It's been a while since I've worked on the game. Came back with a vengeance today and wrapped up work on my character profile screen.

Everything you see is fully functional in the game, including 35 counters (currencies, timers, stats, etc.) All conditions & abilities showing active, all drug timers counting down, testing of various pos/neg resistances, and of course the live view of your equipped items (attire, mask, weapon.)

Phew. Time to get the bestiary pages in.
An imbecile caliph who appears high out of his mind on srooms? This guy's future is so bright I'm surprised he's not inflicted with the "irradiated" status condition (or is he? It's a little unclear if those are POSSIBLE or EXTANT conditions)
An imbecile caliph who appears high out of his mind on srooms? This guy's future is so bright I'm surprised he's not inflicted with the "irradiated" status condition (or is he? It's a little unclear if those are POSSIBLE or EXTANT conditions)

Oh, he's radiated. I have all the conditions turned on for testing.

Figured I'd edit this post since it was the last one. Time for a non-menu pic. I got side-tracked today with late game content.

A train riding through the night. RM2K3.
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'Tis always a treat to go back to this thread and look at all the cool things everyone's making!
Momeka's palettes are always a treat to look at and study. So clean and effective. Not to mention the animations.

I guess it would be rude to not share something in a post:

Tile work.
@Roden: I really like that art. Specially all the buildings. Solid work.

Been working on a tileset and characters for a thing
@Blind I'm really digging that panorama!

@Momeka I was immediately drawn to those rocky floor tiles. The whole color scheme you have going is mesmorizing.
Changed the bullethell minigame from a space setting to a fantasy seting and added time manipulation abilities.

Some graphics are still placeholders.
@Blind: Looks great as usual!

Worked on some more on "dungeon crawl adventure jrpg thing". The first person areas will be for exploring and random encounters, the top down areas will mostly be story and puzzles. So the yellow on the minimap indicates where the areas will shift.

This is just a test map that makes no sense.

And here is some additional random screens:

@Momeka: the interplay between first person quick traversal to contained maps is interesting. Easy to imply that there's a bunch surrounding the area.

Suuuuuuper backburner project, not a thing I'm actively working on, but had to bang out this visual menu idea.
@Darken: I like the concept! Definitely gives off a film noir feel, and it's very unique. I like the thought bubble as a cursor, haven't ever seen that before. There's a couple projects I've thought of doing that would make really good use of a system like that.

I'm working on a project for the 2022 year of the Tiger challenge and I figured I'd try a new mapping style, but I'm not sure if I like it yet. It's definitely a derivation of what I normally do, but I'm curious if it really works or not.

Current work in progress. The water is a placeholder, going to be doing something with a lot of layers for that as a finishing touch. Edges need cleaning up. No overlays included yet either.

Completed map
@Darmen, that thought bubble though! Especially on that crazy, blurry, fast moving background. Makes it feel like he's quick in thought but the action hasn't stopped. I'm in love with the concept of the time between actions only being the time it takes the character to think about what they are going to do.

Honestly wish I had a project I could steal that for!
Recreations of Sector V from Final Fantasy VII.

Graphics are either Japan Collection or my own.

(Scene from Remake not the original)

(Artistic license)


Absolutely beautiful.
Absolutely beautiful.

I heavily agree, I'm a sucker for games packed with stats, statuses and stuff of the sort. My only suggestion would be to change the color of the digits for the values, I feel like they blend in too much with the bg, it should be eye catching to help really see what the values of your character are I feel.
Feldschlacht, I am intrigued. Is this some sort of trippy survival horror game? Looks very cool. Chronology of the Last Era is still going well, I hope!

Here's something of my own. I always dreamed of having a dungeon take place in a dense, filthy, thief-ridden medieval city. Well, now I do, but with a twist due to my game's setting. This dungeon will see you walking along the city walls, across rooftops, down dark alleys, weaving your way in and out of buildings, and putting out fires in an effort to make it out of this claustrophobic place.