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I dont know if downloan the RPG MAKER VX what benefits has if you compared with the RPG MAKER 2003
The main advanatages are:
1) Higher resolution graphics
2) Scipting ability.

The scripting is huge since you can rewrite many of the default systems to suite your needs. With this though VX has kept many of the default event commands present in 2k3 making it less daunting than RMXP.
Wow, I had to read that post like 10 times to understand it. And the only beneifts are what Ryethe said. It has better looking graphics (32-bit tiles) and the scripting ability. It brought back the vehicle system that was in 2k3 and has icons you can use for weapons, armor, and skills (you can make your own custom icons too). One disadvantage is that theres only 1 layer for map editing. But you'll only find out for yourself. Grab the demo.
The tiles are are not "32 bit" (they are 32x32), and VX has three layers (A, B-E, and event), whereas XP has four layers.
Oh, yea, my bad about the "32-bit" thing, I meant 32x32. And I didn't even know about the layers.

But with those kind of colors it's a lot harder to make characters. Oh, it has a front-view battle system and a (I think anyways) pretty good RTP.
Nothing beats trying out the software itself.

This is a also a really bad topic. Learn to type.

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