I need to play games but my internet is ugh atm. >.<;
and wasn't completely "camera shy".

You can try to only record the game and later add the commentary with subtitles

Edit: 3 Let's play!:

- Finstermen
- Apparatus
- Pokemon Hunter

I prefer to do Let's play over adding a comment, so I don't have to worry if the comment is not "thoughtful" enough And I gain 15 makerscore for each video!
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I go away for a few days and seriously fun things happen. Right time to play.
Do LP's Count, Because I uploaded P3 Wednesday...Not that it will help, Since I only have 3 more episodes recorded and my headset is being repaired, most I can possibly get is"rmn"

EDIT: I could Do some Non-Vid stuff, But not full reviews...

EDIT 2: Some stuff!
SSB Crusade
Valtteri Isle
and the last I'm sure you can find! ;)

Tomorrow Satuday! I'll Upload Part 4 of my SRW LP!

I'm almost hoping I don't win... I'm only Participating in an attempt to get all the achievements The only games that interest me are only mildly so and they are Castle Crashers and AOE2... Props to anybody who finds this invisible text!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
here you go, the demo was short so this didn't take long to compose. Hope that meets the criteria.

Though as always, no games for me, I'm doing this for the fun (and the achievements, because they're shiny)
Its crunch time right now,so I most likely won't get to anything before the 12. There are a few games I've been wanting to though, one of which I wanted to review. So what the heck.

This is the same case for me. If I don't get absolutely hung up in Christmas, I should have time to try some games out.
I go away for a few days and seriously fun things happen. Right time to play.

Welcome back! :)

And another game played
Peeking at Emptiness

Oh, I don't think I got a letter for the last one? Or did I just get one that I already had? (Or did my comment just suck? ;w;)
Kyle and Layla make Kylaila!

There we go. Review for this one is pending, but I'm not gonna link it twice anyway so this shall do in the meantime.

And no, I think kentona simply didn't add the most recent ones yet.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
GRRR and also ARRRRGH I just realized the game I was playing is not ON RMN and therefore not worth any points.

thanks a LOT obama

LIBERTY I am calling you out I want to play some of your games I never have you have like a BILLION recommend like three to me
Your mom is a hero
yeah been busy gonna do it tomorrow hopefully