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Among my weakness for creating too many new projects, I also have a weakness for wanting to do collaborations all the damn time! However, I have way too many games and collaborations in the "in progress" phase so it would be ridiculous to start any more until I finish what I've already started.

But it's always fun to dream. If you could collaborate with any member of RMN on any project, in some fantasy version of reality where time is infinite and schedules always line up, who would you want to collaborate with, and what game would you want to make? Keep in mind that these are fantasy collaborations, not real ones. This isn't for starting serious collaborations, just for going "Wouldn't it be cool if me and so-and-so combined our love of ninjas and choreographed dancing into a Ninja Ballet game?" (Though if a real collaboration comes about because of this, then that's fine and dandy, too XD)

Mine are:

A Breath of Fire style game with Liberty. The game would either be very BoF-like or directly taking place in the BoF setting, with original characters, and a battle system that visually looks as close as possible to BoF 2, and the game would be very centered on the characters, with different people from different BoF or BoF-inspired races.

A Horror-RPG with SnowOwl. I absolutely love his sense of horror style and how he makes moments so tense and how the dread kinda seeps into you. And I absolute love the battler enemy graphics he made for the MOG event. I know it's hard to make an RPG that's really, really scary, though, but I guess that's part of why this is fantasy XD

A deep, serious story with Housekeeping. Really, it could be about anything, but with his writing chops and musical skill, I can imagine plenty of beautiful games that draw the player in. A short character drama would be really cool.

A romance game with emmych. Her ideas are so fun and her characters are so cute that it seems like making a game with her would be a blast XD

A fantasy game with yuna21, with a strong female protagonist and a great cast of characters, and all the beauty and story that you expect from a game by her!

Honorable mentions: Gourde_Clae would be really fun to work with as he really has a way with words. Cashmere Cat and NeverSilent on a cool puzzle game (I'm terrible at doing puzzles on my own! >.<;;) And Sooz and Red Nova, who I'd work with on just about anything XD
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Maybe a turn-based strategy game with Dyhalto? His experience clearly lies in Sim RPG Maker 95, which is built to make a Fire Emblem and/or Shining Force experience. Then again, that might be exactly where I want to be with my own sci-fi tactics game that I have in the back of my head.

I must say, a co-op, or a chain-game, with Red_Nova, Sooz, you, and myself sounds glorious.
Doing the artwork and graphics for a 30+ hour game where WCouillard does the scripting would be awesome! ...Oh wait...

No, but seriously... it'd be fun to do the artwork for a Craze game or one of yuna21's projects. Craze's game can have dozens of characters while yuna's game would give me an excuse to draw mountains of yuri pieces. ;)
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New computer ate my first attempt at this post by suddenly and inexplicably closing all browser windows ( O.o ) so here is take two.

IIRC, I made a similar thread years ago, although it may have had a more "dream team" focus.

There's a lot of folks around here I'd love to collaborate with. More than I can count on two hands. I'm still pretty chuffed about getting to collaborate on LINUS with blueperiod. But I worry that I don't offer much to would-be collaborators. It's not that I'm unskilled, as such, it's just that, as someone who's not a scripter, artist, or composer everything I'm really good at (writing, general game design stuff) is something that EVERYONE can do to some degree and that most people LIKE to do themselves.

That said, SnowOwl makes pretty much the exact kind of games I wanted to publish under my now-semi-defunct Ghostlight Games brand when I established it back in 2006. It seems like he'd be a dream to work with. I've wanted to work with Craze for years, he's the only developer that really seems to share my obsession with starting and tinkering with and experimenting with new projects in RM constantly. He's now probably even more experienced than I am now, since while I started far earlier than him, I've spent many of the intervening years away from the hobby and it feels like he's been closer to 'always switched on'. There are some other people too, not necessarily "new" but new to me, but I don't know them well enough to drop their names here comfortably.
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Aw, I'm happy to have such a broad spectrum to work with you, unity!

Personally, I want to make a lighthearted adventure with you. I've been trying to make something funny, zany, etc. for months now and I just can't seem to pull it off. Either it accidentally gets too serious or too zany and out of control. Since you have such a knack for it, I want to collab with you on that.

On the other end, I want to make a strong story-driven adventure with NeverSilent. I feel like he and I have very similar styles of writing and character development, so I would feel really excited about working with him!

Since mapping is my biggest struggle in RMing, working with yuna21 would be simply amazing. Her ability to immerse players with excellent music selection and visuals would be an incredible asset to any team. Plus, she's also been a huge inspiration for me when it comes to gameplay choices, so there's that.

I'm certainly willing to get us and Sooz back together to work on something. Anything.

Anyway, I want to work with Nivlacart on something. I'm a huge fan of his artstyle and I'm really interested in what a collab with him would be like. He seems really easy to work with from what I've seen.

