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Since this forum is just bloated with stickies of what's generally the same thing, I'm going to do this; merge most of them into one. Kudos to the original authors of these topics; THEIR NAMES HAVE BEEN LOST TO TIME BlindMind, mysersguy, kentona, Karsuman, and some other dudes.

How to take a screenshot and submit it to the site

Font Files (if you can't read the font in RM2k3): -- install in your Windows\Fonts folder.

How to make your RM2k/3 game work without the RTP:

Some RPG Maker Tutorials you might like.

RPG Maker tools you might like.

Helps you find out exactly how much damage you will do, your chance of hitting, etc, with whatever data you enter. Very helpful when balancing games.

Lots of people find that this is one of the best tools for spriting.

Softy Font Maker:
A neat program that allows you to make fonts. Very useful when you want to rip a font from a game

Although it was made for RMXP, I'm still listing it here because you can still use it's built in generators. It generates names, titles, etc. Also, you can easily edit the database of words it uses. It has a few other functions too.

Generators+Tutorials (Zorn's Tools):
I seem to remember that RMXP tools had better generators, but the thing is that this tool has both generators, and a HUGE pack of tutorials. Definitely download them both.

Face Maker:
Not so much for XP, unless you have a script. Anyways, you can generate faces, export them, and then put them into a faceset. Very useful for custom characters, especially if you make a character set with charas.

Allows you to change the beginning splash screens to whatever you want, as well as the game icon, and symbols.

RMtool: Incredibly Useful.
Everyone should have it! It scans your project, and imports all the resources you are using for you, then, if there is a resource you arent using in your project directory, it can purge it for you. This way, you will never have missing resources, and you can cut down file sizes very easily

Font Fix:
Fixes the fonts so that the letters aren't crazy and spaced out, or jammed together.

Incredible offline character set generator. Has always been useful. Also, download this upgrade package.

RPG maker XP
Character maker XP:
I didn't download this one, but I'm hoping it's the one I had before. If so, it's similar to Charas, but with more customization, but less items. Pretty neat


From GreatRedSpirit:
Kentona asked me a while back (well, went *hint hint* which I guess I could've chosen to misinterpret) about adding some tutorials about VX. I've got a bit about simple inserting scripts (not sure what else to do with that since scripting is an incredibly broad topic) and I figured this thread would help. I don't have much personal experience to draw on so I'm looking for people to share their own advice or their own issues they had with XP/VX.

This is not a help request topic! This is more about general questions anybody may ask instead of "how do I add more stats"

My current plan is to try and get this filled out then submit it as a tutorial for VX/XP. Not quite a "How do I start with XP/VX" but a bit above that. Pointing out common pitfalls or issues with the game.

Both VX and XP

What is A/B/C/L/R?
They aren't keyboard inputs! Think of them as buttons on a controller, except instead of A/B/X/Y they're A/B/C. These are intermediate buttons between what the player pushes in and what the game reads. If you push "Enter", the engine translated this into A/B/C (based on key mapping) which the game reads. This makes it easy to separate user input across multiple buttons on the keyboard and other inputs like gamepads and how the game reads input.

A player can change their personal key mappings by changing the game settings by pushing F1 while playing a game.

My Game Has a "Stack too Deep" Error!
This is a bug in RGSS and when a script uses 'alias' in certain situations and the user restarts a game via F12. You can't fix RGSS but you can correct the issue in the scripts. In all scripts you included in your game (the default scripts don't have this issue as they never use alias) and find all lines that are an alias. It should look something like
alias new_function_name old_function_name
Add the following to the end:
unless $@
So the line looks like
alias new_function_name old_function_name unless $@
Then F12 will no longer cause "Stack too Deep" errors!

RPG Maker VX
Script Libraries
Yanfly's Pockethouse (currently down)
KGC's Script Library translated by Mr. Anonymous

The First Thing You Should Do:
There's a serious bug in RMVX: The variable operations event command can't do math right! When being translated somebody screwed up multiplication and getting the number of an item held. Thankfully this (and several other but less important) bugs were fixed by Yanfly. The first thing you should do is download this script and add it to your project to correct these bugs. There's no reason not to, it works perfectly with everything.

