So I can type anything here?
Trying to get back into this whole RPG maker thing. Does my mapping still hold up?

i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
i like 'em, scourge. are those the remastered xp chars mixed in? sick if so! only issue imo is that the river tile you're using is more like the "underwater wall tile"; try using the autotile to the right of it for water that's not a visible cliff.

if you wanna kick it up another notch, try making "tile e" sets for various areas that have off-grid items to mix things up a bit.

it's pretty simple and lets you make some knock-out areas! ...or at least, slightly more organic ones.

just being able to shove stuff up half a tile looks really nice imo.
VX Mack came with some character sets in that style, which were pretty bitchin.
So I can type anything here?
I am using some redone XP characters, but I think the ones in the screenshots are all VX Mack and different variations and edits of that. Thanks for the compliment, Craze! I agree that I could use some additional clutter and adjusted tiles. Maybe I'll take the time to put a more complete tileset together if I decide to make something more of this project.
To celebrate the release of the Fear & Hunger: Termina demo, here's few screenshots!

ORANGE, your screenshots look great. The first screenshot is wonderful. But portraits of characters I like less. They look like zombies. Maybe that was what was intended!
And I want to show a screenshot from my game.

"Stu, it's 4 o'clock in the morning. Why on earth are you making scarf physics?"
Great job on the scarf physics. They are mesmerizing