I would have played more, but then other stuff happened. Also getting three N's almost in a row was sad. :(
nhubi’s going to take over everything soon. There is no way of stopping her now.

And as for me, well, I wished I could have played some more games and reviewed and commented on them more for this, but I was preoccupied with other things to do throughout that time (ie: laziness / game making / scratching myself) – but, hey, at least I did something so it wasn’t a total loss, I guess.
My jaw dropped when I saw how many games nhubi played, holy shit

Anyways, even though I didn't play too many games, this was really, really fun. It was interesting to read everyone's reviews and comments and whatnot.
Guardian of the Description Thread
The only letters that mattered were M and S. MAKERSCORE IS LIFE!