The layout is pretty decent for a basic sewer, but you should add more detail to make the area more visually appealing (without going overboard of course). Perhaps there's some overgrowth or debris, or maybe small ducts and pipes.
Wasn't getting much help from the new mappers thread, so figured I'd look for criticism here.
Made a project a few years back, and worked on it for a week or two. Now, since I'm stuck working from home until at least August, perhaps I can finish it. I think I'm getting to a point where I can release a beta version, but I need some expert guidance. It's an open world real-time action rpg, so the clutter does serve purpose (albeit my untrained eye cannot tell if it is too much. Thanks in advance.

A fine layout, but it definitely needs a lot of detail. Like Deckiller said, vines and moss if you're going for a more abandoned look, or pipes and drains if it's supposed to look a little better cared for. I think the shadow on that bridge is wrong, too.

I don't think the map is too cluttered, but there are a lot of 1-tile paths which, in an action RPG, limit the player's options more often than not. They can lead to the feeling of local linearity (as in, here are some enemies and I must fight them all because I can't get around them so my choice is only an illusion).

The first screen has a height issue around that cave entrance (there seems to be a dip in the ground, but the cliffs don't line up right). I really like that boat, but I think you might want to borrow the texture from the wooden plank and apply to the sides where they are only a single shade of brown.

The only other big error I see is a pretty glaring one: the little bridges don't make any sense, height wise. Like, they have struts which would indicate they're being held up out of the water, but they are flush with the ground at either end which has no depth at all. The bridge can't be high if the sides are low and the whole thing is a straight line. Does that make sense?

Also I assume in that last shot the dwarves are visiting a shrine, not a shine.

Otherwise, it's a cool aesthetic and everything seems to work together.
@Kaempfer - I will return when I have address these issues. Thanks for taking the time to critique :)
toiling away in the makerscore mines

Making progress on my new project!
very nice beautiful

Working on another room of the mansion. This is Alice's room, as you can guess, the daughter of the family you are investigating.

Did some color changes to the original wall tiles and really glad at how they blend in. :)
An adorable and intriguing village. I'd explore the heck out of it. I really like all the house versions- they offer a lot of variation but don't stray from the aesthetic at all. kay-o

That's kind of a weird place for a window (they're usually in the middle of rooms, no?) and the door seems to have a glass window in it which... I don't think any interior bedroom door has ever had. I also don't really understand what's casting the shadows?

Otherwise a good use of the space, lots of neat details. Children's rooms are inherently spooky. Everything definitely blends well together!

Updated the skill trees in Moonsong (there are six of these). I know they look pretty clunky, but they're fully functional and quite user friendly. You can safely disregard how much AP this character has: hoarding that much would require quite a lot of grinding!


do they spin after gaining a skill? :O
do they spin after gaining a skill? :O

animations are hard, yo.

The inclusion of the character was a late addition (as in: today, and this project is ten years old), otherwise they would definitely be animated each time they gain a skill. As it stands, animations are only planned to play when a class is changed.
Most of the other rooms have windows based in the middle and other areas, if you see the mansion layout, this room is on the 2f, it would make more sense I guess. As for the shadows, I thought they'd be cast off of the moonlight and other lighting in the rooms, since they're not totally pitch dark, huh..maybe it just looks weird?

I really do like the look of the skill progession system, the bg, the AP counter frame, it all looks clean. It does look kinda cluttered though, I feel like if the icons had frames around them, it might make them look more organized.
I think the AP window would be better on the bottom left. It may be less intrusive.

I slaved in the pixel mines all day so you guys better appreciate this

edit: see that number 43 in the top left? Yeah, I have no idea why that's there. dyntext is weird. I can't seem to get rid of it.
Personally, that ap window would look better at the bottom right, underneath the the concrete slab. dont listen to me though! very sexy looking either way! the icon framing with the subtle arrow-ing looks awesome too, not that the other screen didnt look good.
That's definitely an improvement! I really like those frames :D looking good dude
That's great improvement Kaempfer. It's so easy to visualize the layout at a quick glance now.
Yeah Kaempf, that looks lovely!

Punkitt: I love the art style. It looks very cozy.
Thank you everyone! I apologize in advance because I have to post what is effectively the same screenshot four times on one page, but I need some help deciding.

Black backgrounds for the icons? Part of me thinks it looks better (and fewer than five total icons use a black border so it shouldn't interfere with that) but I honestly can't tell if it is an improvement or I've just got Change Fever. I also tried a dithered background, but it didn't look great. Transparency is not an option, I'm afraid.

I also fixed the mysterious floating number, which is a relief. Thanks to kaine87 for the help with that one.
Yeah it looks much better with those backgrounds. Everything is more salient.

I also did another refmap thing, using one of Polarcactus' backgrounds :D