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Hi everyone! I'm Karin's Soulkeeper and I'm looking for a slave tester/ advisor.

A quick profile: I joined July this year, and have since made 4 games: A complete game, a contest entry, a mini-game (of sorts), and a last one on indefinite hiatus. Mainly, I work with VXA. I did try 2k3, and I haven't given up yet, but it's really hard for me to use it. I also like chocolate and cookies.

So, on to the main deal.

I'm making a traditional rpg that is in dire need of constant checking, to make sure that what I'm doing is still acceptable. Specifically: I need someone to help me balance battles, keep the storyline consistent and engaging, and the like. I work slow, and I've only been working on it for about a week by now, so there isn't that much to show yet. Maybe just enough to get things going.

I don't really need a fully-dedicated tester because, as I've stated, I work slow. I just need someone I could (repeatedly) send a copy of my work to, and ask feedback from.

Now I couldn't really give out anything other than thank-you's and credit, so...

Thanks for your time :3
Hey I wouldn't mind helping you out on tester/advisor, I'd be glad to see how the process of your games go. Of course if your willing to have me check through your work for nice feedback.
I could help you, I'm pretty scatterbrained and have lots of things I'm doing at once but since you've said you work slowly then I should be able to help you out.
Thanks guys! I guess the more testers, the better :)
I'll just PM you a dl link sometime next week.

Edit > Oh, and just a heads up: I used nothing but rtp (and modest edits). I hope that doesn't bother you much, since I know that some people don't like the rtp..
Happy to help!

Meh, it's not the rtp but how someone uses it. No bias from me!
Alright sounds great then, I'm looking forward to it.
Can I jump in? If it's a 2k3 game I can even offer you some advice.
BaconAndEgg > I'm using Ace, but I think you could still help!

Hmm.. Maybe I should just put the download link in a thread somewhere? I don't really intend to make this project a secret, but I don't want to make a game page for it yet. I'll ask a mod if this is fine..

Edit> Nvm..
I'd like to help. I just played about 40 of the games on here in a month so might be nice to test some things and help out. T'would be fun.
Interesting. If you want me like slave that tests your games i'm ready to all.
I'm working on my own game but I have time to test for you if you need it :)
I'll test too, if you'd like. I an give some input about algorithms to balance character/monster stats too if you'd like (since you mentioned balancing battles).

I've already received feedback, but more is better I guess.

Here's the link to the file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zr35mumx5a4kwwu/Imperial+Edict.exe
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I'd be happy help.
Thanks Pianotm!
But I have not worked on the project since before Christmas, so I might not have a newer version available soon. Feel free to provide feedback on this version though, if you like.
I played it and i have to say some things about that. How i could to see,you created a sort of combination between a pokemon game and an fantasy one, and not only in the idea but also in the setting (too similar at pokemon game). For this reason, this game is a game that in its concept, can like or can't like (according the taste and in my case, i didn't like it).

(This is what i thought testing this version, until the teleport in front of the cave after the two cows, that prevent me to continue. I hope that it was put there from you to prevent to continue, if it isn't, try to correct it.

However, this isn't the final version so i'm curious to see what you will do.
if you want my advice try to change at least the initial settings (the villages in particular, making them more original).
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