Thinking of doing an interactive game dev/design tips & tricks thing. Messing around trying to figure out what it could look like.

Ignore the text it's just random

This looks... Super cool
My Choice Window is ready. Thoughts?

Looks pretty sleek, Tw0Face, I like it.
Looks pretty sleek, Tw0Face, I like it.

Thanks. :)
Testing out the looting and some other things

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I really like this, surprised no one commented. It's a breath of fresh air and it really stands out. If you've drawn everything, I think you're very talented.

This, too, is really cool and different. I'm impressed by both the art style and the technical aspect (having the portrait move like that).

Is there a reason why the ground is black underneath the character instead of the normal ground showing up?

@KoopaKush: I like your screen as well. I think the resident evil bullets don't really fit in the rest of the screen though which is homogeneous and has great cohesion.
First attempt of an ingame screenshot. How do you like the cursor and the mapping? FPS should be better for other people.

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I like your little details on the road like additional trees, tw0face. some of the big mountains overlap the smaller mountains oddly but otherwise seems pretty nice.

maybe put a small lake or pond in the lower-left quadrant, across the road from the city? some water would probably make the area pop a bit more and make sense for as to why people settled there lol

i'm trying to figure out some additional visual variety for this beach map. liberty gave me some good ideas i'll play with later (a tidal pool, some crabs and such) but any other ideas?

edit: actual game won't have autoshadows. took the screenshot before running the script.

edit2: new version! thanks liberty and frogge!
Working on a cyberpunk arcade area for my game. Been working on it since last night and I'm super happy with how it's turning out!

Here's it in motion:

This is so nice :) Loving the color scheme.

Looks real lovely, the green neon-y tint is noice :~

I'm a fan.

@KoopaKush: hey that looks clean. Reminds me of old PSX RE games. Spooky streetlights ambience sets the deal. Nice job.


Well, Imma leave this gif that took me forever to upload. Crappy internet. Anyways, I'm very proud of the mist effect, it turned out exactly as I imagined it. Had to get a bit creative though, but it is pretty simple nonetheless. I'm thinking if the other lights should be animated. Like flickering or something. Perhaps someone will leave me their feedback, I'll read.

This is a scene from the remake of my IGMC game, Heartland. Now Heartland: Awakening

@Faye: That window and lightning looks sicks! Good job!

Is there a reason why the ground is black underneath the character instead of the normal ground showing up?

Tried to replicate the effect of old c-rpgs. Also with the simple colored sprites I think it makes them stand out a bit more.

Picked up Paradise-1 again.

Started off with doing some pop ups to show where you can use items/interact

Then changed up the animation of the game over screen a bit. Still need to add the menu choices to it.

Currently working on the battle system. Still got ways to go with it.
@Momeka: talk about sick. Can't choose which one of the three GIFs is my fav. Holy sh!t.

Also I'm very curious about how the battle system works. Is it based off of enemy aproximation? 'Cuz that rocks.
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@Craze: Thanks for the feedback. I'll remove the placeholder houses as soon as I implement gameplay. Your screen looks neat so far. I could think of maybe adding some darker water tiles to show deeper water.

@Punkitt: This looks really nice. Makes me want to immediately play it.

@Momeka: I'm in love with your art. The style reminds me a bit of Maniac Mansion. The item pop ups are well done.


I tried to increase the visibility of the HUD. This time I made it completely new to blend more with my system colors. I think it looks slightly better during night time. What do you think?

Yeah, direction indicators are new as well...

Tw0Face, the style of arrows goes perfectly with the art style, and look good. I can't help but wonder if they're necessary, though? Is this not a traditional-style world map?

Blind, this is an extremely minor nitpick, but I feel that the bridge might look a tad bit better if it either had support beams, or went on a land a little bit. It currently looks like it's just kind of floating there. Here's an example of what I mean.

Again, this is a minor nitpick, and it might honestly come down to personal preference as well. The screen looks mind blowingly amazing overall.

Do you like bosses with flashy cut-ins?

This is so nuts, I love it! A breath of fresh air. Man I wish I could code something like that.

SGT M: Cool intro! Reminds me of Borderlands/Mega Man.