I also want nhubi to work with me on writing. Her* amazing word choices and sentence structures

I've got my eye on djbeardo for the same reasons as NeverSilent. At Last Alone was a surprisingly well-done piece for a first project. It makes me pretty excited to see what he'll do next.

There's also a bunch of other people I WANT to work with, but I feel like I would just be an extra wheel to them. Accha, LouisCyphre, Pizza, Kirroha, UPRC, and Dark Gaia just to name a few.

*I hope I'm getting that right, nhubi. I'm just going by your avatar for my pronoun choice.
You guys are sweet. :3

For me, well... gameplay/battle-balancing has never been my strongest suit so I'd either team up with LouisCyphre or Craze. Or even you, Red. ^^
Or janus as my artist. ( hey, I'm doing one yuri game )
I'd so want blueperiod as my writer and nhubi as my proof-reader. >:D
Or if i want to add a dash of cuteness to my game, then unity is the way to go. Seems she's the sweetest member on the site and channels it all into her games.
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I wanted to make an RPG with Anaryu where I helped him with writing and design, but then I got to do it!

I also wanted to make a Mario game with kentona but we did that too! Maybe I'm just good at fulfilling my dreams.

I was helping Silviera make a game a long time ago but then he went and bailed on me. I made like six hours of content for that game, too. It was a sci-fi game and had some pretty neat stuff.

I think it would be interesting to work on a game with Karsuman and Craze but I feel like I wouldn't have much to contribute to that group. They have their bases pretty well covered already.
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If you ever want me to bail on a project with you, Soli, just say the word.
I'm not staff anymore, so please don't ask me about that,especially game engine related stuff.
Hmm, lets see here:

*Something fun and goofy with Mary4D.
*At least something with Nessiah at some point.
*Skie Fortress, though what eludes me to be perfectly honest.
*Kentona, if only to revive his gam mak drive.
*Oddly enough, slash, even if its a less technical role or a more apprentice-ish role of sorts.

Edit: Having a rival of sorts would be interesting, and to do off and on collabs even more interesting yet.

On another note: I'd love to just collab with someone I find interesting in general.
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  • A poem-type game like Carpan or Peeking at Stars with Pizza, except I design puzzles to fill the gameplay portion that reflects artistic meaning
  • Being part of the first game that nhubi makes because she has a marvellous command of language and I want to be a part of making an awesome story by her happen
  • A gameplay-heavy game with slash, a mish-mash of action-based gameplay and puzzles combined in one glorious challenge
  • A psychological thriller with calunio, where I help with puzzles and other gameplay components
  • Anything with SnowOwl because he is my favourite.
  • unitybecause a collab with her is the most likely thing where something will actually happen. This girl makes games quick, yo ;) Also she is artistic and can make tilesets well. And tells stories - you know what, I'll just watch while she makes a game :P
  • Maybe some kind of minimal dungeon crawler where Red_Nova writes the story and we both handle the design together. I'd love to do a dungeon crawler actually. Oh and Red_Nova is good at telling a story and delivering a good all-round product, something that I could learn from
  • Artbanebecause I know him well already and our work dynamic wouldn't have all the things of having to "get to know" them or "respecting their space". Yeah I bug Artbane all the time. But we share a lot in terms of what our design philosophies are. The only problem is that Artbane is commercial-focussed whereas I'm probably never going to sell a game.
  • Crazebecause who wouldn't? This guy can churn out material like nobody's business. Plus he's good at balancing battles. Then I could do the puzzles (I always seem to be doing the puzzles in these situations because it's the only thing I'm good at)
  • But in all seriousness JosephSeraph and I are going to make a game together (this is confirmed) and it's going to be awesome and it's going to be ours. We are similar in personality and I can tell making this game is going to be a blast. Let's get to it soon, though, Joseph!
Ffffff ;___; I AM SUPER FLATTERED UNITY OMG <3 <3 <3 I'd totally take you up on that if I wasn't a trash person to work with. >__>

Hrrrmm, as for my ideal team ups... that's a hard question? I'm, like... a MEGA CONTROL FREAK over the stuff I make. OTL Also, most of the people I'd wanna collab with do stuff that I already do, only, like... better. Basically I'd have nothing to bring to the team except the ability to do grunt work. M-MAYBE SOME DAY...

Basically it would be a dream to make some sort of rad horror game with my pal Penta, since dANG PENTA MAKES THE BEST MONSTERS and also knows the ins and outs of the horror genre and what shit to avoid and and and a horror game would be cool i'd love to do one about The Genders or about womanhood or something hnnghgngngFFFFFF ;___;

I'd also want to design dungeons with Brickroad. jfc did he ever make swell dungeons.

AND YEAH EVERYONE ELSE IS SAYING IT but yes, I would super wanna figure out some rad battle system shit with Craze.

