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I know that Christmas has just recently passed and that most of you are either, A, still hung over from the night before, B, still playing games from the night before or, C, trying to work on something from the night before, but I thought that it would be pretty interesting, and secretly informative to some, to share some of your new year’s resolutions with the gang…RMN new year’s resolutions, that is.

So what are your plans for this place in 2015? Are you planning on submitting a game that you’ve been working on for the past year / couple of years and are finally ready to unveil it for all the world to see, finally? Or do you have another game that you’re planning on working on and maybe even sharing sometime in the future? Or, instead of game making, are you planning on doing something else entirely, like writing reviews, do some Let’s Plays, maybe even writing an article or two, or join in on one of the many future contest events and get yourself some more achievements and some makerscore? It’s all for the benefit for your self-esteem.

I’ll start with myself:

Last year was pretty good, I manage to go up from being in the 2k makerscore mark to the upper 3k makerscore mark, which I still can’t believe I’m even in. I also ended up picking up way more achievements than I did in 2013 - and even did pretty well overall in two of the past contest events that we had. Plus the good thing is that I didn’t have to judge any of them (hardy, hardy, har).

Also, top 10 in reviews isn’t too bad either. :)

Next year I’m hoping for bigger and better things. I’m hoping to finally submit a particular game that I’ve been fixing for a while that I think you guys might know what it is *wink* *wink*, and Brian Okam’s Free Throw Challenge, which I’ve worked on a bit sparingly throughout.

I also would love to get to the 50 review mark, try to get into the 5k makerscore mark, do some more articles, and maybe even write a tutorial or two on something 2k3 related.
Me? Well, I've done quite a bit of stuff for 2014 ( as seen in my status, lol ) but I intend to break the 4K-5K MS mark next year as well, finish that behemoth, Tristian ( and possibly nail another Featured Game >:D ), maybe start on some more small projects ( Addit, I may, just may do that spin-off game for Enelysion XD ) and review some more games.
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My GAM MAK resolutions for 2015 are:

  • Release the next Wyrm Warriors demo.
  • Finish Luxaren Allure.
  • Finish the updated ending to Chase for Divinity.
  • Get plenty of graphics made for Iniquity and Vindication.
  • Maybe also enter a few more contests XD

Hopefully I can get all that done!
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My resolutions for New Years 2015 are to play more indie games, and to begin development on my first large scale project.

I am not setting other goals, because those two are more than enough to satisfy me.
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Right now, I'd be happy/relieved/whatever to see a demo of Oracle of Askigaga get released. However, I'm also aware of two other projects that are floating over my head. I'd like to see one of them complete by the end of the year, but, we'll see, I guess.
My new year resolutions are:

  • Releasing something for god's sake.
  • Getting more makerscore.
  • Playing more RMN games.

Well, at least I can be sure that the last resolution will be fulfilled... :)
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Make a decent game, doesn't need to be great, just mediocre.
Make my first game, and play more of others' games (like the ones I've already downloaded...).

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The usual: post less, mak more.

More time spent in the editor, less time spent in the edit post form.
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As sad as it is to admit, this year's been my breakout year in terms of RPG Maker - made two full (albeit 1 hour) games and all that. I don't expect to make any games next year, but hopefully I can continue LPing.
My resolution is to never clear out my notices. It will be flashing at max capacity all year.
Events this year:
* I joined at roughly the middle of the year
* Two weeks later, I submitted my first game!
* In between July and December, I can say that I've grown a bit. Having joined in a couple of events and stuff and participating in the community helped with that.
* Right now, I have 1 complete game, 1 complete mini-game, 1 contest entry, and 1 in hiatus up on this site.

* I've already completed one of them, actually (2k downloads for my game)
* Enter the 3k ms club. Hoping for cookies.
* Finish a game. 6 months with nothing done is not very good.
* Submit 15 reviews before the start of the next sem.
*Become a better gam makr
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Well, I think for me 2014 wasn't a bad year RMN-wise. Then again, I don't really have a point of comparison since it also was my first year.
So far, I joined RMN, submitted a completed game, got up to almost 1500 Makerscore, won a prize in a contest, got to know a lot of cool people and played quite many good games. Not bad, if I say so myself.

What I'd like to achieve next year:
- Finish The Campaign
- Start working on and hopefully complete my next game project *hint*
- Play and review more games
- Join the 3000 MS club
- Spend more time doing useful stuff on RMN and waste less time on RMN doing nothing.
Gam Mak obviously. I want to finish Mace Blue: Chapter 3, make another game in vx ace preferably based in Arum universe, toy around with 2k3 and 20XX, try to do something in Construct 2 as I watching it and its scene since release. Only problem is my computer is hardly capable of running it.
And become notorious in waters of the Mighty Aremen, trying to join every event I come across.
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@Addit Are you talking about Monopolo lolol

@unity Woot at finishing Luxaren! Woop woop! And hopefully we do get a lot of contests coming our way. Account Mu wouldn't have happened without IGMC and I'm hugely grateful for that.

@kory That is a realistic goal and I have the same idea. :)

@suzy Looking forward to that first game of yours :~)

Start and finish 2 games with 2 collaborators I am extremely excited to work with. One of them is JosephSeraph and the other is undisclosed suffice to say this person is super artistic as well ^_^
Finish Account Mu, the little puzzle game that could (maybe).
Finish Fast Times at Aremen High.
Review 15 games.
My only resolution is to finish The Legend of Blake and have it not completely suck. If it partially sucks, that's okay, but complete and total suckage will be an unacceptable outcome.

Once that's out of the way, I might try my hand at doing something else around these parts, but until then, I'm reminded of the words a wise woman once said, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"
Well, I have tons of ideas for games that I'd like to say I'll finally come around and make. But let's be realistic here. Considering I haven't finished anything in like, ever, the likelihood of me releasing a number of games higher than "1" in 2015 are slim... I'll probably get "Greetings from RMtopia" back up once I'm done expanding on it, but I guess that's going to be all.

A more affordable goal would perhaps be to learn to be a bit more diligent. So far game-making has been strictly a hobby, and as such it had to co-exist with all my other hobbies, and sometimes I'd even forget all about it for moths at a time. But from now on I'll try dedicate more time to it. I don't know, I may even try that HabitRPG thingy that a friend recommended to me.

Maybe by 20XX I can have a game featured or start a commercial project, but I guess I'm getting a bit too ahead of myself. >_>;
@Addit Are you talking about Monopolo lolol


Finish Valor Emblem.

I thought you already finished it? *goes to check* Hmm…I guess not. :/

Well...better get to that, then.
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