Mirror download link until Pockethouse is back up. Copy this into a new script in your RMVX game below "Materials" and above all other scripts and watch it kick butt! (thanks Kentona)

RPG Maker XP
Script Libraries
None yet

Test Play Doesn't Work! (Windows Vista/7)
RMXP doesn't start the test game correctly, tripping Windows security which prevents the game from starting. To fix this you need to run the editor (RMXP.exe) as an Administrator. To do this right click on the program and either select "Run as Administrator" or go under Properties->Compatability Settings and check "Run as Administrator".

RMXP Doesn't Run! / RGSS Player Crashes when Starting a Game (Windows Vista/7)
RMXP has issues with DEP, a security feature that prevents non-executable memory from being executed. To run RMXP games with DEP on, you need to add the Game.exe for that game (which means you need to add the Game.exe from each game to that list unfortunately) to the DEP OptOut list. The editor is trickier and so far you have to turn DEP off to run it unfortunately.

Scripting Advice
Comment instructions along with any script you add in the script editor because chances are, a week or a month later when you go back to work on your game you've forgotten why you put things where you put them or how your script even works. Comments are added simply by putting a numerical sign, #, before any code on a line, that lets rpgmaker know it can ignore that line(or something similar to that effect)

EX: # this line of code is commented!

A good way to prevent annoying mistakes:

When you get an error don't immediately freak out, there is a pretty good chance you just mistyped something. Go back to your script editor, review what you've added, but be very aware of how you spell things.

Spelling, caps, and spaces matter when trying to access variables/classes/what-not(also spaces in variables/class/method names are a no-no). A good way to avoid forgetting exactly how you spelled a variable is to set a precedence for how you will name things. I try to make the name of my variables/class/method describe what I will do with it but in only one or two words. Want a variable that keeps track of damage, you could name it @damage_tracker. The more your variables make sense, the easier it will be to remember what does what and how it is spelled.

Some common errors you might see:

Syntax Error: There is something grammatically wrong with your code. When I mean grammar I don't mean the English language, rather ruby(what RGSS is built on/of). Look for missing parenthesis, brackets, or quotation marks that may be enclosing array selections or text. Make sure that your if / loop / case / etc... statements have a corresponding end to them. There's other situations but those are the most general, and generally the most annoyingly hard to spot sometimes!

NoMethod Error: This error is just as the name says, you are trying to access a method for a class and that method does not exist. If you are trying to access a variable in the class instead of a method be sure that the variable has the attr_reader/accessor attached to it in class-type that you are trying to access it from. There are also other situations where this could occur, these are just the most common(to me anyway).

Name Error : You are trying to access a variable/constant that does not exist, or if it does exist you spelled it wrong. Check your spelling!

Wortana Caterpillar Crashing:
When loading a save, sometimes an error occurs and the game crashes. The error that the RMVX window identifies is:
'Script CATAR Line 160: No MethodError occured. undefined method `' for nil:NilClass'

Script fix: Under Scene_File, line 244, there should be the line:
if $game_system.version_id != $data_system.version_id

Slap an "or true" at the end of that to change it to
if $game_system.version_id != $data_system.version_id or true
Some RPG Maker patches you might like.

Hello, english RPG Maker community!

In the german RM community we have a lot of patches and tools i've never seen on english RPG Maker boards, so i'll show it to you now!

If someone has a question - ask! I'll try to answer it ;)

Some of the tools are english, some german. Try it out.

IMPORTANT: Copy the links and paste it into the adress of your browser!!

Number. Name - Author (supported RPG Maker versions)
Download link

1. Key Patch - Ineluki (RM 2000, RM 2003 up to version 1.04, Value! version NOT supported)
Allows you to use all keys as well as the mouse in your games. You may also call EXE-Files and play MP3 files. It's the most famous tool I know. But it has a big drawback: RPG Maker 2003 version 1.05 or higher are not supported. But exactly THIS versions have great features like 50 pictures and such stuff.

2. Screenshot Extension - Miroku (needs Key Patch)
A little tool, which, can, called using the Key Patch, make a screenshot of the game and save it in the "Picture" folder. See sample game for details.

3. RPG Maker V2 Patch - PheonixX_2 (RM2000 - any version except Value!)
After applying this little patch, you can more easily see where the message box in the game ends, while typing a message.

4. Save-/Load-Script - Vampire of Eternal Chaos (only RM2000 v1.05, but I'm not sure)
This great tool let you make you own save- and loadmenu in your game! It has a lot of features like quicksave-/loading or thumbnails in load-screen.

5. Enter Hero Name Patch - Deejee (only RM2000 v1.05, but I'm not sure)
This is a correction of the bug in the Enter Hero Name menu in early translations.

