am going to get back to mapping for you as soon as I am finished with this Revive the Dead event.
Funny how that works eh? I know this computer is about 6 years old or something (I've only had it for 1-2 years, it was used by my dad for about 4-5 years but not that often), but having a security update screwing up THIS badly is...a thing. It was a 2.2 MB one too it seems.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Maybe adding memory could help?
I wouldn't know how to add memory to this thing at all. Unless you're talking about adding RAM, which I don't have the money to do (I have 3 GB RAM atm).
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Yeah, RAM.
RAM's not a factor in this. More likely Xenomic's computer is in some super specific state that the install package fails on or Microsoft published a shitty update that barely works again. For now just don't install the update and post if it happens again.

If there was an individual upgrade to suggest it'd be wiping Vista and installing Windows 7. It's not perfect either (I had one case where after an update my laptop wouldn't boot, system restored it, installed the update again, and it worked! Christ if I know why) but it's across the board better than Vista without the stupid of Windows 8. Hell one Christmas I grabbed one of my old computers, a new case, and installed Vista on it to give to my parents to replace their aging XP machine. Turns out it ran like shit so I installed Windows 7 on it and it ran like a dream.

The moral of the tale: Fuck Vista.
Will let you know tomorrow if it happens, which I hope it doesn't. Don't have a way to get Win7 (and lord knows I want to reinstall EVERYTHING that's on this computer, as there's quite a few things that I'd have to do, and this computer's super old anyways so probably wouldn't be worth it at that point. Maybe...).
The TM is for Totally Magical.
The moral of the tale: Fuck Vista.

This. Vista is primary reason I'm still running XP. I had a friend who had me check out his computer upgrade and how great Vista was. I spent a few minutes on it and I said, "Kris, this runs like shit." He said, "Well, yeah, but I can make great music videos on Youtube with it."
I'm glad I missed out on Vista. My only computer managed to hang on just long enough for Windows 7 to come out. And now I'm hoping that this current one will last until the next decent version of Windows.

And wiping your computer clean really will solve all of your problems, Xenomic. I just did that a few weeks ago after I stupidly clicked on a "Java Update" page that randomly popped up. I didn't think anything of it at the time, because Java had been nagging me to update for ages, so I just said, "FINE" and let it do the update. Of course, I noticed too late that this popup was fake, and installing all sorts of malware on my computer. It took down my antivirus software, crippled the internet... I'm sure there were other ways to solve my problem, but the reformat took care of everything in one fell swoop, and cleared the 50,000 icons off my desktop. My PC hasn't run this well in ages. XD
Well um....apparently this is screwing up on ALL updates or something...

I turned off Updates for now altogether as this is kinda ridiculous. I let the computer sit to see if it would do anything. Not even 5 minutes in, bluescreen (with nothing to tell me what happened). System Repair/Restore, get the same "A Patch is preventing the system from starting". Turned off updates then, checked the Update History and Event Viewer, and that's what I found...
Hmm, so it's probably not the Windows updates themselves but something else. What's your security software (antivirus, firewall) if any?

e: Also now's a great time to make sure your backups are up to date.
I use Microsoft Security Essentials for my security software.

(I always have the most recently updated files on my external so they're safe. In fact, I barely keep anything on the actual computer itself).
This is probably a deep-seated issue then. I can't offer specific advice that would help with this issue, my best is to go nuclear. Make sure you still have your Windows installation DVD and product key just in case, record what programs you use (I have an awful memory and forgot the name of one program I use to reorganize my music for weeks last time I reinstalled Windows :< ), and download Combofix. It runs a pile of scripts that tries to fix Windows. I've used it on infected computers with good success but it has been known to rarely break the Windows installs or various components requiring a wipe 'n reinstall. Give it a shot and if that fails all I can suggest at that point is a wipe 'n reinstall.
Ugh...thing is, I don't even know where my CD is for installing. @_@;
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Sometimes you just gotta turn off Windows Update permanently.

Which is probably fine, frankly. I think if you turn off Windows Update you should be good to go. 99% of it is rubbish anyway, especially if you aren't prone to getting viruses.
Hmm...true I suppose. At this point, I'm just hoping that I don't run into anymore issues after turning it off as it shouldn't have installed anything this time around. Though sometimes I wonder if a factory restore wouldn't help since there are a few other issues that I don't know if it's hardware related or what (for instance, recording lag when recording NES/PSX, but not with GBA/SNES. That's the only other thing I can think of anyways). Though I did that sometime last year or 2 years ago when I was having a crapton of problems with the BSoDs back then so...
I might do that factory restore anyways, depends on if turning Windows Update works or not (apparently most of what is updated is garbage anyways and not really necessary). All of my stuff is on my external (600 GB worth of stuff or so...yeah, there's a lot of stuff on there. It's a 1 TB external so...), and I have all my settings pretty much typed up in a text document that's on my external (just need to get screenshots or stuff of settings for my Camstudio/Camtasia/Dxtory/Bandicam/FRAPs settings I suppose. And my emulator settings if need be).

Things I have on this computer if you're curious:

Soku Lobby (for Hisoutensoku netplay)
Camtasia Recorder + Studio (my main video converting program)
Camstudio (for when I need to do a talk video only)
Dxtory (used when I need to do something not with Bandicam)
Bandicam (used mostly for all my recording, but also used mostly for GB/GBA/SNES)
Microsoft Security Essentials (my antivirus program)
mIRC (for IRC stuff)
VLC Media Player (used for some things)
MPC-HC (used for most video related things)
Photoshop CS2
Fighter Factory Classic and 3 (for MUGEN stuff)
RPG Maker 2k3 + RPG Maker Ultimate 2k9 + DynRPG
ACT File Editor (for MUGEN)
GIF Movie Gear (for GIFs if I ever need it)
Gyazo (for quick screenshots)
HxD Hex Editor (for FE hacking which I haven't done in forever)
Hamachi (just in case)
OBS (just in case)
XVid Codec (my main recording thingie)
Speccy (for computer analysis)
Tiled (for FE hacking)
Process Explorer (for computer analysis)
Kodak AiO Home Center (printer)
Registry Repair (for computer stuff but rarely used)

Those are my main things that I recall using the most.
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