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HEY GUYS! I'd like to post art here every now and then.
I do a fair share of fanart. I don't have as much game asset art as I'd like to admit, apart from my work on Antagonist. Here's to hoping I can add more here as time goes on.

(all the links are broken because I renamed the album which I linked them from, I'll repair them one by one as soon as I am able)

My latest 5 arts!

Super cool, yo!
Your characters have a great variety of dynamic poses. It's interesting how you have a sort of cartoon-inspired style matched with painting for coloring. Your long scenery painting is awesome, can totally see something like that as a game title!

I particularly like this piece, as it looks especially polished: https://scontent-a-sin.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/l/t1.0-9/s720x720/1795600_726091954097960_1225967931_n.jpg?oh=1608b1397e0e56d786629cb9532ced8a&oe=54D8F47A

Also, I'm shocked and impressed by how many hole-puncher monsters you came up with, lol XD
Hello there! (i meet you already in RPGMaker Web Forum xD)
anyway you got nice pose and anatomy skill! (though i already reply on the same thing xD)
Thanks, accha and NH97!
I didn't really take much notice of my character's anatomy until you guys pointed it out. Thanks!

My scenery drawings are once in awhile though XDD I don't usually have the patience to do environment drawings. Ahahahahah ^^;
Ahhhh, wonderful work! Simply wonderful :D You got a great style and awesome at dymatic poses, MOAR PLZ.
Hornet monster girl for the M.O.G. Graphics Event!
Gonna work on the other monster girl versions of RPG Maker monsters and their facesets before I submit the whole bunch!
Whoaaa that coloring is gorgeous! Love the warm shadows, damn~
It's actually professional quality I think, on par with some of the battlers I've seen on some of the Japanese resource blogs =O
I'm planning to do one more RPGMaker monster girl before I start moving on to facesets (and MAYBE busts), so I sketched up a few concepts, which one should I pick, guys?

A sampley shitty-res version of the Slime and Bat monster girls while I get the rest of the MOG pack done.

Finished Man-Eating Plant monster girl
Hope I can finish the facesets before the end of the event.
I've been playing too much Counter Strike recently.
Ahhhhh I love that slime girl!! Your art is truly remarkable, absolutely perfect for RPG Maker resources, i can see you making a killing doing them!
Th-That construction worker dude is way too hot. IB
And the monster designs, aaaah <3 Nice job~

(DO THE RAT GIRL SHE'S CUTE also hey why not a she-hulk ogre girl? >w>)

Monster Girl MOG pack battle scene

I have an assignment where I'm supposed to come up with a game idea and present it.
I drew my friend to use in a mock game screenshot.
always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
I really dig how you draw people (and monster girls!). And your coloring is gorgeous. I think I already said it on mog graphics a while back but wow the illusion of texture you've created on the plant girl is fantastic.


You do good work~
I really like your lines and poses. >.<)b
Woah, looks so profesional!
And those monster girls <3
omg Thanks guys!!! XDD


(and my Monster Girl set is up for grabs on M.O.G. as well as in Resources so go check it out and use it and show me what you guys can do with it! #shamelessplug)
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