@Sidewinder: Surprised that video you posted didn't get more comments! I love the grungy appeal of it. Completely lacks gloss in the best way. It's got that sort of late-80s "yeah, this is how the future will look" vibe, and I dig it.

I think it's just a demographics thing?

Most people come here because they're interested in RPGs, and not cyberpunk/space opera - visual novel/fmv/flight sim games. I'm not complaining or anything, I'm happy with the reception all of my projects have gotten, but I notice that Dirge tends to draw a lot more attention than my pre-rendered 3D stuff.

Anyway, thanks. I was a bit worried that the 8-ball lever made it look a bit too much like a slot machine, but I think it's worth it. It gives screen a bit of personality.

I think I see it now. That tileset works better for interiors.
Been working on the battle system for my game some more. So far there really isn't much to show off, but all the buttons animate like they're supposed to.

(this never gets old for me, I love this! lol)
As always, Pretty stellar stuff you guys!♥ I wanted to mention this before I forget: If you guys want to display your 640x480 rpgmaker videos, without being letterboxed on RMN, try outputting your completed videos to 960x720p. You'll still have the blackborders on the side, but you'll have a better fitting picture, while still enabling the 60fps feature on youtube.

Just thought I'd put this info out there for anyone interested - I don't normally post in the screenshot thread but it's really cool to see the talent that's coming out these days. Really exciting stuff here.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Having fun with Future Fantasy tiles. Working on a small, and very messy, room aboard a scavenger-type spaceship.

@Darken This looks amazing.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Man, there's some very cool stuff here the in only the last day!
Whoa, Loving your take on Radio the Universe, Darken.

Finished making a shop system for my game. Moving on to NPC/Quest system, then combat on week 4 of this project.
Woah there's some really impressive stuff here!
@momeka I absolutely love everything about that video. Game over screen is godly too. Please tell me you have a project page up so I can follow it!

@PhantasmaX I'm really liking the inventory system. Everything seems well balanced and clear, but still you've managed to get some visual flair too. Shop looks great too. Have you really only been working on that for 4 weeks? :O

@Darken Your game looks super moody. What engine are you using? I really love the static filter effects you got. Your game kinda reminds me of Blame! for some reason...

@UPRC Everything looks really good in that screenshot, but I'm not the biggest fan of the font used. It's something that might grow on you though.
I guess I lied, I'm on week 4 right now, going to week 5 if you count the time trying to re-learn how to use the engine.

Here is what I had on on 5/19, about a month ago. Basic movement and an attack with barely anything, but it took me like nearly 2 days:

Project really started to take off once I was done with classes though, and had more time, re-learning how to use the engine wasn't that bad. Also, this is my second attempt at an RPG engine. 2 Years ago I tried making one as my first game, but that project has long since been abandoned and I didn't do any game dev related stuff after that. I did take take some concepts from that project though, as you can see here the menus look very similar:

@Momeka: I'm too spooked to die

@Darken: That hurts my brain, but it's also cool?

@UPRC: It's definitely got a messy scavenger type feel to it. It looks more like a room in a warehouse than a spaceship to me, though. Are there any rounded sections or diagonal walls in the Time Fantasy tiles? The floor also looks like bathroom tiles rather than smooth metal plates or grates.
@PhantasmaX, Oh well it's still pretty impressive imo haha. My own dev progress is so slow compared to that even if I put tons of hours into it. The menu does look alike, but it's definitely got more professional look to it now. I'm really liking the how the combat looks. Zapping around and all that. I'd imagine FFXV look like that if it was 2D :D
@momeka I absolutely love everything about that video. Game over screen is godly too. Please tell me you have a project page up so I can follow it!

Not yet, want to get further with the game before I make one.

Made a shambling corpse filled with green goo today

Finished working on a base quest system and dialogue system. Almost done with NPCs (still trying to decide if I want them to have static locations or have some walk around a bit). Next up is combat, which is probably gonna take a while.... I might have underestimated how long this was gonna take, lol.

Made a proper character sheet where I can add my stat points (no more debug bar at the top!), but it looks ugly and needs an update.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Have the 4 base stats being displayed horizontally feels a bit off, not sure where I would move stuff around though to make it look better.

I would recommend getting rid of the gradient on the text as it doesn't help readability a lot. Also, look into some way to prevent the cut-off visual of some of the numbers, as they look a bit bad like that.
And having the text all the same size for the name/class/level/etc areas would be a good idea too.

Otherwise it looks okay, though there's a lot of wasted space under the stat points part (right of ATK, DEF, MDEF). Maybe you could use that for something?
Thanks for the feedback. I've updated the screen using your advice:

-Made all the font sizes the same, resized them to use smaller font
-Removed most of the gradients
-Text cut-off in previous screenshot was due to rescaling the image, normally the text looks fine.
-Moved "Blessings/Bonus" down to the bottom, the bonuses can have up to 3 lines so it woulda looked weird sitting in the middle of the stats.
-Tried to fill up as much of the empty space as I could

Happy with the results, thanks again!

Also, finished up my work on a base skill system:

Only thing that works is the normal attack since I didn't code the actions for what the other skills do yet, but at least I got it mapped to a skill bar. Gonna spend the rest of this weekend working on a guild shop, job board, add in more NPCs to the town, then work on a crafting system if I have time. Combat system can wait until I get some more attack skills in, then I can work on it over time.
Thanks for the feedback. I've updated the screen using your advice:

So the Manga Regen, is that measured in pages?