6. Auto Enter Patch - Miroku (RM2003)
This simple patch skips the original title screen of the RPG Maker.

7. Font Changer - Me (all versions)
With the Font Changer you are able to change the fonts used in your games to anyones you want!

8. Hyper Patcher - Me (RM2000, RM2003 v1.03, RM2003 v1.08)
This tool allowes you to change a lot of things, like to position of the menu at the title screen, skip the ASCII/Enterbrain-Logos, hide the HP/Level-Numbers in save screen, change the game menu items (e.g. drop the "Save" and "Exit" items) and much more.

9. Power Patch - Me (all versions)
A patch, which adds a scripting language to the RPG Maker. You can change the game variables using the scripting language (e.g. SetVar(14, (GetVar(15)*GetVar(14)+3)^2)), copy files, use all keys as well as the mouse, change the resolution and much more. And - you can extend it with self-made plugins (so you'll be able to make an Online-Gaming-Plug-In and use it with the Power Patch)

10. Destiny Patch - Bananen-Joe (RM2000 - versions 1.05 and 1.07 only - NO RM2003!)
It does mainly the same as the Power Patch, but it has a lot of more great features, like changing map tiles, manipulating pictures, playing online, and so on. One of the best things it's able to do is ALLOWING YOU TO USE 100 PICTURES instead of 20/50. But the big drawback is - it doesn't support the RPG Maker 2003.

11. RM2k(3) Debugger - sue445 (all versions)
A great tool which includes a searching function with a lot of features, like searching for a filename in events or such stuff.

12. Savegame Editor - sue445 (all versions)
As the title says, this is a universal savegame editor for RM2k(3) savefiles with a lot of features.

13. XYZ-Converter - sue445 ( --- )
A batch BMP/PNG/XYZ-Converter.

14. LMU2BMP - sue445 ( --- )
This tool saves the content of a RPG Maker map as BMP file. Simply copy the tool in your project folder and run it. Then enter the ID of the map you want to save as BMP and hit enter. Then it will be saved as "Map####.bmp".

15. Aten's David and Goliath Patch
An amateur-made patch made by Aten to replace the exe file of rpg maker 2003. For bigger coding windows, higher possible stats values, negative attributes, play editing, customize exp and more.
David Download:
Goliath Download:

I'm sure, I've forgotten something, but I think, it's enough now ;)

Development and Resource Guide. I personally recommend this.

What is this for?
There are a number of beginners who often come to the community with absolutely no understanding of how to get started with their projects or where to look in finding appropriate material. So!

I've taken the time to put together an (ideally) comprehensive assortment from many of the community's well known (and obscure) resources. This content is not necessarily affiliated with RMN, and is property of it's respective creator. This is meant to be a broad guide, not only focused on expedience in locating necessary resources, but the creation of original content, as well.

Tutorials and Techniques
Sprite & Pixel Art Tutorials
Texturing Guide(s)
Web-Comic Design
Manga/Anime Creation
"Tales Of" Styled Spritework
Isometic Styles
Ocean's Dream Tileset Tutorial

Archives & Collections
Charas Project
DE's Materials
REFMAP Official Page
Sprite Database
The ShyGuy Kingdom
Sprite Utopia
Fenrir's Sprite Domain
VG Sprites Archive
NES and SNES rips
The Spriter's Resource
Mario Bros. HQ
Yosio Factory
Material World
Background HQ
Retro Game Zone
RPG Forever
Green Leaves
RPG Toolkit Zone
Crimson Penguin
Drshnaps Productions

VG Music
Find Sounds
Midi Shack
Sound-Effects Library
A1 Sound Effects
Sound Archive
Midi Galaxy
Wakaba's Music Page
Official Enterbrain Midis

XP/VX-Specific Content
XP Studio Album
RPGMaker Legend
XP Factory
RMVX Tile Templates

Rm2k3 Templates
Taken from Kentona!









