First prototype screenshot since we changed to 2.5D
Is that game being released for PlayStation? Because if not you should replace the button icons for ones that are not platform specific.

Aside from that the art looks cool!

It is planned to be released on all main consoles. The icons changes depending on the joystick you are using. In my case I'm using a playstation one^^
It is planned to be released on all main consoles. The icons changes depending on the joystick you are using. In my case I'm using a playstation one^^

I see, loving the art of the game.
My main nitpick here is the engines seem to be off. There is no glow coming from the back that would suggest that they are burning engines, it distracts me from an otherwise pretty good looking hyperspace animation.

Well, the engines are on, it's just that the thrusters are pretty small.

Not really something I can fix at this point, without spending days re-rendering everything, though.

I updated the map I showed before.

Below you can see a preview of the in game, as the above map doesn't show how it looks in the game.

Since I can't delete posts here's a screenshot.
Added item sorting functionality to the inventory menu. Player's items can be organised by type too.

What do you guys think of this edit for the title screen?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Not a screenshot, but a wonderful fusion of gameplay and prodigy-level piano skills.

Not a screenshot, but a wonderful fusion of gameplay and prodigy-level piano skills.

This right here is why people make their own games. Commercial games rpg's don't put enough of this kind of thing in just because they can.

Love it.

Abilities, bank investments and drugs/timers still need to be programmed in. Everything else on this screen is fully functional in-game content.
Is that Worf wearing a Conan O'Brien mask?
Is that Worf wearing a Conan O'Brien mask?

Specifically, the Soulless Mask. It's a persons face you get from a serial killer.
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
Not a screenshot, but I made a map for my game world. I tried posting it on the general forum but my thread got locked and I was told to post it here despite it not being a screen shot. (It's more like concept art.) The world I created is called Zutara and consists of 5 continents, thought the majority of my game series' (chronicles) events take place on only the Nogarde continent. Enjoy!

I also have an explanation of each and every area if you're interested.


Nogarde: The main continent that the majority of the games in the chronicles series take place on. It features a wide variety of landscapes such as deserts, wide open plains, mountains, swamps, tundras, savannas, mountains, lakes, rivers, and more. It was once one united kingdom called Arcadia which was destroyed when a calamity called the Crimson Meteor nearly destroyed the world. It was later split into the resource-rich Ferngulf Republic and the technologically-advanced Empire of Morda Vael. Over time, Morda Vael slowly shifted into the Bernag Empire after the royal line of the Conan Dynasty ended. Ferngulf also dissolved, splitting into the Theocracy of Eternia and the Ferris Republic respectively.

Xong: The eastern continent who worship dragons and deities. They are known for their strict customs and their powerful Samurai and Ninja warriors. They hold a long-seated grudge against both Morda Vael and Ferngulf for testing a magitek superweapon on their city of Heru-Sakki, killing thousands, but this grudge slowly faded with time. They are highly isolationist, and refuse to work with the other nations of Zutara. Their continent consists of 3 smaller continent: the snowy Upper Xong, the tropical Lower Xong, and the more temperate Central Xong. Lower Xong is where the Dragon Sanctuary lies, the only place Dragons and Dragonkin lived after their overall extinction at the end of the Scouring War.

Eden: A mysterious continent spoken of only in legends. The people there are rumored to having beautiful skin dark as night and live in highly advanced societies far beyond anything any other nation has. Anyone who tries to sail south-east of Nogarde in hope of finding this mysterious continent is caught up in a deep fog where all their sensors go berserk, and once they get out of it they mysteriously find themselves just off shore of where they started. Thus, many people believe that this continent just doesn't exist and is just a myth, but it very much does exist. In fact, it is the origin place of all life on the planet, it's people living in a utopia free of any knowledge of evil and strife. The sages of Eden, who knew of the evils of the outside world, enacted a mystical fog to protect the continent from any outsiders and their evil. Thus, the continent of Eden remained a myth, never to be found.

