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I've been looking around the internet, but I'm unable to find an RTP style umbrella/parasol. I have a character who always has hers open and it would look really weird if she didn't have an umbrella with her sprite. While I would be fine with a normal umbrella/parasol, it would be really cool if the umbrella was like a
Karakasa obake's umbrella. If you have no idea what a Karakasa obake is, I'll tell you about it or link a picture.
Might be a good idea to post that information if it's what you want it to look like.

That said, I think I saw some umbrellas on RMW a while ago. It wouldn't hurt to do a search there in the Resource section and see if they have one.
Karakasa obakes are a type of tsukumogami youkai. I think it would be easier for everyone if I just link you the wiki article.
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