RMXP Templates







Programs and Utilities
All of the following are free!
Graphics Gale (Image Editing)
Audacity (Sound Editing)
RPG Toolkit
GIMP (Photoshop alternative)
Game Maker
3D GameSpace
MUGEN (Fighting Game Engine)
Adventure-Game Studio
GL Basic
RMVX Character Generator

If any member feels they have something worthwhile to add, please post with the nesscessary links and the list will be modified accordingly!
RPG Maker Message Box Commands

Describes some basic and common commands for message boxes in RM2k/3

[b]Commands: [/b]
\C[n] Show a text color. n=a number(1 to 19)
\S[n] Set the text speed. n=a number(1 to 20) 1 is the fastest(without pauses) and 20 is the slowest.
\N[n] Show the name of a hero. n=hero's number.Note that 0 will write the name of your party's leader.
\V[n] Show a variable value. n=variable's number.
\$ A box appears showing your current money.
\! Put that before a word. You will have to press enter to show that word but it will be in the same box than the others.
\. 1/4 of delay before the next letter.
\| 1 delay before the next letter.
\^ The message end without you need to press enter.
\> \< Displays the part of the message between \> and \< instantly.
\\ Shows "\".
\_ Shows half a space.

[b]Colors: [/b]
\C[0] Normal color(Light blue)
\C[1] Blue
\C[2] Orange
\C[3] Grey
\C[4] Yellow
\C[5] Dark red
\C[6] Purple
\C[7] Pink
\C[8] Shinning orange
\C[9] Green
\C[10] Dark blue
\C[11] Red
\C[12] Snots green
\C[13] Dark purple
\C[14] Gold
\C[15] Light green
\C[16] Dark dark purple
\C[17] Grey-blue
\C[18] Dark green
\C[19] Brown

**Specifically, \C[n] refers to the colours in the game's system set graphic. 0 is the upper left (the light-blue), and as n increments it goes to the next horizontal colour in the system set (until it hits the right edge, where it moves to the second row and goes on from there)

[b]Symbols: [/b]
$A Sword
$B Shield
$C Star of Salomon
$D Sun
$E Moon
$F Mercury
$G Venus
$H Venus(inversed)
$I Mars
$J Jupiter
$K Saturn
$L Uranus
$M Neptune
$N Pluto
$O Aries
$P Taurus
$Q Gemini
$R Cancer
$S Leo
$T Virgo
$U Libra
$V Scorpio
$W Sagitarius
$X Capricorn
$Y Aquarius
$Z Pisces

$a Smiling face
$b Neutral face
$c Sad face
$d Sweat 1
$e Sweat 2
$f Spade(clear)
$g Hearth(clear)
$h Stand(clear)
$i Club(clear)
$j Spade(filled)
$k Hearth(filled)
$l Stand(filled)
$m Club(filled)
$n Skull
$o X cross
$p Sun
$q Moon
$r Dot
$s Up arrow
$t Right arrow
$u Down arrow
$v Left arrow
$w Up-right arrow
$x Down-right arrow
$y Down-left arrow
$z Up-left arrow

RPG Maker 2003 Speed Hack by GameOverGamesProductions

I give you the cure for slow walk speed, slow text speed, slow menu scroll speed, slow ATB, and everything slow about RM2k3 (and other RPGMakers if need be)!

1. Start the RPG_RT.exe of the game you are going to play
2. Run MHSRM2k3Edition.exe
3. Go to File -> Open Process
4. Open RPG_RT.exe (though actually you can open any process and apply this to it,)
5. Bring the game back up

F1 Key is normal game speed, F2 key is double game speed, F3 Key is triple game speed

Set that ATB bar to wait and crank up that speed up in battle, enjoy!

I've only used this with rpgmaker games on two Windows XP computers, so I don't guarantee that this will work on a newer 64-bit OS.

This is all thanks to L. Spiro's wonderful memory hacking tool.
If I missed anything of if anyone has any suggestions, give me a shout.
Yeah good idea, but why don't you just put it all in the top post? Wouldn't that be slighty easier/ less messy.
There's a message limit, I couldn't fit it in one post.
I added two patches to the 2000/2003 patches that might also be useful, if you would include them in the patches section.

Edit: Since apparently this thread as never been checked and the PM refuses to work for me, here are the patches:

Force Harmony- cherry and banan-joe's
'Downgrades' rm2k value and rm2k3 1.05 and higher to use the origanal harmony.dll, allowing the Ineluki key patch and other patchs that require the harmony.dll to work. Although this also adds the problems of the origanal harmony.dll, such as the midi glitches and no mp3s, though both of these can be fixed with patches that require the harmony.dll.


Disharmony Patch- Derula
Allows rm2k and rm2k3 1.04 and lower to use mp3s and oggs with fades, simply by adding .wav behind their extension.


