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For some reason, this project I have been working on for a while now is not working, when I open it, it says "Unexpected file format" which I have been opening this file for sometime now. Has this happened to anyone else?
Hmm, make sure you don't have any scripts that may be causing the problem (I don't think any would, but you never know).

Did you make any major (or minor for that matter) changes to the game before it started giving you the error? And does this happen when you test play the game or when you run the game.exe, or maybe both?
Actually, after I wrote this I found that all the folders were empty everything was gone. I have no idea what happened.
Yeah, there seems to be some sort of major bug with this. Always make a copy after working on a project.

The two problems that seem to occur:
1) A part of your database dies, in which case you'll get an error message saying a part of the database is unreadable. Since the database is split up into parts, you can overwrite it with a new one to remedy the problem (though delete all the stuff), or if you have a copy of your game you can take that over.

2) The other one kills your data. Try either moving the databases or maps out into another folder (if they are there), if not you are probably screwed.
Thanks, I already started another project so it isn't a big deal anymore.
I just had the same thing happen to me with RMXP. I just lost a whole bunch of copy/paste work as it wiped the Game.proj file (pointless data) and Scripts.rxdata (important data).

I did have a bad shutdown a while back, and I think its hard drive problems. Opera couldn't save its settings when closed and neither did RMXP, both of which I had open prior to the bad shutdown.

I know what hard drive is getting moved to "stuff I don't care about" status before long.
This shit has happened to me twice now, on RMVX.

1) Start a new project.
2) Copy every piece of your CURRENT game (data, graphics, audio, game file, etc) EXCEPT for Area.dat (in the data folder) into the new project you just made.
3) Open your now-recovered project in RMVX.
4) Make a goddamn backup of your project.
5) ????
6) Profit!

works like a charm.

note: this tends to happen to me whenever I test-play my game in full screen mode, with the one in twenty chance my comp freezes.
Most important step: #4

I do infrequent backups and I was lucky that this happened a while after making my last one and I didn't do too much since then. I'd cry if I lost an important script.
well, important thing to remember is you can recover your data. just the Area.dat file will be corrupt. start a new game and take that one to replace your corrupt one.
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