Land of Giants: A snowy, barren land filled only with gigantic 40-feet humanoids called Nephilim. It is said that long ago, some of high seraph breeded with the women of old, and thus their spawn, the monstrous Nephilim, came into being, as fully divine and fully mortal blood could not properly mix. Most are chained underground, the embodiment of their lingering wills taking shape into demons, but some survived, living out an eternal life of wandering in the barren wastes of this unnamed continent.

Dark Continent: A continent that no one can possibly comprehend it's immense evil. Just seeing the landscape of it is enough to turn even the bravest sailor completely insane, and it is even said that horrors beyond your darkest nightmares lie in wait on this demonic continent. Not to mention the sanity-destroying horrific landscape that stretches across this entire fell landmass. Many people call it "the body of Elzakalas," and rightfully so. It almost seems like all the evil in existence has gathered into this one spot, taking physical form and corrupting everything around it. The laws of physics, biology, and even reality to not apply here. It is madness incarnate. Do not visit here, lest you want your sanity to implode and your mind forever lost in the depths of the farplane. You have been warned.

Nogarde Locations

Femia: A city in the far north of the Nabes Desert that allows only women to enter within it's walls. Is a gambling city where one can enjoy a variety of activities for all ages, including adult ones, though it is heavily limited since only women can enter.

Arcadia: A city hidden within the eye of an eternal sandstorm that serves as a sanctuary for orphans and where dragonkin and humans can live together in peace. It is watched over by the sage Astos, a former student of the Archsage Amadeus who specializes in fire magick.

The Dark Crater: A gigantic crater is all that remains of Old Arcadia, an ancient city which was once the capital of the late Kingdom of Arcadia before it was destroyed by the crimson meteor. Is known for it's hauntings, as the place is riddled with the ghosts of those who perished in the crimson calamity.

Ferris Port: A port town popular with sailors where people can take trips to the various islands and even other continents, though that is very ill-advised.

Nostra: The largest town in the Ferris Republic that is famous for it's beautiful landscapes and large mercenary population. Lies just outside Nostra Woods, a dangerous area which you can get easily lost in.

Lifi: A hidden village of elves created by Saint Helena.

Zerithia: A city of monsters that was once located in the eternia wetlands. It was destroyed and left abandoned after the peaceful monsters' children turned upon reaching adulthood and killed everyone there since they could not be purified since all known users of the rare "purify wave" spell were dead by then.

Aquarius: A holy town and the capital of the Theocracy of Eternia. Hosts the largest temple in Nogarde and is a town of priests, though it holds a dark underbelly of religious fanatics and deadly assassin guilds.

Aetheria: A city located on a floating island inhabited by winged humanoids that call themselves the "wingly" They are ruled by an immortal archangel named Azul and are extremely skilled with magitek.

Wizrone: A city of mages located at the border of the wetlands and the cold tundra of Eternia. It hosts the eternal tower, a mysterious structure that seems to carry on infinetntially into the sky and has no end. It is also the home of Amadeus' Magick Academy which has trained countless powerful mages throughout the ages. Also home to the ice dragon tribe.

Dragalia: An ancient city located on the peak of Mt.Dragalia which the Divine Dragons, the dragons closest to the seraphim, reside. It was abandoned during the Scouring War when the divine dragons left for another world to escape the war.

Lorca: A settlement located in the Sakem Wastes in which many warriors and nomads from throughout the land test their mettle at their famous battle arena.

Gerol: A town that was once a great trading hub between Ferngulf and Morda Vael before it's destruction at the hand of fell drakes shortly before the Scouring War.

Baetas: A run down town strictly divided between the wealthy upper section and the poor lower section. The upper section hosts the biggest mercenary guild in
Nogarde, which many legendary mercenaries throughout history have been a port of.

Firaza: A fortified town of the fire dragon tribe protected by a magickal barrier. It is located within the Bernag Wildwoods, a deadly jungle and one of the most deadly places in Zutara, though the path to the town is mostly safe for travelers.

Alphes: A quaint little town located in the Alphes Savana.

Delma: An oil mining town located in the Delma Dunes.

Naughtmare: The capital of Morda Vael which is heavily fortified. Was renamed to Devonvil for a time during the scouring war.

Omegas: A city shrouded in darkness that is home to many vampires. Also has an arena similar to Lorca, with the winner being granted the "gift" of vampirism.

