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This is my first time coming to the forum I use RPG Maker 2003, and do a little coding. Im trying to launch a site and a forum and need some help running them, so if interested pm me or post here.

Michael "Ace" Ward
Welcome to RMN! Hope you enjoy it here. Good luck with your site and forum.

-Side Note- Try to tell us a bit more about yourself if you can.
Okay, heres some more info about me. I'm 17 and live in Florida, I know the basics of Basic and Python, I'm okay with HTML, and I've used RPG Maker 2003 and different versions of Game Maker... I'm not artistically apt, and I have problems conjuring up good storylines. But when I start on a game it has many side missions, alot of varibles and switches, and is fairly well bug tested... I don't have any games to upload as of yet, but I am about finished with a World War 3 like game, that will be a demo, hopefully updated often... I'm currently looking to help anyone out who could use a hand in thier games. Anymore questions just ask...
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site,

@Kentona, hey, you forgot to tell him to "Post Lots." whatsup with that?
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Enjoy! I think its a little pointless trying to start a new forum considering RMN offers everything an RM site really needs. ???
Yea they do have just about anything RPG Maker related and much more, but I had already started the forum, before I found this site. So im going to give it a shot, and maybe get some good programmers there, my board has a programming section, too.
Welcome to RMN, hope you enjoy your stay. We have lots of cool events from time to time, get involved!
HOLA BIENVENIDO A RPG NETWORK. I speak spanish ;D . had goo d time here and create many games ;D
If your forum gets too popular we will break your legs.

Enjoy your stay.
Welcome to the forum. Post lots and enjoy your stay. :)
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
Welcome to my our site. I hope you will make your humble abode there, also remember the local rule around here.

go away i hate you you're not my real dad

(i mean welcome and hello, mysterious stranger)
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