Also, you might add the fact that in rm2kvalue and rm2k3 1.05 and up multilayered message commands such as \N[\V] commands can be used. \N[\V] shows the name of the hero that's number is equal to variable1's value.
Sweet, the top post is all me :)

Always nice to see people appreciating work. Also, this was a good idea Feldshlact. Good job! *Pats on back*
member of the bull moose party
Re-Upload of Phylomortis

I am adding this so I can't lose it anymore. For anyone who doesn't know, it's basically the king of all resource sites.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
The FontFixer thing seems to have been taken down... :(
VX Charset Creator

Thanks to Craze for finding this. VX charset creator. It's higher quality than the equivalent RM2k/3/XP ones.

(I do know Mog has posted one, but this is distinct from it)
Fix for RMVX Variables

This fixes the annoying VX variable problem that is a bane to any that try to be a little creative with RMVX eventing, particularly as related to battles. Go into Game_Interpreter and search for Control Variables. The code present is shitty and doesn't work properly. Copy-paste this over all of it.

# * Control Variables
def command_122
value = 0
case @params # Operand
when 0 # Constant
value = @params
when 1 # Variable
value = $game_variables[@params]
when 2 # Random
value = @params + rand(@params - @params + 1)
when 3 # Item
value = $game_party.item_number($data_items[@params])
when 4 # Actor
actor = $game_actors[@params]
if actor != nil
case @params
when 0 # Level
value = actor.level
when 1 # Experience
value = actor.exp
when 2 # HP
value = actor.hp
when 3 # MP
value =
when 4 # Maximum HP
value = actor.maxhp
when 5 # Maximum MP
value = actor.maxmp
when 6 # Attack
value = actor.atk
when 7 # Defense
value = actor.def
when 8 # Spirit
value = actor.spi
when 9 # Agility
value = actor.agi
when 5 # Enemy
enemy = $game_troop.members[@params]
if enemy != nil
case @params
when 0 # HP
value = enemy.hp
when 1 # MP
value =
when 2 # Maximum HP
value = enemy.maxhp
when 3 # Maximum MP
value = enemy.maxmp
when 4 # Attack
value = enemy.atk
when 5 # Defense
value = enemy.def
when 6 # Spirit
value = enemy.spi
when 7 # Agility
value = enemy.agi
when 6 # Character
character = get_character(@params)
if character != nil
case @params
when 0 # x-coordinate
value = character.x
when 1 # y-coordinate
value = character.y
when 2 # direction
value = character.direction
when 3 # screen x-coordinate
value = character.screen_x
when 4 # screen y-coordinate
value = character.screen_y
when 7 # Other
case @params
when 0 # map ID
value = $game_map.map_id
when 1 # number of party members
value = $game_party.members.size
when 2 # gold
value = $
when 3 # steps
value = $game_party.steps
when 4 # play time
value = Graphics.frame_count / Graphics.frame_rate
when 5 # timer
value = $game_system.timer / Graphics.frame_rate
when 6 # save count
value = $game_system.save_count
for i in @params .. @params # Batch control
case @params # Operation
when 0 # Set
$game_variables = value
when 1 # Add
$game_variables += value
when 2 # Sub
$game_variables -= value
when 3 # Mul
$game_variables *= value
when 4 # Div
$game_variables /= value if value != 0
when 5 # Mod
$game_variables %= value if value != 0
if $game_variables > 99999999 # Maximum limit check
$game_variables = 99999999
if $game_variables < -99999999 # Minimum limit check
$game_variables = -99999999
$game_map.need_refresh = true
return true
GOOD WORK, Feldschlacht IV!!!
>:( F*CK! The Character Generator isn't working! I keep clicking the exe., and it asks me if I want to run it, I say yes, and for a SPLIT-SECOND, a box saying CHARA GENERATOR( or something like that ) shows up, AND THEN NOTHING HAPPENS!!! >:(
Try Google.

Anywho, I fixed the Rm2k3 Templates. The links were pointing to my old serverspace, which doesn't exist anymore.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I can't find anything that'll let me convert things into 8-bit without losing color. Help!
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
I've never used it myself, but I hear that Irfanview is pretty great for changing color resolution, Chaos.
Lots of broken links in the first post make Sam a sad boy.

By the way, does anyone have a link to RMText? It was a program that automatically started a new line if your dialogue wouldn't fit the RM2k text box. Saved me tons of time. Shame I had to reformat and lost it.
Talking about broken links, does anyone still have (could upload again please :P) the RMVX tileset templates by Despain?
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