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So, I have a really ambitious project that I've been working on for some time now. It's a linear, story-driven concept, that's all forward momentum (imagine EB or FF4). My goal is to create something that's (a. not heavily steepled in anime cliches, and (b. very original in setting, theme, and aesthetics.

I'm a visual artist and writer by trade, and over the past year I've created all of the game's assets from scratch. And believe me, they don't even remotely resemble the RTP. But, this is where it gets difficult for me. I have several visual needs that, after having unsuccessfully tried to configure with scripts, will require a small amount of outside assistance.

Essentially, I need someone to give me some very basic help in correctly setting up a visual battlers script. I'm using galv's and it's fantastic, but it's also limited and isn't super-compatible. I was thinking maybe formar's or jet's, but I've had a difficult time making either work on my own.

The main thing is that I need battle pop-ups, and using YEA works, but with my custom made battlers for the main characters, the pop-ups appear on a weird place on the Y-axis. I can't find any config options to change it, either.

So any advice, minimal or maximal, would be a of tremendous help. It's not so much a job, as much as a professional expert grand-poobah giving me some small advice. I can't pay you, but I can put your name on the credits.

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