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I was only planning on focusing on the main 6 PC makers for now. If all goes will, I'll add the console makers at a later date. One thing hat I have been debating over was to add DS Maker to the game. While the Maker itself isn't for PC, the graphics were rereleased for the PC makers.
Although I haven't played a Hyperdimension Neptunia game before, I'm all out for this idea. However, I'd really like to see some male PCs.
I like this idea. :D If you need an artist, let me know. I think I'd enjoy working on this in my spare time.
I recently got my hands on a hyperdimension neptunia game for the first time. So far, its everything I expected it to be. I've been throwing around ideas, but I've been making slow progress. Mostly because I finally got my hands on a 3ds. I got Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 for the PC if any of you are curious.
umm so its been 2 years and i think this is a great idea
MV is the obnoxious annoying insanely cute little kid character. :P
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