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This is something that I've though about in passing many time before. But recently, I've been gathering story ideas and game making ideas, as well as working on my skills, so the question popped into my mind again. Has anyone done such a project? For those of you un familiar with HDN, the series is based off of the console war and all the characters are based off of the various consoles. I could see a game based off of this idea being made. Like VX Ace being the main character and using all the other makers as party members. What does everyone else think of this.
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I've never heard of Hyderdimension Neptuna, but having characters based on the game-makers sounds cute :D
Sounds definitely interesting. I don't know of any game that does the same thing .. but then again, I only know a small portion.
Characters being allegories sounds cool to me.

Either way, what are you trying to parody? Different engines or different consoles?
Are you trying to copy the fanservice as well? : D

I would parody the different engines. I noticed the fact that VX Ace can use the graphics(the sprites at least) from all the engines, so I think that it would be fun to take advantage of this in some way. I don't think I'll regularly use the graphics from all the makers though, that just sounds messy visually. I don't have the graphical skill to copy the fan service very well visually, but who knows when it comes to dialog...
You're magical to me.
Wait, fanservicey dialog? Does that mean that the consoles flirt with each other? XD
Does anyone know how popular the different makers are? I think that RPG Maker VX Ace has grown in popularity recently and that 2003 was really popular until recently. I'm more specifically looking for somebody who's been with the community for a while. I've only been with the community for about 3 years(I started visiting the site in the summer of 2011 but I didn't join until august or so) so the only really big change that I can think about is the release of RPG Maker VX Ace.
Incomprehensible game mechanics, plus hours-upon-hours of menu navigation peppered with little girl titty pictures? Why not!

Let's go the whole hog. We can form RPG Maker Idea Factory.
I'm mostly just stealing the idea from HDN. I haven't played a HDN game yet(sadly), so I'll just be taking the idea. I will still have a mostly female cast though.
It's called Personification and is usually ecchi fuel.
When it comes to game making engines I think it would make more sense to build conflict around their specs/capabilities and design their looks based on caricatures of their typical fans (2k3 is an older grumpy conservative, Ace is a know-it-all overexcited newbie, etc.)
"Fan service" should rather be popular game cameos, developer cameos (maybe as enemies or NPCs?). Going the sexy, all-girl cast way would be a waste of potential in my opinion.
I already have some personalities in mind. Your suggestion about Ace being and overexcited newbie is like exactly what I expect her to be. I also plan for 2000 and 2003 to be sisters that are always competing with each other for popularity. I also plan for 95 to be in this game, so maybe she will be the old, traditional one.
Sounds cool! Do you already have some ideas about their physical appearance? Like will they wear sci-fi gear like in HDN or modern/period garments?
I actually have a mix of futuristic and fantasy. In the game, most of the place is fantasy but some area's are futuristic. I wanted to do this since it would help the story of the game. I have the official futuristic tiles, so I'm all set with futuristic tiles.
Sounds good.

So do you have a story set? Is it similar to a war between them or what do you have in mind? (friendly terms, not so friendly terms, working together or whatnot)
Here's the story. VX, Ace, XP, 2000, 2003, and 95 ruler the continent RMN. While the girls work together to keep the continent safe, they haven't failed to notice that something odd is a foot. While the girls have been keeping their individual kingdom's safe, the wild seems to be getting more and more dangerous. It doesn't help that its snowing... in the middle of the summer. While VX, 2000, XP, and 95(the RMN queens) plan to meet and discuss what to do, Ace(VX's little sister) and 2003 (2000's little sister) are finishing their training to become full fledged Makers...

That's a teaser for the game. I'm just going to be focusing on the PC Makers so no PS, SNES, or other such makers. I'm considering add DS as a character since the resources were imported to the PC makers. What do you guys think?
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That story idea is quite basic, but I think it's pretty good. Especially since it would sort of portray the rise of Ace to become the most powerful of all. It would be cool to have all makers as playable characters at some point, though.

I think it would be a cool idea to let all makers have skills that are based on the theme of creativity - which means their abilities should be constructive rather than destructive. (Think in terms of mapping, eventing, scripting etc.)

XP should totally be the red-headed oddball of the bunch (especially since Aluxes, XP's first RTP character, has red/orange hair as well). I imagine her having some obvious flaws which the others sometimes tease her with, so she's kind of overzealously trying to make up for them. She's probably quite nice, but not easy to connect with.

VX is probably a bit shy and doesn't get as much attention as the others. But she knows how much potential her little sister Ace has and tries to teach her everything she knows.

Oh, and maybe you should include VX Ace Lite as well - either as VX's and Ace's very young third sister, or instead have Ace start out as Lite. Then over the course of the story, she would learn to throw off her limitations and fully develop her powers. (A classic RPG trope, but it actually makes sense here.)
I imagined XP as a quiet, intelligent girl that doesn't think much of her power, but is actually quite strong. I remember XP being almost as powerful as Ace, but it doesn't seem to get much attention since it isn't as beginner friendly as VX or Ace. I'll keep some of those traits that you mentioned in mind while I'm writing the characters. Any idea's when it comes to constructive attacks?
XP's main power would be mapping. 'Nuff said. XD
Got any Dexreth amulets?
I remember XP being almost as powerful as Ace, but it doesn't seem to get much attention since it isn't as beginner friendly as VX or Ace.

Hehe, I wish this were true, but let's face it: XP is inferior to Ace in almost every regard. Sure, it was the first Maker to have scripting available, which is a significant step up. But come on, what RPG Maker doesn't even support face graphics by default, to just name one thing? I personally like XP, but I know that apart from a few things it's far from being as powerful as Ace.

XP's main power would be mapping. 'Nuff said. XD

This, however, is definitely true. XP's mapping makes Ace's look like crap.

Any idea's when it comes to constructive attacks?

Sure. Mapping could, for example, be explained as changing and shaping the landscape or terrain. In combat, it could perhaps be like "changing the grass under an enemy's feet into lava". Or you could make it work similar to the weather effects in Pokemon, granting some characters an Advantage while others suffer negative consequences.

Ace's character generator is pretty much an equivalent to summoning. So using it in battle could either temporarily add new party members to the team, or, if that's too difficult, just work as summon attacks. Which means a specific type of character appears (as an animation), attacks the enemy with their respective power, and then disappears again.

These are just some ideas to get you started. I'm sure there are many more (and perhaps better) ways to translate the technical abilities of RPG Maker into gameplay mechanics.
What do you guys think I should do for transformations mid battle? I think I'll do it final fantasy 10 style. When a maker transforms, all other characters leave the battle and all that remains is her. I'm not sure how I'll handle level ups and stat gains for that for though...

PS. Anyone have a good face set/ portrait generator? I'm looking for one and I really don't want to use the one from the generator.
You need to include Sim 95 as wierdo cusin. She would livin on the tree in the middle of wilderness and behave improp all the time.
The Mighty Custom engine is obvious final boss.
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