Zelma: A city-state separate from Morda Vael/Bernag where there are no rules and everyone can do as they please. It is known as the "city of chaos" by outsiders.

Xong Locations

Xopion: A cozy snow town famous for it's mountain climbing and ski attractions, along with it's hot springs that are said to reduce features of aging.

Cursed City of Heru-Sakki: A abandoned wasteland of a city that was a victim of a power magitek weapon used on the town of Arcadia during the days before the Crimson Meteor. The attack was administered by the Seraphim Thora, and for her war crimes she was banished to the abyss. Since the attack, the city is nothing more than a desolate wasteland, where horrific mutants and the ghosts of those slain in the attack wander for eternity.

The Forbidden City: A city made purely out of gold that can only be entered by ones with royal blood due a magickal ward, and once you enter you are never allowed to leave. Due to this, no one knows wait awaits them within this city except for the people of the city themselves, who are isolated completely from the outside world.

Nippon: The massive capital of Nippon with 5 distant districts each with it's own culture.

Ketono: A city full of philosophers and creatives located in southeast Xong.

Hotoi: The oldest city in Xong which has been preserved throughout the ages.

Seikoi: A city famous for it's astrologers. Was the launch site of Zutara's first spaceship.

Rutaki: A rustic forest-side town known for being the birthplace of the first emperor of Xong.

Dragon Sanctuary: A mystical island that can cure those afflicted with the dracorage. While there, the dracorage cannot exist, and is the last place where the few remaining dragons reside after their overall extinction in the scouring war. Time does not pass here, so new dragons cannot be born and existing dragons cannot age, keeping their species constantly in a near-extinct state for all of time.

Eden Locations

Elysium: A city where the worlds of the divine and the non-divine meet. An eternal paradise where the people there live in eternal harmony with the divine beings that created them. The birthplace of all life.

Lost City of Zios: An long-forgotten city built in ancient times that's crowning achievement was a massive tower that stretched into space. They call this tower the "Tower of Heaven" and sought to use it to access the celestial realm. However, the goddess struck them down, and scattered it's people across the larger world. Thus, the paradise that was Eden was lost for all who didn't remain in Elysium for the rest of time.

Heirdom of Solaris: A small kingdom established by outsiders who by sheer chance avoided the mist that surrounded the continent due to the harsh sun that was active on the day they landed. Thus, these people came to worship the sun itself, giving many human sacrifices to it as they believed that is the sun was not appeased by feeding it souls night would consume the world. They are known for having advanced technology, but people only know them from the horrific screams they hear when attempting to sail to Eden.

Land of Giants Locations

City of the Ancients: A city of giants that uses runic technology to serve it's people. The only known civilization on the continent.

Dark Continent Locations

Evil Kingdom of Avera: A city of worshippers of Elzakalas who worship sin itself who constantly preform more and more despicable acts in order to appease their master. Everyone there is completely insane, and many have become undead liches or made pacts with fiends in order to continue their cursed existences.
@Blind The grass and waterfall are stellar.
@Blind I agree with Jpratt, looks very good. I assume its all custom made based on your game profile, if so great job!


I sepend the last couple of weeks with Godot and with Unity before that. Godot won, though I am mainly implementing small things and waiting for version 4, which should come with an improved tile system.
Wanted to start watching Kakushigoto yesterday, but didn't get beyond the opening, since I wanted to implement a similar "change of seasons" effect for my title scene.

I think it came out well, but I don't want to put it as an update on my gamepage. Feels like it's been forever since I last posted a main project video in this thread.
Should I maybe reduce the time their eyes are closed while blinking?
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@Krimson oh neato!!!! its always real cool seeing people plan that stuff out :D

@Blind lookin CLEAN, i love the verticality at play here

@Lihinel Woah, that looks so cool! Them blinking faster might be good but overall its' a real cool looking title.

Ive been hard at work myself; here's an area I've been working on!!

I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Punkitt how the hell do you consistently outdo yourself what the fuck that looks SO GOOD
@Punkitt A pond tileset? Looks good and that's is a pretty unique setting. Is that for a new game you are working on that doesn't have a gamepage yet?