why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
15240 are misty grim reapers chasing you if you take too long considered 30% more dramatic fog overlay

edit: i didn't ask to page snipe, here's ramshackin's

Trying to nail down the look of a new dungeon, Demon Claw Swamp.

Remember to add grim reaper overlays!
I honestly love the variety of all the dungeons you have shown ram. Each location looks consistent yet different at the same time. Also I wonder what purpose that hand serves.

Thanks for the support :)

I hope the time spent on each dungeon's theme ends up being worth it.

Well, that's a demon claw, and it certainly looks like a swamp, so I think you're on the right track!

Other than the claw, the right sludge pool looks a little barren. Maybe put some more trees/claws there to break the monotony more?

Good catch! I felt the same and originally had a tree out there, but it was a bit much. I'll come up with something else to put there.
RMN sex symbol
@Tuomo - Your avatar perfectly describes my reaction to meeting Rosa
@Tuomo - Your avatar perfectly describes my reaction to meeting Rosa

I'm glad she makes you smile, this game's meant to be fun.
A WIP visual of 2F of the home to Azriel.(the main char to the game I'm working on)

The top left room looks interesting, but the top right room is pretty meh in comparison. Why are there apparently storage rooms off from bedrooms? Also, the bedrooms seem more like beds shoved in rooms full of other stuff.

I recommend thinking about what bedrooms have, the people that live in them and their character. I'd also recommend editing the stairs to get rid of that weird tile difference.

Honestly, I'd also recommend making the rooms smaller width-wise. In fact, maybe you'd be better off swapping the bedrooms to the top and having the other parts at the bottom, with a little more height at the top. Something like this, layout wise.

This is a small sample of the forest tileset I've been working on. I'm trying to merge my style with the RTP of XP. There is still some minor contrast and sprite linework to tinker with.
Oven, I mean death ray.

And the first town

WIP cliche day/night system. lanterns y ledges cast shadows. shadows hide you from enemies/guards/angry stuff.

@theloathableone: Pretty cute and compact.

The shadows don't really make sense to me. At first it looks like the light source is top left, but then the shadows just stop... Now I guess you could also be according them to torches and maybe not the moonlight but, the torches are either lighting up the entire place except the house shadows and none of the cliffs, trees or elevation. It just seems somewhat inconsistent.
Such efficient use of space! So nice.

The shadows definitely don't make anywhere close to 100% sense (they're def being cast by the lanterns) but since they're for a gameplay thing I feel like they make enough sense.
@Kaempfer & Darken:
Correct on the torches. I'll definitely touch the shadows up, and was thinking about only making them visible when the player is in a type of "sneak" mode. Would make them seem a lot less about aesthetic.

some more green! Created in Tiled.
Forest with plain grass tile

Forest with new, edited grass tile

Forest with hue edit

Level 2 Dungeon - Cutscene
The shadows definitely don't make anywhere close to 100% sense (they're def being cast by the lanterns) but since they're for a gameplay thing I feel like they make enough sense.

I feel like that point is a copout since a game like Thief didn't have to budge the shadows to acclimate to gameplay, you'd change the light source placement or the architecture, not how physics work. Granted we're not dealing with a 3D engine that can calculate shadows easily but there are other context ways to stealth (conveniently placed tall grass maybe). Though I'm venturing outside of direct critique and just broader discussion on form serving function in this regard.
I've been super busy lately, but I just dropped the new demo version of Fear & Hunger and here's a screenshot to go with it:

There's also video, but I don't want to clutter this place with that. :)
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Awesome as always, orange~