Basically TAKE ME AS YOUR APPRENTICE YOU BRILLIANT PEOPLE YOU i'll even be an unpaid intern that shows up late with starbucks and looking scruffy and hungover, i promise <3 <3 <3

Edit: Having a rival of sorts would be interesting, and to do off and on collabs even more interesting yet.

that's living the dream
gam mak foe yay
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I'd make a game with Craze if we ever finished anything we fucking started. Or anything we restarted. Or anything separately.
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I am being mentioned in this? *head explodes*

Funny thing is, I had been thinking about starting this exact thread myself for a while. You ninja'ed me, unity!

So, here's my list:

- A story-heavy RPG with Volrath and ArtBane. Let's get the obvious out of the way.
- An unconventional adventure RPG together with unity and Red_Nova. That would be great!
- A zany RPG deconstruction with LockeZ. Complete with over the top humour and revolutionary battle system.
- And of course a short, clever RPG together with Gourd_Clae. It'd be lots of fun.

You know, I'm going to stop here because there are so many talented people on RMN I could go on like this all day.
I'm flattered that people actually mentioned me. I would have never expected it.

Who would I like to collab with? Hmm...

CashmereCat, after being incredibly impressed by the breakout release of Account Mu.

CAHRULL, although the offer for that has already come up and I haven't done anything with it. Dunno why.

pianotm, as I feel that his knowledge of the occult and other "fringe" topics combined with my blistering insanity could produce something beautiful.

That's about all I can think of. Although I'd be down to collab with almost anyone, it just depends on the game concept and shit like that.
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Well, okay, to be honest, I think working with either Liberty or Archeia_Nessiah on, well, just about anything, would be so boss, it wouldn't even be funny. Though, they both seem way of my league, I'd probably fell like I'd be in the way more than anything else!
I'm flattered, you guys :D god, this is a good idea for a topic but it's super embarrassing, I'm gonna try not to gush or anything...

Um, so I'd still love to work with accha on a game, I think her art and style is beautiful and I love the kinds of stories she tells :D Same with Perihelion, I really like her environment art and we chat all the time anyway so :D and unity's games are really cute and you seem like you'd be fun to work with! and I'd totally love to work with Craze ad infinitum rpg battles and mechanics and his funny writing, or kentona on some goofy weird jam game.

There's, like, a million people on this site I think it'd be fun to work with! It'd be fantastic to team up with an artist or a programmer so I wasn't all alone doing both all the time ;__; I haven't really worked on a team in so long, but now that I'm trying to make an RPG I should start remembering how to work with others... maybe just on a mini-project, or as a small contributor or something?

(and I can only hope to find a worthy gammiking rival someday)
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I can safely say I'd be happy working with anyone on anything.

Of my biggest dream projects on the least-likely-to-happen scale. I wish I had the chops to conduct a site-wide Fire Emblem game. With everyone being represented as a character.

But of course, a requirement with working with someone else is actually making...something...first.
This thread is so awesome!

Well, here are mine:

- Making an open world RPG with Ocean, a la Romancing SaGa. His art and his worlds / characters / locations have so much character... This would be absolutely amazing! A beautiful, open world game filled with the most beautiful shades of blue and the most interesting characters! *u* oops. except this is kind of Paradise Blue. HAHA but I still wanna do it <3 (it's hardly ever going to happen, though, even if it's a wish that's like 7 years old)

- Likewise, creating something together with Archeia. But I don't even know exactly what. I have so, so much to improve before I even take a glimpse on saying that, and she's likely going to have improved more than me during the time I spent, in a neverending process. >_>

- Obviously, creating some art for a Crazegame. that's so repetitive i know

- Making an interesting narrative with Calunio is something I've been wanting to do for years, too. But I need more Lvs HAHA XD

- Making a horror RPG, perhaps a spiritual sucessor to A Longing Ribbon, with Gibmaker. Or Calunio. Or perhaps InfectionFiles!

- Making something with Liberty because she's awesome and it sounds like it'd be a hell lot of fun. where's da exp tho

- An Epic Elf spinoff with Spirit_Young. I'd like to go back to the rm2k rtp aesthetic, though.

- There are plenty more but my memory's awwwwwwwwwfullllllllll

and last but definitely not least

- CashmereCat! Yeah, it's confficial. It's Offirmed. It's going to be awesome!!! /o/ :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

A Breath of Fire style game with Liberty. The game would either be very BoF-like or directly taking place in the BoF setting, with original characters, and a battle system that visually looks as close as possible to BoF 2, and the game would be very centered on the characters, with different people from different BoF or BoF-inspired races.

I want to do that, too! This is especially cool considering Capcom's policy when it comes to fan works. I made a mockup of a BoF1 remake some time ago hehe :D

Anyway, that's it. B-but first I need to learn pursuing my projects to their end...
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I'm my own dream team.

(true answer: I am so out of touch that I don't even know...)
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I think Nightblade and I could wreck shop, assuming bitching about pedantic nonsense was kept to a minimum.

Then again, I'd like to collab with members "me" and "myself" and actually get something done in a timely fashion.
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