the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is

@orange~ It's sooooo beautiful! Congrats on the release and best of luck to you! :D

@IndependentArt - That's really cool. I love the blur effect from the balcony when jumping off and whatever that vehicle is looks badass. Keep it up!
The Helper Of The Cows
@StormCrow - Looks like they're ready for a huge battle!

@IndependentArt - It's the little things that make something really cool. Right?
StormCrow - Those people seem really big for that tileset, but maybe it's just me.

Press Start font + Custom retro menu. I like.
Any suggestions on how to arrange this GUI overlay? (It's for an active battle system game)

I know I want to stick to corners to at least try to be unobtrusive, and I know the current layout is weird, what with the health being in the top left corner while the HP bar is in the bottom right corner...

Plus I'm not sure how to feel about the current textures on it.
The Helper Of The Cows
They say to always go with your gut... first thoughts are usually correct. To that end, I'm talking about the textures.
I actually don't mind the layout, but the texture just doesn't seem to match the game. To me anyhow.

Even then, I'm not sure it's even the texture. Maybe the colors? Or maybe it's the alternate textures in the boxes top left.

I can't quite put my finger on what exactly... but something does feel off. I think maybe it's both the alternate textures in the top boxes and the colors not gelling with the game graphics.

Still... looks way better than the the overlay I've tried to create. 100x better. HAha.
@Slam_Jones: I think it takes up too much space and could be made smaller. The bars in the bottom left is way big same with the 600 at the top right corner. Think it might look better if you condense everything into one hud area in the bottom or top.

Exploration + Fire

That exploration is very sophisticated. Also, the gif is looooong.
Hello refmap my old friend....


(Looks great tho. You are teh whizard.)

Thanks for the advice, all! I put together a new version of it, changing up the color scheme to something a little simpler, and moving all the info to one corner.

Need to plug in the character portraits (when I get/make some) tho. And probably still need to tweak the color scheme (and/or have multiple color schemes for players to choose from)

All these other screenshots are making my stuff look like amateur level lol! I hope to get to your guys level some day :)
Oh, oh ... what happend?

I finally got to work on some new stuff. Well, actually it's not really new. It's an area that I completed over a year ago, but that I now hat to adjust to the easyrpg play.
btw: My new demo is out. Hope you all play it and leave me your feedback. :)

Wanted to go out of my comfort zone when it comes to pixel art for this project. So decided to make larger monster sprites for it.

Really not used to making sprites this large and asymmetric. So far I think it turned out rather well (except maybe the green imp/demon thing, it looks a bit off balance).
I'm always impressed by momeka pushing 2k3 so hard, looking forward to this
as for the balance, i'd just say for you to drag its right foot a little more to the left and it'll be good to go

edit: though even if you leave it as is, it feels like it's a photo taken mid-step so it doesn't really feel off
I made a castle map. Any improvements I can make?

@JustRob How bout at least ... some windows? ^^ Maybe not windows with glass, depending on what time period we are in. But walls like this seem pretty unrealistic in many ways.
Also it feels like the main thing, this castle wants to exhihibt is it's size. Not sure what you are going to do with it, but I guess, it'll give you a hard time, filling it with life/NPCs. So, I'd consider scaling it a bit down.
Well, realism is a difficult thing to achieve if I restrict myself to the RTP. And yeah, I have been thinking it's a bit too big. It started out small, then I just kinda kept adding shit... And now here we are.
Where is Corf or Deckiller when you need to show off more realistic made/scaled RTP castles...